Acceptable Spells and Potions by Year

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Credit to Ford Harkonnen for putting the spells list together for us and Teigan for getting us started on the potions list.

Below is a list of all the spells and potions used in the Harry Potter books, listed by year of teaching. As a more legal note, all spells and potions and most descriptions were taken from the HPLexicon. One may interpret the 'Advanced' spells/potions for each year to be those taught in the second term or as that which only students doing very well in school could cast or complete in that year. But even so, please use logic in their use.

The spells/potions listed under 'Other' are not taught in classes. This could be for one of many reasons; they are occupation-specific, dangerous, extremely advanced, or they or Unforgivable in the case of spells. Use discretion in your characters possible attempts to learn or perform these, and when in doubt, contact your friendly admins with questions.

Italicized spells are listed by their incantation. This is used below where possible. The word 'target' means whatever object at which the spell was cast, this means both inanimate and animate objects.

As a final note, students should wait to be taught a specific potion in their year level before they brew it on their own, so professors can feel free to crack down on students brewing throughout the school if they are brewing a potion early. Brewing a potion above one's year level still requires admin approval through application.

Lumos - The tip of the caster's wand lights up.
Nox - Turns off lumos.

1[SUP]st[/SUP] year:
Flashing paint Charm - Causes paint to change colors and flash light.
Wingardium Leviosa - Levitates an object.
Locomotor Mortis - Locks the victim's legs together.
Trip Jinx - Trips the target.
Accio - A summoning charm.
Banishing charm - The reverse of accio.
Marking Charm - Marks an object with the caster's 'signature'.
Protego - Creates a magical shield that deflects hexes thrown at the caster.
Stupefy - Stuns the target.
Finite - Ends a spells effect.
Expelliarmus - Disarms an opponent.
Scriopea - Turns a quill into a spoon.
Flammeus Tailora - Turns a match into a needle.
Gemelitiar - Turns a book into jewelry box.

Advanced 1[SUP]st[/SUP] Years
Petrificus Totalus - Petrifies a victim's body.
Bluebell flames spell - Creates a blue flame that can be placed where the caster desires.
Everte Statum - Causes an object to fly backwards

2[SUP]nd[/SUP] year:
Aparecium - Causes invisible ink to appear. It's effects on other objects rendered invisible magically is unknown.
Featherlight Spell - Causes the target to be as light as a feather.
Rictusempra - The target laughs uncontrollably.
Tarantallegra - Makes the target's legs dance uncontrollably.
Alohomora - Opens locked doors.
Reparo - Repairs the target object.
Repello - Spell that keeps something away from the caster or from a target object that the spell is cast upon.
Praepilatus - Turns a beetle into a button
Statua - Turns a chipmunk ( or other small animal) into a statue
Torte - Turns a tea kettle into a tortoise
Animare - Brings small inanimate objects to life
Jelly-legs jinx - Makes the target's legs like jelly

Boil Cure Potion - simple potion that cures boils- even those created by the Pimple Jinx.
Hair Raising Potion - exact effect unknown, thought to cause terror in those who drink it.
Forgetfulness Potion - Causes an unknown degree of forgetfulness to whomever consumes it.

Advanced 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] Years
Serpensortia - Summons a snake from the caster's wand.
Hominem Revelio - Reveals humans in the area.
Scourgify - Cleans the target.
Knee-reversing hex - Turns the victim's knees backwards.
Slug Vomiting Curse - Causes the victim to vomit up slugs
Wand Writing - Allows the caster to use their wand to write or draw in the air.

3[SUP]rd[/SUP] year:
Cheering charm - Cheers the target up.
Furnunculus - Causes boils to break out over the victim.
Fur growing spell - Causes fur to grow all over the target.
Impervius - Makes the target water repellent.
Riddikulus - Renders a boggart useless.
Engorgio - Enlarges the target.
Reducio - Reverses the effects of engorgio.
Incendio - Lights the target on fire.
Locomotor - Moves the target object.
Locusta - Turns a frog into a grasshopper
Cuniculus - Turns rats into rabbits
Antler jinx - Presumably causes antler's to grow on the target's head.
Jelly Fingers curse - Makes the target's fingers like jelly.
Stretching Jinx - Stretches the target without damaging them.

Forgetfulness Potion - Causes an unknown degree of forgetfulness to whomever consumes it.
Shrinking Solution - Causes the drinker to shrink to a younger form.
Deflating Draught - Shrinks anything magically swollen back to normal size. An antidote to the Swelling Solution.
Swelling Solution- Causes anything that comes into contact with it to swell. Its effects can be reversed with the Deflating Draught.

Advanced 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] Years
Reducto - Forcibly removes objects from the users path.
Jelly Brain Jinx - Inhibits the target's mental processes.
Leek jinx - Causes leeks to spout from the target's ears.
Bedazzling hex - Bedazzles observers of the spell's effect.

4[SUP]th[/SUP] year:
Bat-bogey hex - Enlargens targets boogers, and gives them wings. The boogers then procede to attack the target's face.
Bubble-head charm - Encloses the caster's head in a bubble of clean air.
Conjunctivitis curse - Affects the eyes and vision of the target, presumably in a bad way.
Cross-species transfigurations - Transfigures a creature to another type of creature of similar size.
Densaugeo - Enlarges the victim's teeth to grotesque levels.
Diffindo - Cuts an object open.
Draught Charm - Dries up water. The difficulty in casting this spell successfully is directly proportional to the amount of water targeted.
Hex-Deflection - May be an individual spell or many for various hexes.
Impedimentia - Stops or slows down an object.
Point Me! - The "Four Point" spell. A wizard's compass.
Unbreakable Charm - Renders an object unbreakable.
Confundo - Confuses the target.
Descendo - Lowers an object down.

Confusion Concoction - Also sometimes known as the Confusing Draught; Causes the drinker to become confused.
Wit-Sharpening Solution - Allows the drinker to think more clearly.
Aging Solution - Causes the drinker to grow older; the more of the potion is consumed, the more years added to ones appearance.

Advanced 4[SUP]th[/SUP] Years
Muffliato - Fills the target's ears with an undefinable buzzing, making it impossible to overhear a conversation.
Sonorus - Makes the target's voice very loud.
Quietus - Reverses the effects of Sonorous.
Silencio - Silences the target.
Anapneo - Clears the target's airway; a wizard's Heimlich Maneuver.

5[SUP]th[/SUP] year:
Colloportus - Seals a door.
Colour changing charm - Causes the target to change color.
Evanesco - Causes the target to disappear.
Extinguishing Spell - Extinguishes fire.
Hair-Lengthening Charm - Lengthens the target's hair.
Hot air charm - Causes hot air to come out of the caster's wand.
Knitting Charm - Causes things to knit automatically.
Obliteration charm - Removes tracks or traces of someone.
Stinging Hex - Creates a stinging sensation in the target.
Babbling curse - Causes the target to babble.

Confusing & Befuddlement Draught - Causes the drinker to become confused and reckless.
Draught of Peace - Also sometimes called the Draft of Peace; Relieves anxiety and agitation; used frequently in Healing to manage nervous patients; improper development can cause irreversible sleep.
Invigoration Draught - Boosts the drinkers energy.

Advanced 5[SUP]th[/SUP] Years
Instant Scalping hex - Removes the target's hair.
Obscuro - Blocks the target's vision.
Protean charm - A complex spell, causes the target to change form.
Gubraithian Fire - Causes the target to burn forever.
Permanent Sticking Charm - Permanently affixes one object to another.

Strengthening Solution- Gives the drinker increased strength when consumed.
Murtlap Essence - Soothes and heals painful cuts and abrasions also proven to work on boils.

6[SUP]th[/SUP] year:
Aguamenti - Conjures a jet of water from the caster's wand.
Canary transfiguration hex - Turns the target into a large canary before they molt back into themselves moments later.
Confringo - Causes the target to explode.
Conjuring spells - Taught in the sixth and seventh years, they are N.E.W.T. level and extremely difficult.
Disillusionment Charm - Hides the magical nature of the target.
Hover Charm - Causes the target to hover. House elfs can use this wandlessly.
Langlock - Glues the target's tongue to the roof of their mouth.
Refilling Charm - Refills the liquid in an object.
Rennervate - Reverses the effects of stupefy.
Specialis Revelio - Reveals ingredients of a potion or spells currently in effect on a target.
Tergeo - Cleans the target (must be human).
Flame Freezing Charm - Causes fire to feel like a cool breeze and deal no physical damage to humans.

Hiccuping Solution - Presumably causes hiccups.
Veritaserum; (Use of this potion requires admin approval) - forces the drinker to tell the truth; its use is controlled by strict guidelines.
Wolfsbane Potion - Eases the symptoms of lycanthropy. When taken, this potion assists werewolves in retaining control of their actions during transformation.
Draught of Living Death - Places the drinker in a death-like sleep. It is an extremely powerful sleeping draught.

Advanced 6[SUP]th[/SUP] Years
Incarcerous - Ropes fly from the caster's wand and wrap around the target.
Levicorpus - Dangles the target by their ankle.
Liberacorpus - Counters levicorpus.
Avis - Conjures a flock of small birds.
Anti-Apparation jinx - Castable upon persons or places
Piertotum Locomotor - Animates solid objects, like statues.
Tongue-Tying Curse - Prevents the target from speaking of something.

Elixir to Induce Euphoria - Causes the drinker to become extremely happy, to the point where they may exhibit excessive singing (peppermint can be used to counterbalance that effect).

7[SUP]th[/SUP] year:
Conjuring spells - Presumably difficult (as none other than teachers or adults are shown casting them). They are regulated by the ministry and follow various 'laws of nature' which are unbreakable.
Cushioning Charm - Creates and invisible cushion.
Revulsion Jinx - Causes the caster to be let go of by a target.
Duro - Turns the target to stone.
Episkey - Heals or repairs the target.
Erecto - Straightens out or sets up the target. (Like a tent).
Cave inimicum - In an unspecified manner, it keeps enemies away from a given area.
Deprimo - Blasts a hole in the target.
Sleep Bewitchment - Puts the target into a comatose state.
Expulso - Causes the target to explode.
Supersensory Charm - Allows the caster to sense things beyond their normal ability.
Imperturbable Charm - Creates a magical barrier on the target.

Calming Draught - Calms a person down after suffering shock, trauma, or emotional outbursts; used in Healing.
Blood Replenishing Potion - Allows the drinker to replenish lost blood. Used in Healing.
Polyjuice Potion; (Use of this potion outside of the confines of the lesson it is taught in requires admin approval for underage students) - Allows a human drinker to temporarily assume the form of another person. Attempts to transform into animals or part-humans requires skilled medical assistance to reverse.

Advanced 7[SUP]th[/SUP] Years
Fiendfyre - Creates virulent fire of extraordinary size. When left to it's own devices, forms magical creatures.
Gemino - Duplicates the target.
Obliviate - Erases the target's memory.
Undetectable Extension Charm - Expands the internal dimensions of an object without affecting the external ones.
Defodio - Hollows or gouges out the target.
Oppugno - Sets conjured creatures upon a target.
Complex conjurations
Deletrius - Erases the images of previously cast spells from a wand.
Prior Incantato - Forces the target wand to summon a 'ghost image' of the previously cast spell.
Flagrante Curse - Burns objects which touch the target.
Gemino Curse - Causes the target to multiply when touched.
Caterauling charm - When a person enters a specified area, a loud 'caterwauling' noise will begin.
Expecto patronum - A particularly difficult spell (Hermoine had trouble with it).
Repello Muggletum - Keeps muggles away from the caster or another person or object.
Portus - Turns the target object into a portkey. Presumably rather difficult to cast.

Avada Kedavra - The Killing Curse. One of the Unforgivable Curses.
Crucio - Causes the target to experience intolerable pain. One of the Unforgivable Curses.
Fidelius Charm - Extremely complex spell. If you have questions about the possibility of your character being able to cast it, you can't.
Imperio - Puts the target under the caster's complete control. One of the Unforgivable Curses.
Sectumsempra - Rips the target open. Considered Dark Magic.
Magical Possession - Allows the caster to possess another's body. Extremely difficult and evil.
Unplottable - Renders it impossible to locate an object on a map.
Mordesmorde - Summons the Dark Mark symbol in the sky.
Age Line - cast by Dumbledore around the Goblet of Fire. Presumably a rather complex spell.
Taboo - After the casting, which is most likely very difficult, a given word, when spoken, sets off magical alarms to the casters.
Entrail-Expelling Curse - causes the targets entrails to be forcibly expunged from their body.
Anti-gravity mist - A mist that reverses gravity within it's area. This is most likely the result of a specific charm.
Invisibility Charm - Renders the target invisible.
Anti-cheating spell - Cast on writing utensils to prevent cheating.
Glisseo - Turns the target into a slippery slide, sometimes when certain conditions are met.

[These potions can be considered advanced potions and could be known by some adults]:
Amortentia- (Love potions are banned at HNZ)- The most powerful love potion; creates intense, often dangerous infatuation; smell is impacted by what a person is attracted to.

Felix Felicis - Also known as Liquid Luck, this potion makes the drinker incredibly lucky for a period of time. Side effects include giddiness, recklessness, and overconfidence if taken too often. Banned from organised competitions, and if it is brewed incorrectly, the results are disastrous and possibly deadly.

Fire Protection Potion- Allows one to move through flames unscathed (and presumably extremely hot environments). A side effect is the drinker feeling sensations of ice running through their body.

Developing Solution - A solution that when used to develop photographs allows the photos to move.

Emerald Potion- (Special plot request approval is required prior to use) - Causes intense pain, hallucinations, and other effects when drunk, leading to it having to be force-fed to the drinker because of the debilitating effects on the body.

Regeneration Potion- (Special plot request approval required prior to use) - Helps restore non-corporeal wizards to their bodies after they have been maimed and disfigured beyond repair. This is a dark potion that is said to have been an 'old piece of dark magic'.

Medicinal Potions
Dreamless Sleep Potion- A medicinal sleeping potion that gives the taker a dreamless sleep.

Essence of Dittany- Can be used to help heal wounds caused by Sectumsempra, splinching, and, when mixed with silver, help with wounds caused by werewolves (though will not stop the transmittance of lycanthropy where applicable);Typically applied topically.

Mandrake Restorative Draught- An antidote used to revive individuals who have been petrified.
Wound-Cleaning Potion- a powerful antiseptic to clean cuts and open wounds.
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