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Cassius Styx did not know why his dad and mom bought this house in New Zealand. Something happened, and required their immediate move from Bulgaria. The downside of this place was that it was in a non-magical community. They were purebloods, dammit so why were they here? After everything was moved in, and Cassius had a moment to himself, he went off to explore the area. He stuck his hands in the pockets of his jeans, which were a little too warm to wear but how was he supposed to know the seasons and how they worked down here? Cassius kicked the stones on the path but circled back to his house. He did not want to venture too far without letting his father know - though his father might know regardless.

The guy seemed to keep an eye on the entire family somehow, and knew where anyone was at any point. It was creepy. Cassius did not want that ability. But since he was here, and would be going to that school his grandfather used to teach at, maybe it wasn't half bad. Perhaps he would get away with things he normally would not have. That was the only upside to this whole disaster of a move. "This just sucks. Being around a bunch of bloody muggles," Cassius sneered as he picked up a rock, hurling it as far as he could.
Gregory Friend loved living in Oban, it was a beautiful seaside town on this small island, he was happy to grow up in a place like this. He knew all the kids at his school and was mostly popular amongst them, apart from when he was in art class and had to be sat apart from the rest for when he inevitably knocked some paint or something over to create a mess. But it was good, he was afford a certain level of freedom by his parents too, to go about the town, get stuff from the shops, hang out with his friends and just enjoy it. It help it was summer, that he was about to start a new year and his friends all wanted to go to the beach and hang out.

Gregory had wondered towards the town when he spotted a boy who he didn't know. it didn't make sense because Gregory knew everyone in the town or at least, knew all of the kids. The face wasn't at all familiar, perhaps he was new. So if the kid was new then he should say hello, introduce himself, invite the boy to come hang out, he was on his own anyway. As he got close he heard a snippet of what was being said, muggles, what were muggles. "hello ther-" he greeted not paying that much attention to what the boy was doing and therefore wasn't quick enough to dodge out of the way of the rock that hit his forehead hard, pain immediately bursting to the forefront. "Ow," he raised a hand to rub at where the rock had hit. he was pretty sure he was bleeding. Rocks were hard. He pulled a hand away to look and see if there was any blood on it.
Cassius was not paying attention to where he was throwing, and managed to hit someone right in the forehead. While he was being greeted. Seriously? Did this boy just have to walk in front of his trajectory? It was so obviously the other person's fault. He had the motion of throwing, so whatever happened when the rock left his hand was not in his control. Making the boy bleed was not his fault at all. "Oh come on, you got in the way? Are you stupid or something?" Cass immediately sneered at the boy. Probably a muggle, no doubt. All of them didn't have brains in their heads. If that was what his father said, then it must be true. Therefore, those were his thoughts as well.

"Now you are going to bleed all over the ground. Nice going." Cass bent down and picked up another rock, this time, hurling it in another direction, away from the boy. Idiot. Such an idiot. Cass obviously did not think that this was his fault, so he was not taking any sort of responsibility for it. Why should he? He wasn't the moron that stepped in front of a flying rock.
There were a few drops of blood on his fingers but it didn't seem to bad. He glanced at the boy who had started speaking and just nodded along, he wasn't sure it could be his fault, but he hadn't been attention and things were generally his fault because he wasn't paying attention. So, he nodded, "Not stupid...really, but I am clumsy so no harm no foul," he told the boy which was wrong given that he had been injured but it was fine. He touched his head and could feel the drying blood, it would stop soon enough. He watched the boy chuck another stone away from him.

"I'm Gregory Friend, by the way, you must be new to the area, because I know all the other kids and I've never seen you before," he was using the sleeve of his jumper to dab at the now dried blood on his forehead. And he extended his other hand out to the boy. "I was gonna go meet some kids from my class if you wanna come join us!" he offered, he'd perhaps ruined this by getting hit with the rock but perhaps the boy would still want to hang out. He was hopeful that the boy would want to hang out because Gregory was sure that it had to be difficult to be new in a place like this.
Cassius automatically assumed this boy was some sort of moron, and calling himself clumsy instead of stupid just sealed the deal for him. He just wanted to pick up and throw this kid, but he was not strong enough to do that. He scoffed, "Clumsy enough to walk right into the trajectory of a flying rock? Sure. Can't expect much I guess." He assumed that the boy was a muggle, since this was a place just for them. So gross and disgusting. He would have to take a shower for just talking to this boy! But then he introduced himself as Gregory Friend. He raised an eyebrow at him. He didn't ask for an introduction. Well, might as well be somewhat courteous to the less fortunate.

"Cassius Styx. Don't get used to the name. It is one that freaks like you will never have the honor of knowing why you should be groveling for attention from someone like me." His surname was infamous in the wizarding world - from what he was told anyway. He was among the biggest and proudest purebloods in the world! Again, from what he was told, but he believed their words. "I just moved here, so yes, I am new. But no. I rather not dabble in the dirt to hang around people of your kind." His Bulgarian accent started to shine through the more he talked down to the lad.
Gregory nodded to the other boy's rhetorical question, "You would get along well with my art teacher, they always put me at my own space in the room and I still always manage to mess up someone's work," He told the boy. Gregory tried to not do it, but he just had the coordination of a deer on ice, limbs always a bit everywhere and his feet always under him in the wrong way. He figured this boy probably did think him stupid even if he'd claimed he wasn't stupid. It seemed like the boy wasn't particularly happy and he had to figure it was because the boy hadn't wanted to come to this island. But he introduced himself at least. Cassius.

The introduction was immediately followed by the instruction to not get used to the name, and was promptly called a freak. He wasn't too sure why the boy was saying that or why he needed for people to be groveling at his feet. "Are you famous?" Gregory asked, deciding that he was going to ignore the way this boy was acting but was careful to not say the name. The boy confirmed that he had just moved, but he didn't want to hang out with his kind...which Gregory wasn't sure what that meant. "Where are you from?" he decided to ask. "And it's okay, I can hang out with you and then leave you to your rocks and meet with my friends," He was sure this boy's attitude was just because he was new and had no friends, once he started making friends, things would get easier, he would feel better and then maybe he'd want to hang out with him.
Cassius really wished that someone from his house could come and save from this idiot. He looked to his house but saw that no one would come and save him. Well, what could he expect? He already injured the boy, blamed him, and he still stuck around like a fruit fly. It was so annoying. So, he would have to handle this himself. It was highly unfortunate because he just did not know how to get this boy to leave him alone other than violence, but was it worth it? Was it worth it to just sock this guy in the jaw? No, he would need to be provoked a little more. "Art? What a waste of time," Cass scoffs with a roll of his eyes. How could he ever think of anything useful to do with art? It was just coloring with different messy stuff. Waste of time for him. For anyone really. He just didn't understand how a bunch of colors on a piece of paper.

Was he famous? Well, not that this boy would know. He himself wasn't famous, but his family was well-known. In the wizarding world, yes, but muggle world? That did not matter. "As if you would ever know." Cass gestured with his hand, as if to wave him off of that subject. Muggle or muggle-borns... Never would know the absolute thrill it was to be in the presence of someone like a member of his family. "I came from Bulgaria, but I was born in New Zealand. But you are so bold to assume that I would want to hang out with you. Go be with the other inferior creatures that you call your 'friends'." Cass rolled his eyes as he grabbed another rock and hurled it away from the two of them. "But if you have to be isolated in your useless class, and are dumb enough to walk in front of a flying rock, can't say for sure if you have friends, or if you are just comedy relief."
Truly Gregory didn't know what to make of this boy, he seemed like he could be okay, like he'd been dealt a rough hand at moving here, because on the one hand, he fundamentally agreed with the statement, art was a waste of time and he knew it was a waste of time for him because he wasn't good at it and tended to destroy all of it. "Right! It's a waste," he agreed, he didn't really like any other subjects more, he was just able to do them better than he was able to do art. It helped that his parents didn't see much value in art either, they hoped that Gregory would do better in his other subjects but at least they didn't care about one of them.

The answer to his are famous question was letting Gregory believe that if he wasn't famous, then his family were or maybe they were those rich kids who weren't famous but who had more status and wealth than gregory ever would have, despite being adopted into a well adjusted and middle class family. Gregory cocked his head lightly as Cassius began speaking, calling him and his friend inferior creatures. He could chalk it up to the boy being angry but there was no denying that now that he'd said it a few times it stung a bit, and he seemed to drive the point home even more, but saying his friends weren't his friends, they just laughed at him, and somewhat cruelly his mind supplied that his friends did laugh at him a lot.

Gregory had never minded that was what friends did...but he was usually the one laughed at...Gregory had always just assumed it was because he was funny and found it as funny as other that he was always falling over stuff, but were his friends just....not...."Oh....," he said quietly, suddenly Gregory didn't want to go hang out with his friends right now. He'd speak to them at school. He wasn't quite sure what to do and so he just sat down on the ground. "Does it matter if they're only friends with me for comedic relief?"
If it was such a waste, then why did this muggle take it? Perhaps his parents just did not love him or something? Cassius could see why. Muggles were just animals to say the least. That meant that they treated their young so badly too. No wonder they were doomed and inferior if they could not even find a cure for the common cold. Useless. The lot of them. However, it seemed like his words did make it through the boy’s head as he sat down on the ground. He did like it when he had to look down at others, but he mainly had to anyway because he was already taller than average. But this just looked a lot better. And then he asked what does it matter. Cass placed his hand on his forehead. “Damn, why am I wasting my time with this thing?”

A very good question that he had to ask himself a few times before he bent down to pick up another rock, tossing it lightly up and down in his palm. “Let that rock I threw and you ran into serve as a painful reminder that I am going to do you a favor and actually give you a piece of advice.” Cass could do him the honor and consider it a good deed for the week. After all, he would be teaching a lower life form something new. “People that use you like that are not worth it. That means that people look down on you. You need to stand up for yourself and kick their sorry a**es.” He was telling him this because he knew that while he was at school, this poor b*stard would be stuck in a muggle school.
Gregory sure hoped that when this boy asked himself if he was wasting his time with this thing, that Gregory was not a thing. He didn't dare ask about it, because he didn't really want the answer if it was a yes. Gregory wasn't sure what to make of the boy really, he was talking to him though the tone and nature of what he was saying was not exactly positive. Gregory just hadn't ever considered what the boy was telling him, he had just always assumed that people liked him, that his friends liked spending time with him but he was a little worried that perhaps they didn't like him.

Gregory glanced back at Cassius and listened to his words, keen to listen to the advice that the boy had to say and then groaned lightly, the boy was saying he should fight them, but he didn't even know if they were using him like that and he didn't know how to fight. "I don't know how to fight," he told the boy deciding that focusing on how he deals with it, rather than if it was happening. He didn't know how to fight because he'd always been told it wasn't good to fight. "My dad says you shouldn't fight," Gregory had certainly seen many fights but he didn't know how to fight. He could make a fist but that was about the extent of it.
He didn't know how to fight? How predictable. Cassius was taught, had special trainers, and even learned under his father who was pretty much a pro! His dad practically majored in the pressure points, so he could take down targets precisely or even paralyze him. Whether or not that was true was up for speculation, but Cass believed it because that was what his family said. They also said that Hades was practically the boogeyman. No one wanted to cross him at night. Cass didn't see him as that. Just as dad. "Your dad must be weak and pathetic then. Fine. Don't learn. Get your butt whooped every time. No skin off my back." Cass would not take responsibility for something like this after all.

The pureblood decided to have this moment to brag and he threw the rock away from them. "I know how to fight. I have several tutors, and I plan on being among the strongest in my family. I'm already taller than average kids my age, so I know I will be super awesome. Not that someone like you will get to witness my greatness." After all, this kid was a muggle - so he assumed because this was a muggle area. Even if he had magic, that meant he might even be a muggle-born, and he didn't know if they were worse than muggles or not. He'd have to ask his parents.
Gregory wasn't sure if this boy would teach him how to fight, or if he would just mock him for him. The boy was sure this was the least predictable person he knew so far. Admittedly he didn't know many people and perhaps he really had just caught him at a bad time which made him less predictable. But he just insulted his dad, and seemed to indicate that he was going to get hit a lot but he hadn't been hit once. "My dad is old, but he's not pathetic....," he retorted, "I haven't been hit once before, whose to say it'll even happen," Gregory replied.

Gregory though that having several tutors and being the strongest of a family was both boring and tall order, though this boy was already tall. "Tutors must suck. Do you have siblings?" he asked him, the boy certainly spoke as if they'd never see each other again that he was above Gregory and he was curious by the boy talking about being the strongest meant it was probably because he had older siblings. "Will you show me a move? A fighting move?"
Cassius listened as Gregory mentioned that his dad was old, not pathetic, but if he were a muggle, then he would be pathetic regardless. That was just the truth of the matter. All muggles and those that game from them were pathetic. Cass scoffed as he heard that the boy had not been hit once. Well, he might be down the road, who knows. “Don’t ever say that because eventually, you will be hit. By someone. It is inevitable.” Because muggles were just barbarians. They hated anything different from them, and were the scourge of the planet. They deserved to be oppressed, not the magical folks, who were clearly superior.

“I have a lot of siblings. I have 12. Would be more but I think three died before I was born.” Or maybe it was one, he didn’t know. But his father had an obsession with the number 13, and thus, Hades had 13 kids. But then Cass was asked if he could show him a fighting move. “Okay, yeah, I can show you one.” Cass smirked deviously, as he threw another rock toward the horizon. “Stand up. Bet I can kick over your head.”
Gregory frowned at Cassius, but let the matter drop, he didn't think it was inevitable that he would be hit. None of the other boys had ever shown much of an interest in hitting him...though perhaps they were too busy laughing at him, and keeping him about to laugh at him. Maybe if he tried to get one of them to hit him, he'd find out where they stood. At least it would ease his worries, ease the way he was sure that what Cassius had said to him was right.

Gregory's eyes widened in shock, "Twelve?!" he couldn't even remember if there had been that many in the foster home he'd been at. But he'd had more, three had died, and had they not, he would've had 15 siblings. "I only have two siblings," and really Gregory knew that they weren't really his siblings. He smiled excitedly as Cassius agreed to show him a move. He got to his feet and adopted a stance he'd seen in tv shows and movie if someone was going to get into a fight. "I'm not tall like you are, so I bet this'll be easy for you,"
Not everyone had a big family like Cassius did. Suppose that he should get used to that sort of reaction. He could at least remember their names. Most of them anyway. He could not always remember who married who, and who had kids. It was weird. He did know that Elysia recently had hers. It took a little longer than he would have thought given that she was a Styx, which normally meant that they were fertile. “Only two? How boring.” Then again, maybe it was best that there were only two of Gregory’s blood out there. He could not imagine the others.

That little stance was almost adorable, but Cass simply readied himself, much like how his family taught him. Fists up, blocking his chest and face. “Just remember that you asked for this.” He should at least try to kick over his head. So, Cass tried. Ish. He swung his body and kicked, which looked like he was trying at least, but he missed, as his aim was right on the side of the boy’s head. At least it wasn’t his face, but he had already taken a rock to it. It would be unfair if he took a boot to it as well, on the same day.
Gregory nodded in agreement, "And they're adults with dull double boring," he definitely agreed that his siblings weren't that interesting, his siblings child was more interesting, and he knew that one of his siblings hated him, "But they're also not like my actual siblings," he didn't want Cassius on top of everything else to think he was boring. With all the other accusations on what he was like, Gregory didn't want to add boring to that. He thought he was pretty fun.

But Gregory was on his feet and ready to face this, and he nodded in agreement to the statement, it did make him less at ease, and his stance dropped slightly, which wasn't too good a thing as he'd now tensed up, and was then struck harshly by a foot to the side of his head. The momentum of it caused him to fall to the ground, and hit his head against the ground. He groaned in pain, and rolled on to his back, staring up at the sky in a dazed fashion. That had hurt.
Even Cass had to wince a bit from the kick. The boy was down pretty hard which made him chuckle after him in a daze. That was rather funny. But he wouldn’t extend his hand to help the muggle up. That would require washing it in bleach or just cutting the hand off entirely. And, he needed his hands to do some magic later on. Otherwise, how else was he going to hold a wand? He also needed them to fight, and perfect his martial arts training. Even little Dante was learning it. Cass chuckled, “Hey, it is always a risk when you ask a kid to show you a fighting move. Accidents happen.”

But, was it really an accident? Cass would say that it was, but if he had to be honest… He actually did it on purpose. 100 percent. It was just too easy and a good excuse to kick a muggle. How could he pass that opportunity up? It was too easy. Cass shrugged his shoulders and stuffed his hands into his pockets. “Really shouldn’t ask someone who is learning martial arts to show you a move. We will use it on you instead.” Cass assumed that the muggle learned his lesson. After that, well, who wouldn’t?
Gregory didn't moved from where he was laying, dazed, his head hurt now. Far more than it had when the rock hit it. He wondered if he had a concussion, his father had talked about them, but Gregory had never experienced one, and maybe this was it. But he just let out another groan and turned his head a little to look towards the boy who'd kicked him. And yeah, accidents did happen, and he had asked for it...still though.

Gregory couldn't help but think that perhaps it had been just a little bit on purpose. The boy had been odd towards using language and all that, and the stuff about his friends, and now he was just laying on the ground with a sore head. "it's fine," he choked out, a tremble in his voice. He extended out a hand, "Can you help me up?" he asked, he knew he could probably manage to get up himself, but a hand would be nice, especially while he was still just trying to deal with the pain.
Cass knew that his kick had some force to it. After all, he practiced martial arts by some of the best people ever! One of them was his dad, so there was a lot of bias there. Cass had a lot of pride when it came down to his family and no one could convince him otherwise. It was like trying to convince a five year old that Santa didn’t exist. It was an impossible task. There was a tremble in the boy’s voice as he said that it was fine. Even Cass had to shake his head at that.

But the boy asked for help up, which caused Cass to start laughing. He crouched down instead and reached out to poke the boy on the forehead. “You are fine. A little dizzy and sore, but help yourself. You won’t get anywhere in life if you extend your hand to others.” He stood back up to his feet and took a couple of steps backward since he was not offering the lad any sort of help.
Gregory was feeling pretty awful and with his hand held out to the other boy and instead of helping him, the boy crouched down to his level, laughing. Gregory hadn't known what laughing at someone might actually be, but that felt suspiciously like it. He didn't understand why this boy wouldn't just help him, wouldn't just help him to his feet after he'd been the one to cause him the injury in the first place. Gregory slowly pushed himself up and looked at Cassius with a frown. "You're not very nice," Gregory told him, he wasn't sure if that would change anything be he had to say it at least. Gregory didn't get stand up, but just stayed sitting on the ground and feeling pretty awful. "You can go, I'll sit for a few minutes before I go meet my actual friends," Gregory told him, he wasn't actually planning on going to meet his friends, but he didn't want Cassius to know that he was actually just going to head home.
Cass snickered when he was called not nice. That was adorable, since he knew that he wasn't. "Dude. I threw a rock. You walk in front of it, and I blame you. In what instance would that even be considered nice?" He even considered kicking some dirt in his face to prove to him that he was not a nice lad, but getting kicked in the head might have been punishment enough. Cass shrugged his shoulders when he was informed that he could go. As if he would need the stupid muggle's permission to leave. The audacity of a muggle ordering a Styx!

"Actual friends? I guess even things like you have friends. I'm heading back home myself. Kicking you in the head has really relieved a lot of my anger," Cass turned on his heel and started to head back in the direction of his large home. After all, he had a big family and they loved to visit without announcing themselves. "I would say see you around, but I won't. I don't roll with pigs, so to speak." With a small laugh, he left the poor muggle in the dirt.
Gregory frowned a little, "I dunno, maybe you were just having a bad day or something," and though Gregory did still think it was his fault. He could admit that maybe it hadn't been nice, just Gregory hadn't wanted to assume that because Cassius could've been nice. Could've become nice, and instead he'd just been mean. He frowned at him, but didn't say anything, he sniffled loudly, and wiped at his eyes, he didn't want to be upset over it, Cassius was just mean, and bitter. Gregory was sure he'd run itno him again, this island wasn't big and he'd just prove that he was wrong in that time. Just first, Gregory had to get up, not cry and go home. in hopefully that order.

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