Y46 Dueling Match #19

Professor Kalif Styx

transfig 5-7 † patriarch
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Professor Styx led the two contestants to the stage, appointing them into the north or south part of the stage. He informed them of the rules, the points, and made sure they were aware of what not to do. He instructed, "Begin."
OOCOut of Character:
The duel begins now. You have 24 hours to post, or face disqualification. Ensure that you use the spell list for guidance on age-appropriate spells, and read over the dueling rules and points system. If you are knocked out or otherwise disarmed/incapacitated, or if you run out of points, you will lose and the duel will end. Have fun! Be creative!

Spectators are allowed to post in this topic once per competitors post, but are forbidden from directly interfering with the duels. Duelers cannot cast spells at the spectators or face disqualification.

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@Yuelia Rossingol @Todd Cobbler
Current Points: 150

Yuelia took slow, steady breaths. This was her domain, she'd beaten one Ravenclaw boy and now she'd beat another. She barely knew Todd, and she regarded him with a curious scrutiny as she stepped forward to bow, not knowing what to expect. It hardly mattered, though, dueling was all she had and so she'd do it and do it well. "Obscuro," she cast, a little less coldly than she had towards Emmanuel but still with very little warmth to it.
Action(s) Taken: cast spell
Point Changes: -5
Points Remaining: 145
Current Points: 150

Todd was pleasantly surprised that he'd made it to the sixth year finals. The only thing standing between him and the glory of calling himself the dueling champion was the existing champion. He didn't know Yuelia that well, or if she had a boyfriend, not that it was important right now. Even though he was thinking about it while he stepped up onto the platform. "Hello. How are you?" he asked cheerfully, bowing before blocking her spell, then sending, "Langlock."
Action(s) Taken: cast spell x2
Point Changes: -10
Points Remaining: 140
Current Points:145

Yuelia thought the boy was strangely cheerful, which almost threw her off. She was hesitant to talk, fearing she might fall into old, childish habits if she did. Her eyes widened as she quickly cast a non-verbal shield charm. She would not have been completely out of options should her tongue get stuck, but she would be severely limited. "...how can I answer you if my tongue will not work?" she replied, quietly, before shaking her head. "Levicorpus."
Action(s) Taken: cast spell x2
Point Changes: -10
Points Remaining: 135
Current Points: 140
Todd was impressed by Yuelia's non-verbal defence. He wasn't sure if he felt confident enough to attempt it in a duel himself. He quickly countered her spell with "Liberacorpus," causing her previous spell to dissipate.

He considered her point, "Oh yeah, I hadn't thought of that," he admitted, keeping his wand at the ready. "Although the spell didn't hit you." She could have answered. He cast the Jelly-Brain Jinx at her next.
Action(s) Taken: cast spells
Point Changes: -10
Points Remaining: 130
Current Points: 135

Yuelia shook her head. If he wanted to talk he could talk to her after the duel, perhaps. But he wouldn't, because she was dangerous. Cruel, violent, and so on, seemingly. She defended herself with a verbal shield charm this time, making doubly sure the spell worked. Still. Perhaps she could play with Todd a little while longer. Even as she forced herself not to be too childish. "Tarentallegra."
Action(s) Taken: cast spell x2
Point Changes: -10
Points Remaining: 125
Current Points: 130

Todd's mindset did a complete 180 as he decided he was ready to try non-verbal spells in a duel. He scrunched up his face when Yuelia launched her next attack, thinking really hard about casting protego without saying the word.

A weak, wispy shield materialised in front of him and Yuelia's spell passed through it as if it were smoke, hitting him square in the chest. Todd felt the magic travel down his body and into his legs, which immediately began to spasm uncontrollably.

The Dancing Feet Spell felt more like the Torture Tango, Todd thought, as his legs dragged him around the platform in a frenetic dance. He felt utterly out of control, each step a jerk that had him pirouetting and spinning. He turned his back on Yuelia in an unintentional twirl, then face-to-face with her again in a dizzying twist, desperately aiming and casting, "Stupefy!" before his legs twirled him away again.
Action(s) Taken: cast spell X2 (sort of), hit by spell
Point Changes: -10 +15
Points Remaining: 135
Current Points: 125

Yuelia raised her free hand to her lips, trying to block a light giggle that escaped. She'd never managed to succeed with the spell in a duel before, and having someone move to her whim gave her a little bit of a rush of adrenaline. Plus, she'd never actually had a dance partner before. She silently blocked the spell that came towards her, having to very quickly react to get the shield up as she didn't think she'd be in danger. "You're fun." She did still want to win, though. "Expelliarmus."
Action(s) Taken: spell hit, cast spell x2
Point Changes: -20, -10
Points Remaining: 95
Current Points: 135
Todd danced uncontrollably under the effects of the spell. He was breathless as his legs moving him erratically across the platform. "Thanks, I can't stop!" he panted, trying to catch his breath.

Without meaning to, he dodged Yuelia's disarming spell. Even he wanted this to end and would have gladly taken the hit at that point. He pointed his wand at Yuelia, struggling to aim as he kept moving, sending a trip jinx in her general direction.
Action(s) Taken: cast spell, dodge
Point Changes: -10 -5
Points Remaining: 120
Current Points:95

Yuelia cleared her throat, trying to return to a more stone faced look. It was far too childish to smile and laugh and have fun when she was here to win. She also didn't think the spell would hit her, because of how off kilter he was, but she got a little too complacent and went off balance. She dropped down to one knee, wand still firmly in her grip, but wincing in pain as she scraped her knee on the ground. It would possibly bruise underneath her tights. Her left palm stung from where she'd slapped it to break her fall, and she turned her head with a sharp gaze. "Oh...let me help you. Incarcerous."
Action(s) Taken: hit by spell, cast spell
Point Changes: +15, -5
Points Remaining: 105
Current Points: 120
Todd managed to land a hit, but it was a small victory as his legs continued to dance. Yuelia’s next spell struck him, conjuring ropes that wrapped tightly around his body. Even with restraints, his legs still twitched and spasmed furiously against the binds. Each jerk and twist caused the ropes to painfully tighten further, eventually sending him falling to the ground with a painful thud.

Todd lay there, still twitching and making his discomfort even worse. His wand remained clutched in his hand, but aiming it was impossible. Finally accepting defeat, he dropped his wand and looked down, avoiding eye contact with anyone. He felt a bit pathetic laid there bound in ropes and spasming uncontrollably, but more than anything, though, he felt utterly exhausted.
Action(s) Taken: lost duel
Point Changes: -all
Points Remaining: 0
As soon as the duel ended, it was like a switch flipped. There was a great sense of relief in Yuelia's heart, evident in the way she let out a long exhale and her shoulders relaxed. She needed this title, it was all she had to cling onto. But she blinked a couple of times, looking over at Todd and ending the spells with a cautious wave of her wand. He had managed to hurt her, it was true, but it was only in the duel. "Um...I'm really sorry..." she said, stepping a tiny bit closer (although she moved slowly, her knee aching from the awkward landing). "Ah...are you alright? I, um...I hope I didn't hurt you..." She awkwardly looked over towards Professor Styx, waiting for him to call the duel.
Todd felt the bindings loosen and the spasms finally cease as Yuelia ended the spells. He took a deep breath, grateful for the relief and silently wishing that she'd done that sooner. Slowly sitting up, he managed a sheepish grin despite the situation. Yuelia was suddenly friendly and it made Todd feel a bit weird.

"Ah, don't worry about it," he said, waving off her apology. "It’s all part of the duel. Congratulations!" He winced slightly as he shifted, his muscles feeling sore. "Are you alright, though?" Todd didn't want to hurt her, but he did hope that he'd at least made her work for the champion title. He glanced over to Professor Styx, ready for him to officially declare her the winner.
Styx had to wonder why the students were just chatting away, but perhaps neither of them took it as seriously as he had. He announced that Yuelia was the winner, regardless.

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