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There were a few things that Evelyn started to love at Hogwarts and who would had guess that after all. The blonde had one favorite spot around Hogwarts and that was the Rosebush. It reminded her at her own house they had several rosebushes in the garden. And Evelyn always put one beside her bed, also here at Hogwarts. And that was a moment were she spend her time outside, were she could have time for herself and think about her goals yet to achieve. So with her fluffy jacket she was walking through the rose bushes. It was a pretty cold day so she didn't want to stay very long outside. She was searching for the perfect red rose that she could put down on her nightstand. So the blonde went searching and searching, but ofcourse she had the find the perfect one.

After a while she stopped and saw a beautiful red rose. She brought along a tiny file so she could not hurt herself with the dornes. And it went pretty easy so she already got the rose in her hand. She smelled at it and smiled, this was her favorite flower and it made her think of herself. She saw herself as a perfect example too, that was what everybody always told her, except for her mother ofcourse. Her mother was the rotten apple and Evelyn wasn't really happy with seeing her mother again in their vacation. Evelyn tried to stay calm but she had one outburst to her mother when she was speaking low of her grades in the second semester. She could only see the negative things about her daughter and nothing positive, and that was a big difference with her dad. Her dad could always see things positive and she was glad to saw her father again in the holiday and talk about her first year. The blonde turned around when she heard some footsteps and saw a person stopping by the rosebush and she was not really happy with seeing that person.

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