maiyas character

  1. Nathaniel Traynor

    Open Meeting New People

    Nate was feeling dumb and useless after the breakup. He was sure that Jordie would come over, that he would choose him over his friends but that didn't happen. Nate honestly didn't even think that it was his fault, he thought that his arguments made sense, they were just in the place. Why would...
  2. Maverick Reynolds

    Alternate RP Late Summer Adventures

    Set in the summer of 2055 Mav had just participated in the competition and on his way back home, he decided to go to a cafe and just hoped that his groom will do all the maintaining work at the stable, and will accept the food that Maverick was planning to bring over. However, he stood in a...
  3. Annabeth Easterling

    Open Holidays and series

    Annabeth missed home a lot, even tho Hogwarts was her favorite place on Earth. But now, she was just enjoying her time at home, she was laying down on her couch with computer in front of her. Anna was watching some series that was recommended and while watching she was braiding her hair, and...
  4. Kiara Wood

    Open Sharing ideas

    It wasn't uncommon for Kiara to spend time in the student lounge, but this time she was sitting here with real plan. Jenna. They were planning to come up with outfits for Yule Ball since it was totally the most exciting ball in the whole year, so it totally needed to be prepared to. For that Kia...
  5. Julia Black

    Open L for a loser

    Jules still was into thought that Remus was loser, he got with all the "i-know-it-all" weirdos, he surely fitted in there. There was no second thought, but he still was her weirdo, so she decided to join him in the breakfast. Did he already find friends? Was there any bully that she must beat...
  6. Hailey Darling

    Hailey Darling

  7. Annabeth Easterling

    Nice to meet ya!

    Anna was in gardens to let her fairy go and have her breakfast while Anna was just playing with her soccer ball, time after time she took tennis balls that were on the ground and when she took 'em, she tried to juggle, she was still only learning but it kept better and better. "Tinkerbell!" she...