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Evelyn Manning

👗 Owner of 'EVELYN' Fashionbrand & Model Agency
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Straight 11 Inch Flexible Ash Wand with Dragon Heartstring Core
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Evelyn had been working really hard. She was picking out stuff for the shops that sold her clothes. There needed to be new items and also for man and boys this time. First the blonde figured she would only want to make stuff for the fashionista witch, but why not the wizard as well? The blonde decided to get a cup of coffee and went to Obsidian Harbour. She wanted to go and pay Amber and visit as well, she wanted to see her friend and speak of the bussiness part between their cooperation. Also she heard Vibez had an new owner so she wanted to pay an visit there soon. The cooperation between Vibez and EVELYN was there also and she was wondering if the new owner was also feeling that. Evelyn liked to meet people and talk about her greatest passion. The blonde walked further through the streets and saw some younger people as well. It made her think of the times when she was still on Hogwarts. Most of the time she spend there was the greatest one of her life, next to her building her own company ofcourse. After grabbing an coffee the blonde decided to rest for an moment on an bench, the first one she spotted was next to a person. It was a bit cold, but the coffee made her feel more warm. She sat down focused on herself and not letting the coffee spill over her clothes. When she turned to say something friendly to the person and greet it like she usually did. '' Goodmorni-'' she was struck by suprise to see that she knew the person. '' Noah? '' The blonde than asked to be sure. He had changed for sure, but it had to be him.

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