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Sayuri was assisting in putting the last plate of roast chicken on the table while her father yelled for everyone that dinner was ready. It was a full house tonight in the Edogawa mansion and Sayuri could not help but be thankful that her grandparents were rich enough to buy a big house that could fit this many people. Family dinner had somehow escalated into an Edogawa family reunion. Apparently, dad had mentioned it to Auntie Ai which somehow was translated to they were also invited? Adults are weird. It now meant that all ten of her siblings were here. Too many. And Auntie Ai, Uncle Liam, and her cousins were there too. This was how she got roped into helping out in the kitchen earlier - she had to volunteer when she heard Corey telling Auntie Ai that he could help cook the stew. It was an unspoken thing in the Edogawa household that Corey should not be in the kitchen. How Roxas is still alive remains a mystery to her really. For now, she would take her seat and wait for the rest of the chaos that was the reunion dinner.
Rose nodded to her mum as they set the table, well, mostly she was setting the table on her own... it was a very big table because practically the whole family was going to be here. She didn't know how this things happened, but this wasn't actually the first time. Maybe it was that Lewis was the only one of them not going to school yet, because she was pretty sure mostly everyone else was going to school now, or at least would be pretty soon. Lewis too, actually if she was honest with herself. She didn't know how she was feeling about it yet, because going to school with Jonah and Elijah seemed kind of scary. They were all so different people and what if they all got put in the same house? What if they all got put in different houses?! She didn't think she knew how to handle that.

"Just breathe honey, all you need to do is set the table," her mother said, in accented Japanese. She nodded and continued her work. Of the siblings, Rose seemed the most like their Kaa-Chan, if her panic attacks leading to asthma attacks were anything to go by at least.
Jericah often wonders what her parents were thinking when they decided that ten kids was a good idea. Sure they had a lot of space and the house had a lot of bedrooms, but they didn't need to fill up the bedrooms. It was so noisy all the time and that was when there was no family reunion going on. Was there even a need for a family reunion? She was pretty sure that Aunt Ai and Mom saw each other a lot. And her siblings saw or at least, would see their cousins a lot too when school starts back up - thank Merlin she had been going to Mahoutokuro. Giving a strained smile to her aunt and uncle, she sat at her usual spot and observed the food. It at least seemed that Corey did not manage to sneak into the kitchen to "help". Saying a quick "Ittedakimasu!" - her dad was a bit of a stickler for table manners sometimes - she went and grabbed a bit of the salad just as Rose was bringing out some more food. Oops?
Tizi - unlike Corey - actually was fairly decent in the kitchen and so whilst Rose and Elijah were helping out with setting the tables and clearing up some space for the family, Tizi, having arrived slightly late because Yuki had wanted to stop for sushi, rushed into the kitchen to help his Mum and cousin. "Gomen, gomen, kudasai! Watashi no sei da! Ima koko ni iru yo!" He quickly cleaned himself up and headed over to where his mother was, hoping she would not mind him being late. He kissed her quickly on the cheek as it had been some months since he had physically seen her. When he'd moved to Japan to live with Yuki with them both on the Tengu team, he'd made a promise that he would write her frequently. A promise he was clearly not very good at actually keeping because he didn't know what time it was half the time and by the time he would have to write, or sit down to write it was either time to go to practice, or time to leave and go to sleep.

Plus Yuki was of no help. He wasn't sure what this dinner was about, but he hoped it was good news or something because he didn't want to cry. He always cried when things were bad news. Maybe someone found out about the other teams uniform he'd slipped into his bags? No, they wouldn't have come here and set him up a dinner just to scold him for taking one of the canon's uniforms right? That seemed a little silly.
Yuki placed the sushi on the table as she walked in, Tizi rushing ahead of her to get to his mother as she observed Jericah and gave her sister a nod. She and Jericah were complete opposites but she did love all of her siblings equally and most of her cousins as well, though some of them she could take or leave. She smiled welcomingly at her Uncle Liam and Uncle Jeremiah who appeared to be in heated discussion in the corner of the room. She wasn't sure what it was about, and she didn't really care, most of them tended to ignore the two of them these days since apparently this was a rivalry going back decades. The going theory was that something had happened in school - no one talked about what - but Yuki was pretty sure it had something to do with Ai... and the fact she had a bunch of Nightray cousins who may or may not have been fathered by her Uncle Jeremiah.

Sometimes her family was way too weird even for her. She sat down next to Jericah and bumped her sister in the shoulder. "Sup, weirdo?" She had no idea when the food would end, but with so many of them here, who could tell. Even Elsa and Jai were around somewhere. She liked Elsa, though she was a bit quieter than Yuki would normally have liked to be around.

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Jonah wondered if family reunions were always this chaotic. There were a lot of people in the kitchen. And well, he just wanted to watch the whole thing and be on hand in case Ro needed help. He was sure Eli was fine since he last saw him in the library hours ago, he could've migrated somewhere, Jonah wasn't sure. What he was sure of was he didn't want to help in the kitchen so he was just kind of standing in the corner behind some ugly vase watching the whole thing. It was a riot cause Cousin Tiziano was just running around, and Jonah wasn't really sure if he was helping but Auntie Ai was just letting him so it couldn't be that bad. Though he probably should warn Rica-nee. Nope. Too late. She would be fine. Probably. She could taste test. Dad wasn't happy though telling her that she really should wait for the guests to be seated but that was probably going to take a while. Everyone was either busy with preparing and taking out the food or talking about why there was probably a reunion. Jonah's money - if he had any - was on Cousin Jai having a kid. It was time for kids now right? Mum started popping them out at 18 and Cousin Jai and his wife were old.
Were they broke? Was Uncle Liam going to announce that the Nightray's had lost all of their money and so now his internship was in jeopardy? He really hoped not, he wasn't sure what he would do if he wasn't working with Uncle Liam anymore. He loved his internship and he didn't really want to give it up. He couldn't think of many reasons as to why the whole family had been summoned though. And right before school was due to go back? What did that mean? Maybe he was just imagining things, but Uncle Liam and Uncle Miah had been talking back and forth in those hushed whispers for ages and that was always a sign that something hinky was going on and he didn't like it because he liked to know everything that was happening around him - especially if it meant he might lose his internship. Oh god, was it Jericah?! Was she pregnant and he just never knew it? Surely she would tell him that right? They're twins! Was she dating? WHO WAS SHE DATING! Oh no! He was a terrible brother to not even know something like that. He should know this right? Was she going in on the family tradition of pregnancy in their last year?!

"WHO ARE YOU DATING RICA!" oops - he hadn't meant to shout.​
Elijah sighed, deeply. He flared his nostrils, and heaved himself off of the couch in the library. Earlier, he'd been volunteered to help Rose with the table, but he'd snuck off to the library to read the new textbooks he would need for the coming year in school - maybe his siblings didn't care about their education, but Elijah wasn't about to graduate without getting good grades. They were a family who had a touch and go relationship with their grades, his dad had bad grades and his mother... well she was a Quidditch player professionally so he wasn't sure how important her grades had been to her. He didn't really care either way all he knew was that he had to be very specific with the time he had free - which wasn't much - so that he could do what he wanted before all the craziness of the family happened.

People were starting to sit down now, and so Elijah made his way to the table, out of the library and found a space beside Cousin Jai and Elsa - she was so pretty, and waited for Kaa-Chan and Tou-Chan to let them actually eat the food. He was so hungry. He looked over to Yuki. "Hey, where's Corey?"
Lewis was just trying to stay out of everyone's way. Kaa-Chan had told him to sit down and stay down when he'd accidentally tripped her over whilst she was rushing around earlier and since then no one has given him anything else to do. It wasn't until most of the food was set on the table (which he was pretty sure kept getting magically bigger, but he couldn't really say for sure) that he was suddenly finding himself gestured to come to the table and sit down. He had no idea what was going on and judging by the faces on the rest of his siblings maybe they didn't know what was going on either? He wasn't the only confused one and that actually made him feel better. He and Eurydice were the only ones here not about to head back into or into school, except for his older siblings and cousins. Annika would be after them too, but he couldn't see here anywhere at the moment. "Is Aunt Ai and Uncle Liam splitting up? Did something happen with Uncle Jeremiah again?" Had someone died? Oh no! Someone hadn't died right!?
It was a long time since Eurydice had visited Uncle Conan and Auntie Taylor but it sure was always a riot. Their house was a lot livelier than Nightray manor that's for sure. And it's not the shouting type either. Dad and Uncle Miah were behaving after all but it could be because they were discussing work that Dad didn't want Mom to find out, which was silly because Mom knew everything. Or they were probably not shouting cause they were not at home. She didn't even know why Uncle Miah was here? He wasn't really an Edogawa and she thought this was an Edogawa family reunion? She doubted it was Jai-nii that invited him. Jai-nii hated Uncle Miah which Daddy found amusing. She thinks it was probably Tizi-nii.

When she saw the food coming out and they all looked yummy, she decided that it really was no good that Daddy and Uncle Miah were still arguing especially since they were starting to not whisper. They were going to get in trouble and while that would be funny, she didn't really want to miss out on the food. So she decided to just pull Daddy's hand to bring him to the table. Uncle Miah looked scandalized that Daddy decided to just go with her and ignore him but that wasn't really surprising. Uncle Miah was a funny man.
Jericah wondered why she had a twin. Like, couldn't Kakeru have been born the year before? Or after? Like who decided that hey, these two would make a perfect set of twins? Her twin was an idiot. "I'm not dating anyone you idiot!" she snapped at her twin before her dad could be scandalized. Everyone knew how well he took Corey and Roxas dating and everyone saw that one coming - even if Corey and Dad didn't. "How? How are we twins?" Jericah bemoaned to Yukiko before grabbing a sushi. She deserved this sushi. Her brother - her twin brother - was an absolute idiot. "Take me away from here as soon as I graduate. Please," she begged. She knew that Yukiko was living with Cousin Tiziano but surely anywhere could be better than here stuck with Kakeru? Even if Cousin Tiziano was a little odd.
Roxas generally didn't know how to act around Corey's family and now this whole thing had turned into something ridiculous. The entire Edogawa clan was multiplying out of the woodworks and he wasn't sure just how many of them he'd met before. He didn't often make a habit of spending time with them, because they were a little too loud for him, but to have them all in the same room together was... maybe just a little bit insane. It was probably a good thing this only included Corey's family and not also Roxas' because he wasn't sure he would have recovered from his parents meeting someone like Liam Nightray and Jeremiah Raven especially not if all the the things he'd heard about the two of them were true. No, this was better, because he could follow Corey in, slip around unnoticed and then he could just leave again without anyone ever asking him a thing.

He thought that, until they walked in the door and the chaos ensued. He wasn't expecting for everyone to be there. He knew that it was going to be a lot of people, they'd been warned that everyone was coming but Roxas didn't think he realised how many everyone's there were in the family he was somehow attached to. Was he having second thoughts? Maybe a little. Not about Corey, of course, because he would never want to leave Corey... but the uh... the entire Edogawa-Nightray family? That was a little much even for him.

"Uh...Corey - love. Everyone is looking at us." He looked over to the twins... she was yelling at him for... something. He could never remember everyone's name. "Corey... what's happening? I though this was just a family thing? How do you have so much family?"

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Yuki snorted into her expresso as Jericah went off at their brother. He really could be a bit of an idiot sometimes. She had to cover her face when Tou-Chan looked their way because she really couldn't be trusted not to laugh at the whole thing. It was all just a little bit silly, but that was sort of expected at any big family gathering and it had been a while since she'd seen everyone together like this. The last time they had all been together like this was when her mother had announced she was having another baby. She looked over to Lewis and gave him a soft smile before turning back to her sister. "You can come and live with me and Tizi if you want, but I warn you, he plays the radio really loud." Though, given this family, she wasn't sure if Jericah would have noticed.
"Jericah! We don't insult our siblings under this roof!"

Was it Kakeru's fault that he thought his sister was dating someone? He never saw her in school because the school was huge and she tended to avoid him whenever she could. He had to rely on his sources and they never saw her with anyone so he obviously had to assume she was hiding something. Why else would there be a family meeting like this? It was not completely unheard of, after all, wasn't that where cousin Jai had come from. "You could have been! Isn't that where cousin Jai came from?!" he asked, having all of the adults eyes suddenly on his was not at all a great feeling though. Kakeru's face went a littlw white. "Well... it is... and she could have been." The look from his mother and from his Aunt was enough to shut down anything else he might have had to say on the subject though.
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When Corey asked his parents if they could call everyone for a family dinner and that he was bringing Roxas, he did not expect his parents to call everyone. Sure he did plan on telling Jai and the rest about the happy news, mostly so Jai could tell Misa and Feli, but he didn't expect Auntie Ai's side of the family to be here tonight. Even Uncle Miah was there and he wasn't even really an Edogawa last he checked? Were he and Auntie Ai back together? Or maybe they were some a weird three-way couple now? But Uncle Miah was married to Uncle Liam's sister wasn't he? What's important was Misa and Feli were not here because they really would have killed him just because they weren't the first to find out about the engagement especially since they were calling it from the beginning.

He was basically snapped out of his musings when he heard Roxas' plea for help. "I honestly don't know babe," he said helplessly as he watched Rica go off at Ru which was probably well-deserved but he was not going to get into that. And he could hear Tizi running around somewhere which was pure chaos all in itself. "I can honestly tell you right now that this is not my fault and we should probably sit before Rica finishes all the food," he sighed as he led Roxas towards the table amidst the silence after Kakeru's little gold tidbit. Well, Corey hopes that the Nightray internship goes well after that.
Eurydice was very amazed at how quiet it could suddenly get. After Kakeru's sudden outburst, all of the adults went very quiet. Uncle Jeremiah was actually very red! And he was gaping like a fish. She was about to point this out to Daddy because he always found it amusing when Uncle Miah was looking silly, but he was glaring very hard at Kakeru. She didn't understand though why all the adults were glaring at him and Daddy seemed to be quite mad that Mum had to come over and put a hand on Daddy's shoulder. That seemed to at least calm Daddy down but it was all very weird. "Didn't you come from New Zealand today Jai?" she asked very confused cause where did Jericah dating anyone even come in? She thought cousin studied in Japan? "I did. But it's okay Eury, I'm sure Kakeru is just confused," he brother told her though he just sighed like he always did when somewhat was being stupid. He got that from Daddy. At least he didn't seem mad.
Rose really wished she hadn't gotten up in the morning. There was just too many people in the house. She had been sitting on the counter, passing things to her Aunt Ai and to Tizi and Yuri-Chan, but then somehow she had been moved to the middle of the table and she had cousins or siblings or other extended members of her family on all sides of her and it was just really too much. Jericah was yelling at Kakeru and he was yelling back, Kaa-Chan was telling them off and Tou-Chan was helping her to calm down. Yuki seemed to be enjoying the chaos way too much and Corey and Roxas were trying to slip in unnoticed. Except Rose had definitely noticed them.

Eury asked the question that was also on Rose's mind and she watched the exchange with fascination before Elsa leaned in to speak with Jai. She couldn't hear what was being said, because she was on the other end of the table, but Elsa was running her fingers comfortingly on Jai's arms. Rose didn't really know what that meant, but it seemed that everyone was upset about what Kakeru had said. This was very confusing. Then she looked to Lewis and their eyes met. She shrugged. There were too many people in this room.
"Well it's pretty well-deserved!" Jericah shot back at her mum just as Kakeru blurted out the stupidest thing he ever could, which really proved her point. She had to facepalm at his words though, or bang her head at the table. She can't believe they were related. She didn't even know where he got the idea that she was with anyone! Merlin, she couldn't wait to move out. She gave a small wave to Roxas as he sat at the table while all the madness was going on, electing to ignore Kakeru and the rest of the adults. He got himself into that mess, he can sort himself out. "How's married life dorks?" she asked the couple trying to slip in unnoticed, which was probably only succeeding because of her stupid twin.
Hinata sighed at the chaos unravelling before her that was both unexpected and yet not. While Ru-nii had the habit of saying things at inopportune times, she really did not expect what he had to say. Still, it was probably best that she kept quiet as she snuck her way to the table and settled herself near Ai-obaa since it was unlikely people would come near her or Liam-ojii for a while.
Mikael could not believe he was related to this… this… he didn’t even know if there was a proper word for what to call this… Kakeru. Person and idiot were too nice words to describe it and he would be doing idiots and people a disservice should he associate it with Kakeru. If he was asked, Okaa-san and Otou-san should have been allowed to punish him for ever speaking about Jai that way. Granted Okaa-san would have been too lenient, but it was very tempting to cast just one hex if only it weren’t forbidden to use magic outside of school. Maybe he’ll owl the Artemisa and Felicita for a potion he can shove down the thing’s throat for his insolence.
Nik looked over at Kael, she could almost feel the tiny way he seemed to be inching closer to Ru-san. She hoped he wouldn't move, because he needed to help her hide her green things. She didn't like green things, and she'd never liked green things before ever. She didn't understand why everyone seemed to be shouting now, and she wanted to understand and so she turned away from her daddy and looked at Kael-nii and tugged on his sleeve. "Kael-nii, where did Jai-nii come from if not New Zealand?" In case her question went unanswered she looked over at her daddy, "Daddy isn't Jai-nii my brother?" Just like Tizi-nii right? Sometimes her family was too confusing for her to understand.
Kakeru went to open his d@mn mouth, and her parents were far too much of being pushovers to do anything to fix this. Liam-ojii and Ai-obaa wouldn't lift a finger because they knew that her parents would be on them like Umbridge on a muggleborn, but Yuki wasn't going to sit here and allow whatever was going on to continue, so she subtly lifted her wand to sit just above the table and cast a silence spell at her brother under her breath. There, watch him say anything without his voice. She hoped no one saw that though, and she subtly leaned into Rica to help her put her wand back up her sleeve before either one of her parents noticed she'd cast a spell at her brother without provocation. Of course, the way she saw it, it was entirely provoked.
Roxas had no idea what was going on and he looked between each member of the family, completely unsure that this was a good idea after all. He'd been trying to get away from the drama, not step into more. Still, he'd sort of known to expect this. The weeks he'd spent with this family over the years through his schooling had taught him that they were all crazy and they certainly weren't doing anything to tell him any different. He looked at Corey, unsure if maybe now was the right time to say anything at all. There seemed to be a lot going on from what he could catch, since much of it was said in rabid Japanese. He did notice the quick silencing spell that was cast from someone in the vicinity of Yuki and Rica. It could have been either of them, but based solely on the subtlety, his money would have been on Yuki, if asked. And he wasn't asked, so it was really none of his business. Was he the only person on the planet who minded his own business?

"Maybe we wait, Corey? I don't know if they're ready for this yet."

He was surprised when he was asked about married life though and frowned. "Uhh, we're, we're not married?" Merlin, this wasn't another one of those things he'd misunderstood was it? "Are we?"
Kael was livid but he didn’t think there was any more livid than his dad after Annika’s question. Jai-nii looked devastated and his mom wasn’t any better. “He came from New Zealand today with Elsa-nee, but he was born in the UK just like me and Tizi-nii and Eury and you,” he assured his sisters seeing as Jai-nii didn’t look like he would be able to answer anytime soon. While he was explaining however, his dad got up.

“Conan, Taylor, we’re leaving. Ai and I have things we need to address and I believe you do too.”

Kael didn’t think he’d ever heard his dad sound that cold with family but his mom didn’t disagree with dad either and only took Eury by the hand while his dad went and carried Annika even if she was already too old to be carried. Kael stood and went to follow his parents, glaring at Kakeru all the while.
Eurydice was very confused about the whole turn of events. He didn’t even know why Daddy decided that it was time to go home but he looked upset, but Mummy did too. And that just wasn’t good. It was all stupid Kakeru’s fault even if she didn’t know why. She had no choice though but to follow Mummy as she was led away from the dining room. “Are Jai-nii and Tizi-nii coming too?” because they should, especially when Jai-nii looked so sad. Mummy turned to look at them and after a moment seemed to make a decision.

“Jai, Tizi, Elsa, you three could come too if you want. Family meeting at Nightray Manor. I’m sure we can arrange a portkey for you to go home after.”

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