Y43 Ravenclaw Quidditch Try-Outs

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When Xiuying was asked to be captain this year for the Ravenclaw team, she couldn't turn down the offer and was super stoaked. The Ravenclaw girl made sure to be at the pitch a little early to set everything up for the tryouts, which Xiuying was a little nervous to prepare. The weather wasn't all too bad, it was a little cloudy and the air was cool. She had hopes that they were going to do great this year no matter what.

Xiuying stood on the pitch as she noticed that people were walking towards the pitch, she was excited, but couldn't help but be a little nervous too. She smiled as players arrived. "Hi everyone! Welcome to Ravenclaw tryouts!" Xiuying says as she couldn't help but give a nervous smile as she welcomes the players. "I'm Xiuying, and I'm the Ravenclaw captain if you couldn't already tell," Xiuying says with a chuckle. Xiuying turns to the returning players. "Returning players, you know what to do, get all warmed up and feel free to help out those that are trying out," Xiuying says with a small yet encouraging smile. After the players made their way up into the sky, she turned towards the new players that are trying out. "For those that are trying out, just state ya names and what position you're trying out for," Xiuying says with a small smile. She then moved towards the box and releases the balls for tryouts. "Let's get cracking!"

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Chaser@Branson Archer
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OOCOut of Character:

Welcome to Ravenclaw Tryouts!

Just a few reminders before we get started!
  • Returning players are guaranteed their current position as long as they post an attendance post!
  • If you were an alternate last year, you will need to try out again. New players or returning alternates please state and include your character's name and the position they want to try out for, before posting your try-out post.
  • Tryouts are open for second years and above! If you have a first-year that is interested in trying out, please PM me!
  • If there are any questions or concerns, please don't be afraid to reach out and PM me!
Have fun and good luck!!
Monday Weeks could hardly believe that he was actually going to try out for Quidditch. He had never thought of it before, but he was in a new school, and he needed to find a good way to work with those in his house. He needed to build up teamwork. The only issue as he did not know what position he wanted to try out for. Beater, seeker, chaser, or keeper. He knew that all were important in their own rights, so he would just choose when he got down to the pitch. He was lucky that he still had his broom from before his dad left the family. It was still pretty decent, and needed a little bit more care. As long as it flies fast, it should be good. Monday ultimately made it to the pitch and saw that the weather was actually pretty decent for the try outs. Monday listened to the prefect that he really needed to learn the name of introduce herself and give out the directions. Once it was his turn to come forward, he decided to just give out a random position.

"Monday Weeks, and I am trying out for beater," Monday stated with a soft smile. Well, that was better than seeker since he did not want that pressure. Taking every class and elective did enough to him. Now, he was going to help the house in another way. Maybe he wanted to earn more points than Aine this year. That would be something. He had a new goal. He grabbed a bat, mounted his broom, and took off while clearing his thoughts of his potential rival. He flew around, on the hunt for new bludgers. He knew that he had to hit them away from players, but he also had to hit them at players. Monday did not want to hurt his own team, so protecting them it was. He managed to do so with several bludgers, and worked hard to make sure that those that he did cover were protected. By the time he landed, his arm was pretty sore. That was a bit more of a workout than he ever thought was possible. He thanked the captain for the opportunity given, since he was sure that he did all right, but maybe there were others that were better than him with more experience. All the experience he had came from a book.
Branson was a bit disappointed to have been passed over for quidditch Captain, but he knew that Xiuying would do a good job. He arrived at the pitch and glanced at Xiuying. He nodded at the instructions that the captain gave and then he headed into the air.
Savannah had been working hard on flying. She enjoyed quidditch alone and wanted to just try her hand at actually playing it. She wasn't usually one for team sports but she had also never had an opportunity to. She had borrow a broom from the broomstick stash and came to the pitch. Savannah glanced at the other people, trying to size up her competition. She knew what position she wanted. The most unsafe one, but she wanted to do it. She felt she was small and nimble and would manage it pretty well. The ravenclaw glanced as a few people went first and then approached the captain. "Savannah Walters, seeker,"

Savannah got on the broom and after a bit of a shaky kick-off, but she got settled on the broom and in the air. She glanced about quickly, looking for any sign of the snitch. She thought she spotted a hint of gold and raced towards it, but it wasn't. Savannah chased the snitch for a bit, but it eluded her. Savannah kept going at speed and ignoring every time she failed to get it. Because she only needed to get it one in games. The ravenclaw was able to finally catch the snitch, having chased it for a while. and she was pleased. She had to let it go and gave it a moment before chasing again. She managed to get it one more time before the try-out was at an end. Savannah knew that she need to get better at dodging other players and being mindful of bludgers, but she had been pretty pleased with her performance.
Michael was feeling a bit bereft. Things just weren't quite fitting together as well as he'd hoped with Hogwarts, and he spent most of his holidays trying to look after his mum to the detriment of his Quidditch playing. Michael wasn't a fool - he knew he wasn't that good a player. He tried, and maybe by the end of his seventh year he'd be good if he kept working at it. But mostly he felt he was in the team from Sawyer's kindness in giving him an opportunity. And now Sawyer had graduated, so Michael was down a role model. At least Xiuying was nice and a good chaser and had kindly let him keep his spot, even if he certainly wasn't the best beater. He'd pulled out the cricket bat over the holidays and had a lot of land based practice, so he wasn't going to be as far behind as he could be.

Gripping his broom, he nodded to their new captain as he grabbed a bat and took to the skies. He knew he needed to prove he was worth keeping around, but more importantly Michael knew how to be a team player. He mostly focused on keeping the bludgers away from players - especially anyone trying out for seeker. He didn't always get bat on bludger, but at least he got to hit more often than not. It was a little easier when his aim was just 'generally out of the way' as opposed to trying to hit a moving target, but he'd leave it to the other beaters to attempt to show their skills in that sense if they chose. He mostly hovered around the seekers. By the end of try-outs he was feeling a little sore, knowing he had to get back into the routine of regular practice.
When Crystal returned to New Zealand she had thought of different things which she could do to be different than she was. And what would make her more popular than an nobody. And the one thing what seemed to be cool and something the old Crystal would never had dared, was trying out for Quidditch. How awesome would it be to actually be part of the team. She knew some people who she knew from her first years here played. Although Crystal was not very confident of actually making the team. Also no one from her siblings and cousins had ever played quidditch so she would make something for herself if it would succeed. She hadn't told her parents about it, only if she would succeed.

As the white blonde joined the others at the quidditch pitch, she got cold feet but kept an straight face. It was worse being bullied and be looked at than pretending to be something and facing her worst fears. She listened to the captain who was an dorm mate of Crystal and waited until she was finished. She wanted to go for an main spot not alternate so there were a few things possible. And beater did seem like the obvious choice since that was the most different from what she was. But the keeper position was more fitting and felt important to her. As the training and try-outs were starting she watched the people around her. She put on her smile and put her head more into the air spoking confidently. '' Crystal Holmgaard. And I'm trying out for keeper.'' The blonde said and mounted her broom. As they could start she went into the air and flew to the three things at the left side of the field. She had to move fast but hold on to her broom. As some of the chasers and people trying out where trying to score with her, she needed to make sure they didn't go through. Crystal managed to stop more than she figured she would. She knew how to act fast. But the chasers also managed to score. Crystal figured that, that was important too. Although she tried to shake the negative thoughts since she already felt like she was failing. But she managed to learn to not show that to the outside. She had learned from her experiance at Hogwarts Scotland. As she made her way to the ground again she thanked the captain and smiled at the others. Trying to shake away the nerves. As she looked at the competition.
Hamish was ready to get back in the air. His break had been relaxing, as it ever was. He smiled at Xiuying- he hadn't ever thought about who would be the next captain, and of course he missed Sawyer, but she was a good choice. He took to the air, treating it like a regular practice and just searching for the snitch until the try outs were over and he headed back up to the castle.
Lillian had loved the team last year, but being an alternate was pretty difficult with actually playing a game or two. She would have love some play time, but no one had been sick or not there. Lilly sighed and walked onto the pitch once again. ''Lillian Morrow trying out for beater'' Lilly said to the new captain. She already knew this person which made it a lot easier to do things. She mounted her broom and twirled her bat in her hands. Although she didn't spoke a lot, she had some aptitude for Qudditch. While in the air Lillian loved the sense of flying. The wind through her hair and the smell of god knows what filling her nose.

Lillian spotted a bludger and wacked it towards someone she didn't know yet. It collided and she immediately said sorry. This was considered friendly fire. The bludgers they were using weren't the same as in the games. They were horrible and painful, these left a dull throbbing pain and wouldn't get you out of the game as easily. In the other half of the try-out Lillian fly to Hamish to protect him from incoming bludgers. To show that she was at least pretty versatile. When she was done she thanked the captain and the people in the team she already knew. Talking to new people still wasn't something she was ready to do.
Rory had enjoyed his time on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team so he was looking forward to another season. He grabbed his broom, just in case he was needed to help out with the trials, and made his way down to the Quidditch pitch and took his spot with his teammates. He was excited to see what fresh talent could be added to the team in what would hopefully be a successful year for his house.
Gaby was looking forward to the try-outs as she had been wanting to join the Hogwarts team and well, she felt like a good pick. She was quite sporty and all together, she didn't mind hurting and protecting people. She watched more people as they tried out a little snobby. "Gabrielle Durand, beater," she confidently twirled the bat in her arm, feeling a little fiery, wanting to win the place. She took the air immediately and tried to see what the other beaters did. They mostly focused on protecting other players and she let them, she did her best to keep up with the all around going bludgers and hitting them towards other players, making a few good shots and confidently smiling after them. More towards the end, she joined a little other beaters, trying to protect other players to show off her defense as well. And it seemed to work, she totally wasn't bad at it, at least she was absolutely sure about it. After the try-outs, she said goodbye to the captain and those few who were around her before leaving.
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Just giving a heads up that tryouts will close in 24 hours!
Get any of those last-minute tryouts in before it's too late!

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