Y46 Dueling Match #16

Professor Gabrielle Moncrieffe

Alleged Adult | Exists on Stress | HoM 1-4
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Mixed Blood
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Straight 15" Ash Wand, Essence of Mermaid Scale
@Oskar Strom v @Teddy Pirrip

The first round of duels had been intense but thankfully not disastrous. Gabrielle hadn't been given the misbehaving students (or adults) much to her great relief, and even the students who might be troublemakers (she looked a little specifically at the Gryffindor boy making his way to his spot - Teddy was very clever but not the best behaved) seemed able to obey the rules of engagement. "Congratulations on making it to round two, boys. Winner faces off for the championship. Keep it clean, but have fun and do your best. Ready?" She looked at the two of them to make sure they were in position, before stepping back. "You may begin."

The duel begins now. You have 24 hours from this to post your first reply, or face disqualification. Once both duelists have posted, you will have 24 hours from your opponents post to reply, or be disqualified. Ensure that you use the spell list for guidance on age-appropriate spells, and read over the dueling rules and points system. Please also remember site rules apply, including power/god modding. You can find the site rules here. Duels will run until there is a winner or until 6 IRL days have passed, in which case the winner will be chosen by RNG. If you are knocked out or otherwise disarmed/incapacitated, or if you run out of points, you will lose and the duel will end. Have fun!

As an added note: Spectators are allowed to post in this topic once per competitors post, but are forbidden from directly interfering with the duels.
Current Points: 150

Teddy was back for round two and undeterred even after Audrey’s emotional breakdown after their last duel. He figured facing Oskar had to be better — well, it couldn't be much worse. Teddy wasn't entirely sure, though. Oskar was a transfer, and Teddy knew almost nothing about him. All he knew was that Oskar was a better duelist than Milo, though that wasn't exactly a high bar.

Taking a deep breath, Teddy glanced at his opponent and offered a small bow and gestured an offering. "You first —" he began, then immediately cast the knee-reversing hex. "- to defend. I mean, you first to defend."
Action(s) Taken: cast spell
Point Changes: -5
Points Remaining: 145
OOCOut of Character:
Due to the 24 hour rule, @Teddy Pirrip is the winner of this duel.

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