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Emmanuel Okoye

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Curly 10 1/2" Rigid Elm Wand with Augurey Tail Feather Core
04/2045 (16)
Emmanuel had been doing a lot of reading, the amount of time he'd gotten back from having no more OWLs to do was nice, and he'd been using the time to do more classic reading. He had learn a lot about muggle authors and had been reading a lot about shakespeare and he had therefore decided to come dressed as Romeo. He had put on some slightly in keeping with the play clothes, but he knew he was probably just doing a little more of his own spin on it. The teen walked into the great hall and went for the snacks, finding a plate and picking a few of his favourites, snacking on those as he watched others around him.
Emrys was trying to really get back out there, so he'd dressed up and gone to the Halloween feast. He was mostly over Marnie now, he thought. He didn't need her, he'd decided, and that meant that he didn't need to be hurt by her anymore. He was proud that he didn't even look around for her as he came to the party. Instead, he found another friend, and moved over to him instead. "Hey, Emmanuel," He greeted, trying to swipe a snack off of his plate. "You look great. Having fun?"
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