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Sky Eriksen

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Sky was looking forward to the event today. After the meeting last semester thinking about the theme of home she had let her thoughts drift to home which had given this idea. she had a vew dishes of differnet coloured wax beads set up. as well as water baths to melt them. She had managed to find some moulds and empty jars. a discovery that once again had her questioning if the room was able to just create what they required. along side that she had a selection of essential oils and was ready just in time for people to arrive.
She greeted people as they came in and once it feel like everyone who was coming was there she stood up and called for everyones attention. "Good afternoon. welcome to the Conglomerated arts club main activity for this semester." she said. "Before we get started on explaiing the activity i just want to thank you all for making the CAC such a fun club to run for the last few years. It has been great getting to know you all and work with you to create some amazing art and memories' she said. 'This is my last semester here and next year Marnie will be taking over the main responsablity. and i know she will do an amazing job." she said. looking at her co-leader.
she decided to cut the goodbye short to save her from getting too emotional and to stop people getting bored. "Last semester we looked at the theme of home and a lot of different ways to evoke it. which reminded me of a feature of a lot of the homes where i grew up. Today we are following that theme and making candles. " she said.
"Pick a jar or a mould and fill it with wax of your choice of colour." she said picking a jar and filling it with wax beads. "putthe wax in a melting dish and you can melt the wax either with the water bath or a charm once the wax it melted you can add some scent if you like then dip the bottom of your wick in it and stick it to the bottom of the jar and attach the top to one of the sticks to keep it straight. pour your was into your jar" she said demonstraiting each ofthe steps with white wax and a pillar candle mould other than ading the scent. "feel free to experiment with different colours and layring or shaping the candles. they will take overnight to cool so you can leave them here, or take them back to your dorms just dont spill them on the way" she said. "If you have any questions just ask me or Marnie" she said. before gesturing for them to start

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feel free to post making your candles. one crash course on how to make them is here
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJWl9Kpwbno
or here https://www.wikihow.com/Make-Mason-Jar-Candles
Callie walked into the arts classroom, and was really glad that what they'd be doing was something like candle making. She loved that idea, and though it was a little involved, she knew she'd have something at the end. Callie nodded at the different instructions, and then grabbed a jar, a little one, she did not want to be over ambitious in her candle making. But Callie immediately did stumble over what colour she wanted. Importantly, she was trying to decide who she might give the candle to.
Rosie was thankful for the club events keeping her occupied, she wanted nothing more than to not have to study as much, or take all the breaks she could. Rosie didn't want to pull Aurora away from her studies, but also didn't want disturb Xinyi with his. so, the clubs were welcome. She listened to what they were to do, and picked a slim, tall jar for her candle. Something that would last a little longer than others. She grabbed some pink wax and began making it. Knowing she'd give it to Xinyi.
The only club that Gregory really cared about was the arts club, but upon entering and seeing what they were doing he felt wholly incapable of doing it. He didn't care that it would be safe and there were students to help, all he could see were all the ways in which it would go terribly. all the ways in which he would make a mess and ruin it for everyone. Gregory just lingered at the back with a jar in hand, but not approaching or picking any wax.
Enoch didn't really care about the arts club, he liked being able to use the room and keep up with his practicing, but he didn't care about art. He didn't really care about candle making either. he didn't think candle making was a good use of his time. It wasn't something he should be doing instead of studying. But he took one of the things to put the new candle in, and grabbed a colour of wax, though focused almost entirely on the book from his bag, the one on charms, rather than doing anything more to create a candle.
Apolline was eager to always be involved in the many different aspects of Hogwarts, whether it was with her studies or with clubs. She was determined to sign up to more in the following year, hoping to keep herself busy in all of them. Apolline liked the idea of making a candle, and she actually took some notes on the steps so that she wouldn't get it wrong. She got immediately to work, but was very slow at it. Not wanting to either make a mess or get things wrong.
Elise had loved being a part of the arts club. It was a place that pushed her to think beyond the kinds of things she liked to draw and work with. She also loved that it gave her access to almost all the art supplies she could possibly want. So she was eager to see what they would be doing for their meeting. She was a little surprised to see candle making was their project but she was excited to make it her own and do the best she could. She was thinking of what color she might use in the wax, maybe some black or dark blues. But first she had to decorate the best looking jar. She grabbed a rather large one and started to paint swirling star patterns.

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