Y43 Hufflepuff Practice S2

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Rene knew he had nothing to be nervous about; everything was going well for him. They'd won their first game and were into the finals, things were looking promising with Gwen, really everything was looking up. And while he was definitely feeling a confident spring to his step as he set out the game chest and checked over his broom for practice, Rene could feel a creeping doubt that everything was about to go downhill any second now.

"Hey guys, let's get right into things today, yeah?" He said, clearing his throat and pushing the feeling back forcibly as he smiled at the gathered team on the pitch. "I think we've got a serious chance here to beat Gryffindor, but we can't forget Slytherin's also still breathing down our necks trying to take second as well. So chasers, you guys are a great unit but let's really work on communication and passing, I'd love to hear you guys talking to each other up there," he said, surveying the team. "Same for you, keepers, talk to your chasers. And Chase and Felix, we should be talking as well, maybe work out some hand signals so we can coordinate defense, aye?" Rene offered, keen to see the team really working as unit as he moved over to release the balls into play. "Otherwise, let's just work hard so we can really show the school we're not the underdogs here," he finished, mounting up on his broom and kicking off to throw the quaffle into play.

OOCOut of Character:
Practice will run until our game starts, so no arrivals let's get right into it!
Renata was really excited for the game against Gryffindor. They were a good team, but she knew the Hufflepuffs were better. She gave Rene a grin as he talked, making a note to talk more to her team, then grabbing the quaffle as she took to the skies, sizing up which keeper would be ready first and if the other chasers wanted to get in on the action right away.
Rene was relieved not to spot any eye rolling or complaints about his suggestions just yet as they got into the air and he readied his bat for incoming bludgers.
Felix still couldn't believe he had won the last game. It had been such a blur and he was convinced Celia was still looking to take him out somehow. But now was time to practice. Maybe he could even win them the cup. He took to the air and nodded at Rene's instructions and started to look for the snitch.
Chase still wasn’t entirely sure how he had gotten onto the team but that didn’t matter much. He was here so he might as well try to swing his bat at as many things as possible. He listened to Rene speak and gave the captain a small nod before hopping onto his broom.
Renata decided to head towards Zagreus as her best option, since he was the more senior of their keepers. "Hey, think fast!" she joked, tossing the quaffle through the right hoop. It was a little unfair - she didn't think he was quite ready yet - but she gave an apologetic look. "Sorry, that was probably too fast."
"Chase, I'm gonna go on the offensive!" Rene called, deciding he should heed his own advice. It probably wasn't enough warning for the other beater to get ready though as Rene was already lining up a shot and slamming an early bludger right at @Felix Carnahan.

Bludger Hits said:
Chase turned his head when Rene called out but didn’t have much time to do anything when the bludger was already heading straight for Felix and he wasn’t close enough to even attempt a swing at it.
Felix let out a strangled cry when he was suddenly hit by a bludger. Practice had just started. This wasn't a great sign. But he kept looking.
Renata grabbed the quaffle when it was tossed back in, deciding to slowly head over to the other goals. Something of a warm up flight, seeing if she could get some passes in before taking another shot. She winced in sympathy at Felix already taking a hit, but gave Rene a thumbs up. It was a pretty good shot.
Rene grinned to see Renata on the move again, returning her thumbs up before tucking down to tail another bludger. "Hope you're ready this time, Chase!" He called again before hitting a bludger straight towards his other beater. @Chase Campbell

Bludger Hits said:
Chase x1
Felix x1
"You're on fire, capitano!" Renata called, feeling bad for the boys getting hit but hoping that meant they had a chance of knocking out Elara. Not that she wanted Elara to get hurt, she was really nice, but if it helped them win...and she built up speed, heading over to the other hoop and scoring quickly, giving a sheepish look. She really had to give the keepers more warm up time, but she was glad she was shooting well.
[rene has chosen violence]
"Takes one to know one," Rene called back to Renata as she made another goal. It was good, Rene was feeling on a roll and he kept it going, taking advantage of Chase recovering from the last hit to hit another bludger into @Penelope Marshall

Bludger Hits said:
Chase x1
Felix x1
Penelope x1
Renata gaped at Rene, impressed and honestly a little frightened. She hadn't been hit yet but wondered if it was only a matter of time. She decided to hang back for a few moments, seeing if any of the other chasers wanted to get in and take the quaffle.
Felix winced as Penelope got hit with a bludger next. It looked like no one was safe today as he continued his search.
Rene was feeling confident, turning sharply to keep an eye for another bludger to hit.
Wanting to keep momentum going, Renata grabbed the quaffle, looking around at the team as she started to fly back towards Zagreus.
Jordie was feeling oddly nervous about this practice, and yet also not. he knew he would miss this. He hopped into the air but hung back at first, letting Leo and Renata have the glory for now.
Renata practiced veering off to the side to score, and it worked in her favour. She grinned, giving a thumbs-up to Zagreus and flying back a little to take a quick break.
"Head's up!" Rene called, knocking a bludger into @Jordan Harris after catching him hanging back as Renata managed yet another goal. Maybe it would encourage him to get in on the action.

Bludger Hits said:
Chase x1
Felix x1
Jordan x1
Penelope x1
Jordie had been watching Renata, smiling, and jumped when Rene hit him with a bludger. He laughed, shaking his head. "Alright, alright, I'm going," He called to the captain with a playful wink, swooping in to grab the quaffle.
Renata stretched, grinning at Jordie as she watched him grab the quaffle. "Go, Jordie, show us how it's done," she teased, flying along behind him at a somewhat leisurely pace.
Chase tried his best to hit the bludger Rene had send his way and keep it from hitting him, grimacing instead when he failed and the bludger slammed into him.
Zag couldn't believe they had actually made it into the finals. They had a chance of winning the whole thing at this rate and that was ever so slightly nerve-wracking to think about. So Zag was trying very hard to not think about it. Which only meant he was thinking about it more. That was probably why he was failing to block every single shot at the moment, groaning as it once again got past him. He really needed to stop thinking about the finals right about now.
Finley supposed it was nice to be practicing for the finals, even if he was pretty sure he wouldn't get to play in it anyway. He took his time getting in the air, letting the starters have most of the action as he flew behind. They probably needed the practice more than he did seeing as they would be playing in the match and he would be bench warming.

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