An Orchid Returns!


It's always fun to have the opportunity to post one of these announcements. ^_^

Today, we are welcoming Kaitlyn back to the GM team! :party:
A while back Kaitlyn stepped down, following this break, and after some discussions with the admin, Kaitlyn is ready to come back. We are happy to welcome Kaitlyn back to the team.

Kaitlyn has been a member of the site for a good number of years. Whether as a GM or a regular site member, Kaitlyn is always a big cheerleader of the site and its members, and is always willing to lend a helping hand.

We look forward to work with Kaitlyn again, so please join us in welcoming them back!

Welcome back Kaitlyn! :party: :party:

~On behalf of the site staff

Love of my life, you're gonna be so great refilling this role! <3
I'm glad things are going well enough that you're able to re-join the site staff. Excited to work with you again! ^_^
Welcome (back) Kaitlyn! :party:
Welcome back Kaitlyn!! :wub:

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