Zennon Baros

Zennon Baros

Parselmouth / Secretive / Hates Confrontation
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Pure Blood
Relationship Status
Single (Not Looking)
Sexual Orientation
Asexual (Homoromantic)
Straight 14 1/2 Inch Sturdy Cypress Wand with Erumpent Hide Core

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Full Name: Zennon Wyatt Baros
Pronunciation: ZEH- non, Why-ett, Bah Rosz
Nicknames: Boxers, Zen, Baros
Name Origins: Zennon comes from Zenon, of ancient greek origin - from Zeno meaning Zeus
Date of Birth: May 3rd, 2034
Current Age: Currently eleven</FONT>
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Basic Appearance: Zennon is about average height for an eleven year old. Though he leans closer to the tall side. He has soft brown hair and deep brown eyes that he finds really embarrassing. His mother once described them as "pools of chocolate milk". He's fairly skinny from all the running around he tends to do and he intends to start bulking up at some point in the future. He has fair skin with slight smattering of freckles around his cheek and nose and there's one freckle on the corner of his mouth that he hates with a fiery passion.
Personality: Zennon is the kind of guy who likes to think he's more sophisticated than he is. He's hiding from the fact that he's gay. He's known it for a while but he doesn't want to be. He's fun and witty and he loves being around people. He's extremely social and he adores dogs. He wished he could have brought one to Hogwarts. Zennon is looking for one thing only, a distraction. He loves his family and he loves his life and he's worried it will all change if anyone finds out about him. He doesn't quite know what to do, but he knows he has to find something he can use to get his life back on track to where he wants it to be. He's a very lovable person and he is easily high on life, but he doesn't open up about himself very easily and it's hard to actually get to know him. It's easy for people to know him for a long time, without actually getting to know him. As a Parselmouth, Zennon also has an affinity for snakes and he spends a great deal of time near the forbidden forest to speak to his friends. For him, they are the only creatures he feels like he can truly be around when he isn't hiding parts of himself. He fears what people will think when they find out who he really is and though he does not personally think he is evil, he considers his ability his "darkness within" and hesitates at what he might become if he didn't have friends to trust him. Though Zennon prefers to be outside and not stuck in a classroom, when he is having a bad day, or he's finding something particularly tough, he will usually opt for locking himself in a room until he calms down. He finds stressful situations hard to handle and doesn't ever seem to come up with the right response. As a result, he often tries to move conversations away from difficult subjects and prefers them to have little to no substance. Making friends he finds to be easy, keeping them is a bit more difficult when he refuses to talk in depth about himself. The longer he knows someone the more likely that they are going to realise they don't really know him at all. Subjectively, Zennon hates liars, the fact that he himself is also a liar, only stands to make things more difficult for him. He hates lying, he beats himself up constantly about it, but he doesn't see that he had much other choice given the secrets that he harbours.
Family: Mother: Nadine Baros
Father: Wyatt Baros
Brothers: Isaak and Lukas
Sisters: Azelea, Elsie and Rowan</SIZE></SIZE>
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Pets: A crup named Sizzles.
School: Hogwarts New Zealand; Slytherin
Blood Status: Pureblood
Heritage: American/European
Interests or Hobbies: Zennon is interested in Potions. He enjoys Quidditch and Gossip. History is a guilty pleasure.
Strengths: Love of Learning; Zennon has a love to learn new things. He will go out of his way to try something new and if he can not get it in the first try, he will continue to try, hopefully getting better each time. He loves museums and libraries and studies when he really needs extra help with something.
Forgiveness; Zennon does not believe in revenge. He is the type of person to hand out second and third chances. He will give someone mercy until he is no longer able to do so. If someone hurts him in some way, he will forgive them quickly, if only to have them back in his life.
Prudence; Zennon is careful, his choices tend to be more prudent than rash. He tries not to say or do anything that he will regret later, but keeping his secret can often clash with is values.
Flaws: Fatal Flaw: Guilt Complex. Major Flaws: Mistrustful, Authority-Averse. Minor Flaws: Occasional Arrogance, Liar, Anxiety, Tendency to Deliberate
Values: Cunning, Resourcefulness, Determination</SIZE></SIZE>
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Describe your character in five words: Deliberate, Resourceful, Determined, Mistrustful, Anxious
Best school subjects: Potions and Charms
Worst school subjects: Transfiguration
Current Job: Student
Plans for the future: Currently Unknown
Patronus: Adder – The common European adder or common European viper is a venomous snake that can be found throughout Europe. Adders are not normally aggressive and tend to only bite when they are threatened in some way.[x]
Patronus memory: At this moment, Zennon does not know what his patronus memory is.
Boggart: Abandonment - The bogart would become each one of Zennon's friends and family members in turn, telling him what a bad thing he's done and turning their back on him.
Ridikkulus: They would instead throw him a welcome party.
Animagus: Fox

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Zennon Baros

Parselmouth / Secretive / Hates Confrontation
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Pure Blood
Relationship Status
Single (Not Looking)
Sexual Orientation
Asexual (Homoromantic)
Straight 14 1/2 Inch Sturdy Cypress Wand with Erumpent Hide Core

First Year!
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[ol][li]What is your full name? Zennon Wyatt Baros. I was named after my dad too. I love my middle name.</LI>
[li]How did your parents decide on your name? I'm not too sure. I think they kept going through the alphabet until they found one they liked.
[li]How tall are you? Pretty sure I'm about five feet tall. Exactly one hundred and fifty five point three centimetres, but I don't really keep count.
[li]What color is your hair? It's brown.
[li]What color are your eyes? They're also brown.
[li]How much do you weigh? Merlin, um, about thirty nine kilos, so around eighty pounds.
[li]What is your birthday? May 3rd, 2034. I was born in the morning, mum says it was sunny and all.
[li]What is your father’s name? Wyatt
[li]What is your mother’s name? Nadine
[li]What are your grandparents’ names? Grandma and Grandpa
[li]Do you have any siblings? What are their names, birthdates, and birth order? I have four other siblings. Lukas, Isaak, and the twins, Elsie and Rowan. Lukas was born first, then Isaak. I came next and then the twins, Rowan was born an hour between Elsie.
[li]Where were you born? My family moved from America to New Zealand ages ago. I was born and raised here, which is great. I love New Zealand. The magical community is more defined and I know where everything is. America is too big.
[li]Where were your parents born? I don't know exactly. America I think. I don't really talk to them about that stuff, I don't care.
[li]Where were your grandparents’ born? I assume somewhere in America, I like to think they're New Yorkers, they seem like the type.
[li]Where do you live now? New Zealand! The wizarding community here is huge!
[li]Do you have any medical problems, diseases, injuries? Not that I know of. I guess I'm a bit of an insomniac these days, does that count?
[li]Do you have any distinguishing marks on your body? I have freckles on my nose and cheeks.
[li]What religion are you, and why? I don't follow religion. It seems like a silly muggle invention to explain magic honestly.
[li]Do you have any pets? I have a dog![/li][/ol]

[ol][li]What is your favorite color? At the moment, it's green. If you ask me next week it might be blue, I don't know, I haven't settled yet.
[li]What is your favorite place to vacation and why? I like warm places, with beaches. I find Australia and New Zealand have the best beaches!
[li]What is your favorite book? I'm not really much of a reader, so I really couldn't say. I'm not the kind of person who can read a book more than once.
[li]Who is your favorite actor? I don't really watch plays, so I couldn't say.
[li]Who is an actor you can’t stand? Same as above really.
[li]Which plays do you absolutely hate? Ugh, those stupid romance ones. They suck.
[li]What is your favorite food(s)? Oh, I have no idea. My sisters are vegan, so they might kill me if I say chicken... so don't tell them I said chicken.
[li]What is your favorite restaurant? I like that place in Hogsmede!
[li]What most annoys you about; Your Mum? She always butts into everything!
[ul][li]Your Dad? He always says no, its like his reflex or something. Doesn't matter what I ask.
[li]Your brother/s Lukas thinks that because he's the oldest he gets to be the boss, it's so annoying. Isaak, he lets Lukas get away with it, he's like an enforcer. He turns a blind eye all the time.
[li]Your sister/s Elsie draws on me when I sleep. One day I'm going to snap her favourite crayon, its alright when I'm awake coz I can see what she's doing, but she always does weird stuff when I'm sleeping! Rowan hates liars and she can always tell when Im lying. I hate when she calls me out on it.
[li]Your friend/s They fight and make me choose between them. It's... not easy to deal with.
[li]Your Head of house? I don't know him all that well, he's not really the type of person I could see myself wanting to get to know either to be honest.
[li]Your favourite professor[/li][/ul] I have a couple of favourite professors and its annoying when they ask me if I'm okay. I know why they do it, but I can't lie much longer so I wish they would just quit it.
[li]How often do you exercise? What are your exercise goals? This is not a thing I do, ahahahaha
[li]Which of your buttons does your mother like to push that sets you off? Being meddlesome! She knows I hate it and she does it all the time.
[ul][li]Your Father Telling mum whenever I ask him stuff. He thinks she has a right to know as my mother, but if I thought that I would tell her my damn self.
[li]Your siblings They do normal sibling things, like locking me outside and talking about me when I'm not in the room
[li]Your friends I don't know, I hope they wouldn't do something to hurt me on purpose, though they seem to like putting me in uncomfortable situations.
[li]People who don't know you If I knew that, they would probably know me.[/li][/ul]
[li]Do you believe it’s okay to tell a lie and under what circumstances? I don't think it is ever okay to tell a lie, but that never stops me. I'm a hypocrite and I hate it.
[li]Are you an introvert or an extrovert? I'm an introvert trying to pretend I'm an extrovert.
[li]What things might you be asked to do that you hate doing but do anyway? Studying
[li]Have you ever been on detention and why? Not yet, thankfully. I've heard things...
[li]Who would you lay down your life for? Any of my family
[li]Who would you really like to tell off? Jacob and Analei!
[li]What are your spending habits? I pretty much buy things when I see them.
[li]Do you enjoy hot weather, or do you prefer colder temperatures? I prefer the warmer temperatures, I really like beaches and such
[li]What kind of relationship do you have with God? He's a made up muggle fantasy, I don't care about him
[li]If you could describe yourself in one sentence, what would you say? I'm a hypocritical liar.
[li]If your best friend were to describe you in one sentence, what do you think he/she would say? That I am a loser, but it would be with affection though
[ul]<LI>[li]Mother That I'm a fighter and that I have great compassion for animals
[li]Father That I don't know how to say no
[li]Head of house That I'm not a great student probably
[li]Professors That I try hard in some cases and not hard enough in others
[li]Siblings That I am annoying[/li][/ul]
[li]What do you think is the meaning of life? If I knew, I probably wouldn't be so scared of it.[/li][/ol]

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