Chilling out

"I depends on what the 'stars' hold for my future." she said punching stars just to annoy her. For the fact is she didn't really beleive much in it either but Prophecies she did.
"Whatever, Bellatrix," Estrella spat, rolling her eyes. She started to walk away. She wasn't going to spill out her whole life to Bellatrix Green.
Estrella turned back, her gaze cold. "What do you want from me, Bellatrix?" she said quietly.
Estrella was confused. Bellatrix and her had been bitter enemies, and she wasn't entirely sure if she could forgive her for Rose. But the look in Bella's eyes made her think different.

"Alright, Bella," Estrella said softly, not sure of what else to say.
Estrella was silent as she listened to Bella's apologies, not sure of whether to believe it or not. But the fact that she was saying it counted.

After a long moment, she sighed, "It's alright. It wasn't entirely your fault. I had to forgive you at some point."

Was she saying this? She couldn't believe herself, but it was happening.
"No, it was my fault. A lot of these thing happened because of my... hate. I did things I probably would of never done if...if I still had my parents. I didn't accept the fact that they were truly gone. I said I did but it never sank in. I pushed everyone away. People who tried to help me realize my potential. You, Alicia, Liz...everyone. I guess for some reason I thought that would make me more like them and thus it would fill the ache that I had for missing them. I was afraid of the sorrow I felt about it because I never had felt such pain. I used these other problems to not face the truth. But in the end it all hit me, in my last trial. I didn't beleive anyone when they said that these things were truly bad because my parents did them. So I kept pushing and pushing the boundaries. It almost made me not come back, ever to civilization... Now I don't even know why I am saying this all or if I truly mean it. But I've never said this much to I think that means something...doesn't it?"

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"It does," Estrella said quietly. She was absolutely amazed. "I'm happy that you're being so honest with me." A civilized Bella? This was something.
Estrella raised her eyebrow, and felt somewhat sorry for Bellatrix. What kind of a home life had she had? It didn't sound like a good one. But she wasn't going to voice that of course.

"I know it's hard, not having your parents around..." Estrella said softly.
"Its.... odd. I always was put second best to them when it came to the Dark Lord, yet I still cared so much. Waiting for them to return from the meetings and secret things. I would get compassion mostly from my mother. My father never seemed...kind enough. Occasionally I would see him smile at me and he would get me presents. But I don't know if I could say he truly loved me..."
"I can't say the same," Estrella said, "I had no idea my dad was a death eater until recently. And my mom, well, you know she was a muggle." Estrella smirked.
"Muggles were always looked down upon in our our family. I never truly met a real muggle before... so I can only go on what I was taught from the past..." she confessed.
"I see," Estrella said. "Well, just so you know, they're not that bad. Better than many wizards and witches that I know."
"Well..." Bellatrix said not wanting to respond to that, knowing it could be aimed to what kind of person she's been. "There was so many things.... taught.... to me by my family. When I grew up the people I grew up with supported those ideas. It was hard for me to come to Hogwarts because no one ever questioned my beliefs of purity until now and here. And I was scared and trying to prove my old mentalities right and for some reason that's is not happening. I am just proving my self more and more wrong.
Estrella nodded in agreement. "Well, as much as I'm enjoying this, I think that we should continue this conversation in a more comfortable place than an empty classroom. Want to go down to the ice cream parlor?" She was shocked at herself, but what was done was done.
"Alright, let's go then," Estrella said, and left, Bella following her.
((we're in the ice cream parlor :p ))

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