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This was a disaster of the highest order. Sure Rica was always up for chaos. But she firmly believed that disaster and chaos were two very different things and her twin just caused the former. Dinner hasn’t even really started yet and the guests had already begun to leave and they were upset. Even Dad looked, well, not upset but he looked kind of mad. Which was a rare thing. It was already an awkward situation all around and ahe just found a way to hopefully ease the rising tension. “You guys have been married for like ages, how do you not know?” she said a nervous chuckle amidst the silence that had overtaken the table.
It was not the silencing charm that told Ru he was in trouble, it wasn't Rica and half of his family looking at him as though he was no longer part of the family, it wasn't even when the Nightray side of the family started heading out or when Karl looked at him like he wanted to curse him (he's quite thankful his cousin is not allowed to use magic outside of school right now) no, it was the absolutely furious look on the face of his mother as she moved slowly across the room and leaned over him. "I will be right back," she said in that absolutely deathly voice she had when she was too angry for words. Ru couldn't speak, all he could do was slink into his seat as his mother stalked across the room to the door slamming it behind her and the Nightray's.

The manor was silent.

Ru wasn't sure how much time passed in absolute silence when his mother came back into the room, but her face was... worrisomely blank. It was in this moment that Kakeru knew he'd messed up. He swallowed, unable to even so much as defend himself because he couldn't speak, or make any kind of sound since someone had silenced him. He had his suspicions but it hardly mattered, since he felt like maybe his mother would have done it if one of his siblings hadn't. He could tell his mother was mad when she started speaking, and it was in English. When she couldn't even think right to formulate her words in Japanese, he knew it wasn't going to be good for his health.

The entire table sat in complete silence as his mother said some painful truths. Ru slipped further back into his seat, because she was right, he'd completely ruined the night, insulted his cousins and their family, upset Jai and his new wife and potentially even put everything at risk. Things were precarious sometimes, they didn't need this mess the way it was now. Jeremiah (whom everyone had forgotten was present until this moment) rightfully noted that it didn't matter, and that family was family, despite it all, one shouldn't be casting such assumptions during a nice family dinner. Kakeru couldn't explain how sorry he was, all he could think was to just sit there and listen. There was a lot of anger in the room and his mother and his father both were scandalised that the family dinner they'd planned had turned out so badly.

As the near half hour lecture came to a slow end, his mother turned away from him and pointed down the hall. Ru understood.

He stood up from the table, gathered some food and headed to his room. He'd be lucky if he was let back out by the time the school started back up again.

No one saw Jeremiah wisely slip out in the end.
Lewis certainly didn't know what to say about half of the family leaving and the rest of them sitting in absolute silence for however long that was. He looked at the triplets, unsure if they were supposed to do anything, but Yuki shook her head. So obviously they were apparently just supposed to sit here? Well, he supposed he could be okay with that, but it was a little weird and honestly Lewis didn't really know what to do. This was supposed to be dinner, and he was hungry and anyway he didn't know what had happened. Suddenly Annika had asked a question, and he kind of wanted to know the answer honestly, and then his Uncle had left the room with Annika in his arms so fast. Elsa had taken Jai's hand and they had gone to another room and then his mum had stalked into the room like a jaguar and ripped into Ru who didn't say anything in his own defence. Wow, this was just way too much for dinner.

Lew picked up a piece of bread and shoved it into his mouth.
It was almost like a drama. He had forgotten his family was like this. He shook his head and nodded at Yuki. He was staying only because he'd come with Yuki and they had somewhere else to go after this, but he checked on Jai and Elsa before he sat back at the table (in Ru's seat) and reached forward for the sushi. "She's right, you've been married forever, so what gives?" Maybe if they just didn't mention what had just happened they could move onto whatever the point of this dinner had been, though it felt a little pointless now.
Sayuri just knew that getting all of her siblings in one place would never be a good idea. This was inevitable really and she really couldn’t care any less since this was not her mess. She just went and ate the roast and sushi while her mother went on a tirade. The conversation with Roxas however was curious and she couldn’t help but raise a brow. “Isn’t it a bit rude to forget you’re married?” she asked. As far as she knew, Corey and Roxas have been together for ages. And Corey has lived with him for a while. She was pretty sure somebody mentioned elopement and when she check that meant married. Adults were weird even if Corey forgot he was an adult sometimes.
Jonah didn’t really understand what happened except that all the adults had gotten weirdly upset after Annika’s question. His mom was unbelievably angry and even his dad seemed to not know how to deal with Ru-nii. Even when Kakeru left, the tenseness seemed to linger until Corey-nii’s marriage was apparently forgotten by his husband? Did Roxas-nii lose his memory or something? Oh no. What if Roxas-nii was starting to forget them all?! “Roxas-nii! Who am I? Do you remember me?! What’s my name?!”
Corey … Corey has no idea what’s going on. He was just asking for one family dinner which somehow escalated to a family reunion which somehow devolved into… whatever this was. Ru was shouting and had managed to bring up family issues which Corey barely even remembered. He’d been too young then but he knew that Jai’s relationship with Uncle Miah and Uncle Liam had been complicated. Like Jai didn’t like Uncle Miah and wanted Uncle Liam to be his dad. Merlin knows he’d heard it enough from Jai, Misa, and Feli growing up. Now somehow, Ru had managed to make the whole issue fresh again. He nodded at Roxas because he agreed that this probably wasn’t the time to announce they’re engaged even if that had been the initial plan. Kaa-chan was very mad and Tou-chan wasn’t any better and his siblings were telling him that he and Roxas are married. Corey wondered how it was that he’s having trouble keeping up with his own family. And somehow, one of the triplets - likely Jo - is hounding Roxas about his name? “He hasn’t forgotten we’re married! We’ve only just agreed to be married!” he defended Roxas against Yuri because how rude. Neither of them would forget they were married. “We can’t both forget we’re married! We haven’t even agreed on a date yet ‘cause we haven’t told you guys about getting engaged,” Corey concluded his argument rather smugly, crossing his arms in the process. He has yet to realize that his whole argument was counterproductive to not announcing the engagement as agreed earlier.
If Corey was confused than poor Roxas had basically no hope of figuring out anything that was happening. They'd simply come over to have some dinner with the rest of his family and then suddenly his extended family had shown up, or rather his extended family had left after what he assumed was some kind of ill-spoken comment - he wasn't sure where Jai had gone off too, but he was sure he'd seen Jai and his wife Elsa slip off into one of the back rooms, and so he wasn't sure what that meant either. None of this was making a whole host of sense to Roxas if he was being honest, and considering he liked to think of himself as generally smart, he was wondering if maybe he wasn't actually that smart at all, because he certainly couldn't seem to figure this specific thing out. Roxas sighed, long suffering as he looked to the heavens and wondered what he was going to say or do. "I remember you, Jonah, don't worry, I even know you like Kendo," he said, looking sharply to his left ad Corey suddenly announced the thing he thought they'd just agreed they were not going to announce. "Corey, babe, I thought we said we weren't telling them right now because of the fact half of your family just walked out the door?" Sometimes he wondered what exactly he saw in his fiancé. He loved this man to death, but sometimes he also wanted to strangle him.

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Taylor was beyond upset about what had happened, after all, she'd invited Liam and Ai out of the deepest love and affection for them (mostly Ai - Liam she barely tolerated at the most) and she had expected the family dinner to go off without a hitch, not to go off - then the Nightray's had left because apparently whilst she had raise all ten of her children she'd neglected to mention to at least one of them that we don't talk about family issues around the dinner table, and when Ru had kicked off, it had all gone down hill from there. She was going to have to beg Ai, once again, for a favour she was not even sure her son deserved. She had been ever so happy when the dinner had begun and it had fizzled all up so quickly that Taylor almost had whiplash from it all. She was not happy about it and after she had torn her son a nice new strip she had turned her attentions back to the already mostly ended dinner to try and salvage what she could of it. Jai and Elsa were still locked away somewhere in one of the rooms and she had no idea whether they were going to join them again - not that she could blame them at all. She wasn't entirely sure she wanted to sit through this dinner herself after her idiot of a child decided to speak of things he had no understanding on.

She was about to turn to Conan and ask him something else, as her children went about salvaging what they could of the rest of her work, for Corey to then turn around and announce to the entire table that he and his live in boyfriend were actually not just boyfriends anymore, they were getting married. Taylor didn't have much of a leg to stand on in the sudden urge of anger she felt, because she couldn't exactly call out her son for getting married at such a young age when by his age she already had him, but what she was upset about was that a) Ai was not here to celebrate what should have been such happy news with them, and b) this was most definitely not the time to have announced it. Taylor whipped her head around to look at the table, and immediately flicked her wand at the doors, indicating to her children that each and every single one of them should now be exiting the dining room and she held her hand to Corey's chest to let him know that he would be staying. Once the rest of the family had left, leaving she with Conan, Corey and Roxas, Taylor breathed in a very deep breath.

"Corey, darling," she said, sucking on her teeth. "I am very, very happy for you, truly I am, however, did you really think that after everything we have just gone through tonight, now was the best time to make known such an announcement?" Taylor was annoyed, she wanted to be terribly excited for something like this, she couldn't have been happier that her son was engaged, even more so that he was engaged to a decent man like Roxas (after all, she knew her son could often fall under another's persuasion and she knew Roxas would look after him the way she believed he should be looked after) but this, of all moments, did not seem appropriate. Elsa and Jai had been intending to announce their own news, she was sure, and she'd have expected that Roxas and Corey would be doing the same, she just thought that after everything had happened, they might have decided the news was better put off until they could at least send their apologies to the Nightray's formally. Ai wouldn't care how it came, but Liam was from a very formal sort of family, there were rules and expectations in place for this sort of thing. Taylor would need to follow them if she expected Liam to ever set foot in their home again.

She wondered now if he might feel slighted. After all these years, she still did not know the man well.
Conan sighed as he continued to eat the chicken. It was a very good chicken, he had put a lot of effort into it and it was just a shame that family dinner had gone up in flames the way it did. It didn't come as a surprise for him considering that the participants have always been a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode. All that was missing from dinner was Arianna and Sergei and their side of the family and it would have been a class reunion slash family dinner. They may have been in their forties now but him, Jeremiah, and Liam were still him, Jeremiah, and Liam. Well, he and Liam didn't really have anything against each other except for Conan not liking Liam just cause he's with Ai and Liam not liking Conan because of the twins' history. Both of them though had a certain dislike for Miah that would certainly not go away but Conan was not going to go against his wife and her wishes for dinner to go well.

What was surprising about dinner going up in flames was that it was not even their generation that caused the whole thing. All the kids generally got along well. Even Rica, Eli, and Yuri got along well enough with their unsociable cousin which was mostly Kael. And they even interacted fine with Arianna's kids. If Conan were to bet, the whole thing going up in flames would have been Miah's fault (it's always Miah's fault). And he would have lost the bet. Because the avalanche had started with Kakeru. And it didn't take long for Jai to be upset - rightfully so, and then Ai was upset and that made Liam upset and Conan just had to sigh at his brother-in-law and nod. He had wondered if he could still ground Ru but it seemed Taylor had gone of the rails so he just continued to eat chicken. He would deal with Ru tomorrow. And probably go visit England the day after that to deal with Liam.

And then of course, things weren't still done. Conan should have expected that Corey had an announcement tonight considering that he was the one to ask for dinner. With the whole bonanza that was dinner however, Conan didn't think that his eldest would still be making an announcement. Which made him stop eating his chicken. Because now, it seemed that Taylor was just done for the night. Roxas seemed to question everything. And their eldest was clueless about what he'd done. Conan just sighed, "Corey, musuko. You do know that you just announced your engagement right?"
Corey didn't know why he was in trouble but he definitely was. He could tell from his mum's face. And with his dad's. And with Roxas. It was a very weird thing to be in trouble with all three of them at once because he didn't know if he was in for grounding from his parents, or he would be thrown to the couch by Roxas. Probably both. His parents could probably get away with grounding him and Roxas was definitely throwing him to the couch. And he just couldn't figure out what he did wrong? He was just defending Roxas because his siblings thought they'd purposefully forgotten their marriage when they hadn't even gotten married yet! And Jonah thought Roxas was having sudden amnesia which came out of nowhere and now he was in trouble. "Yeah, we're not telling them yet," he said confusedly to Roxas because he did agree that they could wait for the announcement because it would be nice to tell Jai and his family as well. And his mum had kicked everyone out and was speaking in English at him which definitely spelled trouble and he was confused because he didn't announce anything? That and she didn't exactly sound happy even if she said she was happy for them which was nice? It was his dad though who finally went to his rescue to tell him that he had announced the engagement. Which what? "No I didn't," he said automatically as he thought of when he announced it. "Did I?" he asked Roxas. If he did, then he was most definitely in trouble.
Roxas was never sure how he managed to get himself into these sorts of situations, mostly because he was never trying to be in these situations. Perhaps part of it was that he loved Corey enough to follow him anywhere, after all, he'd followed his (now fiancee) to Japan and was intending on starting a life with him here. His Japanese wasn't great but it was decent enough for him to get around when it wasn't being said rapid-fire (Taylor, Corey's mum, had advised him to learn the basics early on) he certainly didn't trust himself to translate anything officially, but Taylor was speaking perfect English, enunciated too. It was clear to him she was upset and he wondered if it had anything to do with what Corey's little cousin Annika had asked at the table only minutes prior to this. Most of the conversation around them had been in pretty rapid-fire Japanese so he hadn't had much of a chance to focus on it too much. "You did sort of mention it, yeah." he said, looking between Corey and his parents. "We had agreed to wait after everything that happened, but, yeah, it's true. Corey and I are engaged."

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Taylor wasn't entirely sure she understood what was happening between her son and Roxas, but whatever it was, she wasn't happy about it. She was thrilled that Corey was engaged, or was getting married, moved in, whatever, but she wasn't entirely happy about the situation they had found themselves in. She desperately needed to have a conversation with her son about his manners, Ru had crossed a line today she wasn't happy with and not only had he embarrassed her and Ai, and Liam, he'd insulted Jai, made things awkward with Miah and just overall caused a problem it was going to take some finagling on Taylor's part to fix. She almost wanted to rip the internship out of his hands for his behaviour and now Corey felt the need to announce him impending nuptials now, of all the moments to do so. She turned to her son and held her hands out for him to take, pulling him in close. "Sweetie, I love you, but perhaps next time you wish to tell your family that you are announcing an engagement, let us know that's your intention so I don't turn this into a whole family gathering? Tonight could have been avoided - and don't worry, I'll talk to your idiot brother about saying things he has no idea about, okay?" She asked, kissing him on the forehead.

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