Y42 Gryffindor Quidditch Try-Outs

Isaiah Thompson

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Isaiah wasn't completely sure what it was about him that had somehow given Nikko the idea that he would be a suitable captain but he wasn't going to complain. At least now he had a real achievement to tell his family about. One that would be even better if they actually managed to win this year. Winning didn't matter much when he still had try-outs to go through first though and he knew he had to step up if he was going to be a good captain. He couldn't just stroll onto the pitch right before things started like he normally did, he needed to be the first one there. And he was. After making sure everything was ready Zay took a few laps around the pitch, getting back down to the ground when he noticed the first students shuffling onto the green. "Hey, guys. Welcome to try-outs! For those of you who don't know me my name's Isaiah, or Zay, and I'm your new captain. There's not much starter spots to fill but I'd like to remind you all that alternates are just as important. Especially if we want to win the cup. Which we obviously do." He started, trying his best to sound as captain-y as he could while also not wanting to be too serious. "Returning players, you know what to do. Everyone else please step forward and state your name and the position you're trying out for. You're free to try out for multiple positions but be sure to let me know which one has your preference. Alright, that's all. I guess I'm the one you've got to impress now, so show me what you've got!"

SeekerFlynn North
Beater (Captain)Isaiah Thompson
BeaterAurora Archer
ChaserZephryn Spencer
ChaserSoren Gates
ChaserLouis Alcott

OOCOut of Character:
Returning team members must post to keep their spot on the team. Alternates must try out again!

First years are not allowed to try out unless there are still spaces that need to be filled. If you have a first year that's interested shoot me a PM.
Aurora was very happy that her spot meant she wouldn't have to try out again. Of course she would've likely done it every time she needed to, but at the very least she didn't have to think that much about it. Aurora arrived at the pitch and waved at isaiah. he made sense as the captain. She liked him..maybe had a tiny little crush..but mostly she just thought he was cool and was a good quidditch player. Aurora got on her broom, grabbed her beater bat and flew up into the air.
Of course, Flynn was just a smidge irritated that Nikko hadn't picked him as the next captain. Was it really that bad of an idea? He was the one who had been on the team for the longest at this point, so why had Isaiah been picked over him? Probably because he was more 'likable' or something, but that was rubbish. Flynn huffed as he stood on the pitch, opting not to pay a single piece of attention to their new captain, instead, letting his eyes wander over the new hopefuls who had shown up to try out this time around. When everyone started to move, Flynn reckoned that Isaiah must have finished with his stupid speech, so he quickly hopped on his broom and took off to try and get in a bit of extra practice. He was at least determined to make the finals this year, he was getting sick and tired of being stuck in the loser's match.
Today was the day. Rāwhiti was sure of it. Of course, he had been sure of it last year too and that hadn't amounted to anything, but this time he was really sure. The whole point of Hogwarts life, as far as he was concerned, was to become a Quidditch champion, and there was no way he was going to rest until he'd accomplished that. He had spent the entire winter break practicing, and he was determined to do even better this year.

"Rāwhiti Te Rangi, trying out for Seeker again!"
He announced when his turn came, smiling brightly. He made sure to stress the 'again', eager to prove his dedication to the team. He kicked off the ground and shot into the air, pressing close to his broom just like he had practiced. He guided it in an easy circuit of the pitch, eyes wide, and it wasn't long before he caught sight of the snitch. Pitching down and gathering speed, Rāwhiti extended one hand as he hurtled downwards towards the golden glimmer. He knew it was risky, the ball was closer to the ground than he had expected, but as Rāwhiti started to pull out of the dive at the last second he felt his fingers brush the metal of the ball and caught a quick grip on it, laughing as he ascended with snitch in hand. He released it and returned to the hunt, triumphantly managing a couple more catches before the tryouts were done. Confident that he had done his best, Rāwhiti made sure to thank the captain before going back up to his room, heart still thudding with adrenaline.
Soren walked down to the try-outs, pleased that he was still on the team, especially with Aurora. It felt like a fun bonding experience with them, and he smiled at her as he got out to the pitch. He turned his attention to Isaiah, smiling. He seemed like a fun guy. Soren took off into the air, getting in a few shots but mostly just passing to the newbies, curious as to who would be joining them.
Louis was glad he didn't need to try out again. He wasn't surprised by the choice of captain, and sure Isaiah would do an okay job. He spotted Manaia's little brother and gave him a quick wave, though it was a little awkward ever since the younger boy had walked in on him kissing his brother. He took to the air to play along with the other chasers, unable to resist a few moments to show off his skills even though he wasn't trying out.
Valentina fancied her chances in the Gryffindor Quidditch tryouts...again. She had worked hard to improve and become an even better player and with the boy who had beaten her to the position the previous year gone she had to be a shoe-in She waited with the other until it was her turn when she grabbed her pristine new broom and flew up to the set of hoops she'd been assigned and waited for the chaser who attempted to score by her.

The first shot against her was an easy one, or so she thought at least. After some shaky attempts to throw her off the chase ended up aiming for the centre hoop, Valentina didn't move and easily caught the quaffle. The second was much tougher and she just about managed to dive for the left hoop and used her fingertips to push the quaffle beyond the hoop and watched helplessly as it tumbled to the ground. To her surprise and delight, Valentina made all of her saves, each with a varying degree of difficulty. She was very pleased with herself when she made it back down to the ground. Once the tryout was over she grabbed her broom and left the pitch.
Elara had been practicing over the summer. She knew that since her boyfriend was captain, she definitely had to prove she deserved to be on the team. Even if she wasn't first string, there were others who surely deserved a chance, and Elara needed to prove to everyone, especially herself, that she was good enough to be here. This was her last year to really pull it together before she finally had a shot at being seeker full time, unless someone better swooped in.

Taking to the field, she let the younger student going for seeker go first and watched him closely, looking for any flaws. When it was her turn, she smiled at Zay. "Elara Chatelain, seeker." Kicking off, she stayed away from Flynn, hoping she could catch something before he did, if he was trying. It took a while, but she saw the tiny little ball appear a distance away and went after it. She looped around and took a dive towards the ground as the ball stayed out of her reach before barely clasping her fingers around it, holding it up for the team to see, and then let it go, watching as it quickly disappeared again, almost embarassed. She was successfully able to catch it two more times during tryouts, only missing out on it once. At the end, she winked at Zay before going to change.
Genevieve was more than ready for this. She had failed the last two years to secure a position on the quidditch team and was just itching to be third time lucky with this one. It was the only thing keeping her motivated and she knew she just needed to do it. The girl tied her hair into a ponytail as she headed onto the pitch for the tryouts, gathering around with everyone else. There were a lot of people trying out, and only one position to fill, and Evie needed it to be hers.

When they were told to line up, Evie made it to the front with a big smile on her face. "My name is Evie and I'm trying out for everything. Beater, keeper, chaser, seeker, you name it and I can do it." she said, admittedly rather desperate. She headed into the skies, firstly heading over to the hoops in order to show off her keeper skills first. She positioned herself right in the middle and dove across to the left as she saw a quaffle come soaring towards the left hoop out of the corner of her eye. She didn't catch it, but managed to hit it out of the way before another one come flying for the middle hoop. She caught this one, throwing it back out as she waited for the next person to try and take a shot. This one was aimed for the left hoop again and Evie was prepared for it. She raced towards it, only just scooping it up in her arms.

Soon enough, Evie let someone else be keeper as she attempted to make some shots and show off her chaser skills. Her aim was pretty spot on, and whilst the keeper blocked a couple of them, the teen managed to do quite well, getting many shots through the hoops. Then, Evie grabbed herself a beater's bat and began hitting at some bludgers. She did very well at this, not missing a single one. It definitely helped having played as an alternate beater during the previous year.

Finally, once Evie had thought she had proved her beater skills enough, Evie began searching for a snitch. This one was a little hard, and Evie was a little stressed about it as people were starting to finish up and she hadn't located it yet. But when she saw the glimmer of gold in the sunlight, she quickly flew over to it, chasing it around the pitch as she flew as fast as she could. It was definitely a slippery fella, and Evie regretted not having a go at this first, but eventually Evie touched it with her fingertips before kicking a little more and curling her fingers around the golden ball. "Yes!" Evie exclaimed, holding the snitch above her as her eyes began looking for the captain. She really hoped he had seen her.

It wasn't long after that that the tryouts were officially over and Evie nervously headed back up to the castle. There was nothing she could do differently now, her fate was no longer in her hands, and she just hoped that the captain was really watching her the whole time because she was certain she would be an asset to the team if she was just given the chance.
In all honesty, Josh was a little nervous about the Quidditch try-outs. It was a possibility that he wasn't going to be on the team, but Josh wasn't going to be upset if he didn't make it. He knew he could always try out in the future as well. He noticed that there were a lot of people trying out too, which made him a little more nervous.

The Gryffindor sighed and gulped nervously, before stepping forwards. "I'm Joshua Lynch, and I'm trying out for chaser!" Joshua says loudly and excitedly before kicking off from the ground and into the sky. He was still a little rough with the flying, but not as bad with the practising he had been doing. He managed to get a few goals, only missing a few. He also tried some passing with the other chasers that were there.

It wasn't long before the tryouts came to an end and Josh went made his way back down onto the ground. He said a quick thanks to the captain before heading back to the castle.
Zee could not believe she was starting this year as a prefect. Even better was that Kita had not made prefect. It was definitely something she would constantly hold over her sister's head, even if it did not mean much to her personally. What did mean something to her was Quidditch though. She was happy to take her place on the team again as a chaser, having practiced as much as she could whenever she could. This was going to be Gryffindor's year; she was sure of it. She joined her fellow teammates on the Quidditch Pitch, along with the new try outs. She was happy she didn't have to try out again. Instead, she was able to enjoy a day of flying and watching the newbies. She swung her leg over the broom and shot off into the air, taking a few shots at the goal and passing it between the other chasers and the new ones attempting to make the team. She was happy to be back in the air where she belonged.
Senna knew her chances of getting on the team were small, especially since there were so few spots to fill. She wasn't even sure if she was even qualified to get on the team. At all. But she knew she wanted to try. If only because being up in the air with other students all playing the same game sounded like a fun experience. And she wanted to have tried her hand at it at least once. She grinned at Josh as she went to stand next to him on the pitch. If either of them were going to make the team she hoped it'd be him so she could be his biggest supporter. Although playing together would be fun as well.

"Senna Overby, trying out for chaser." She stated to the captain before getting onto her broom and pushing off into the air. Senna took a moment to feel stable on her broom, glad for her sense of balance she had gotten from all of the surfing she did, before heading off. She managed to get her hands on the quaffle a few times, tossing it to some other players before eventually trying her hand at scoring. Her shot didn't go in but she was quite pleased with her attempt anyways. She continued this way throughout try-outs, taking a few more shots but none of them making it in. At the end she touched back down and handed back the broom she had borrowed.
OOCOut of Character:
Try-outs will close in 24 hrs!
Leah had been dreaming of the day she could try out for a quidditch team. It had been one of the only benefits of growing up in a large house in the middle of nowhere that she had been able to practice flying since a fairy young age. She had been obsessed with quidditch ever since her father had taken her to her first game. Everyone flying around so fast, bludgers flying, she couldn't get enough of it. She had pestered her way into being able to try out as a first year and wasn't about to let that opportunity go. She arrived to the pitch with her very own broom which was a few years old but still nicer than the ones the school provided and she beamed as the captain addressed them, then it was her turn. "Hi! I'm Leah Thorne and I'm trying out for chaser!"

She took to the air easily and tried to get her hands on the quaffle but she was too slow. Leah did her best to keep up with the rest of the team and those who were trying out. But being up in the air with everything going on around her was so different than she expected. She wanted to watch the beaters as they looked for bludgers and got so distracted she nearly ran into one of the seekers. "Sorry!" she said quickly before flying off. Eventually she was able to grabble the quaffle and was even able to get it through the hoop. Her heart soared but then she saw one of the seekers catch the snitch and she didn't see the bludger coming her way until it was far too late. The rest of try-outs went by in a blur. She wanted to love it. Playing quidditch after all this time but it all felt too much. Being in the air with everything going on around her, she couldn't focus on what she was supposed to be doing. By the time she she got back to the ground she felt a sense of unease settle into the pit of her stomach. She hovered around the pitch as everyone pack up to leave until only the captain was left, she wanted to talk to him now that she was reconsidering everything.
Try-outs are now closed!
You can find the line-up for Y42 right here.
SeekerFlynn North
Beater (Captain)Isaiah Thompson
BeaterAurora Archer
ChaserZephryn Spencer
ChaserSoren Gates
Chaser Louis Alcott
KeeperGenevieve Fuentes
Altnernate SeekerElara Chatelain
Alternate KeeperValentina Merriwick
Alternate ChaserJoshua Lynch

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