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Cassius Styx

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Cassius Styx could hardly believe so many people would hustle and bustle for the lame dance. He skipped it. He decided to have a walk down the lakefront to get his mind off of things.
Morrigan wasn’t interested in the dance. Too many sweaty people exchanging germs. She instead took a walk by the lake. She didn’t expect to see another student but someone approached. Oh no a puddle! She grabbed them gently. “Be careful!” She warned, not realizing who this was.
Cass did not expect many people to be outside, but least of all, someone actually grabbing him, telling him to be careful. He looked to the audacity of whoever it was that touched him. "What are you talking about?" Cass hissed.
Snow had warned her about this student. Cassius Styx. “There’s a puddle youre going to soak your shoes!” She said quietly, not breaking eye contact. That would make her look scared. Which she was.
Cass furrowed his eyebrows at her as she mentioned how he was going to soak his shoes if he stepped into a puddle. He glanced down at the ground to see that she was indeed right. "Okay? What is it to you if I do? By the way, let go of me."
Morrigan let go of him quickly. “It’s a really good way to get a cold.” She said. “I was just watching out for you…” why though? This guy was the worst from what she had heard. By Maybe he wasnt and he and snow Just got along poorly.
Cass wondered if this girl was like, a mom or something with the way she behaved, but that would be absolutely ridiculous. "You do know we have potions for that? Curing the cold is no big deal." Cass didn't think he would need someone to watch out for him. He put his hand on his hip. "Who are you?"
Morrigan shrugged. “Yeah but It’s not pleasant when you wake up not feeling good and then have to go see the nurses. Especially if you e seen the new one. She’s weird.” She said before looking back at him. “Im Morrigan. Uhm Freeccs.” She wondered if he’d know about her mom. Her and her brother were briefly a hot topic when born because her mother used to be famous.
Cass shrugged his shoulders. "I wouldn't know. I don't go to the hospital wing. I send people there." Cass spoke as if it was a normal thing, but people pissed him off so much that they deserved it! He nodded at her name, but didn't recognize it. He was out of touch in some aspects. "Cassius Styx. So, what you doing out here, besides saving people from the dangers of puddles?"
Morrigan gave a little gulp. “Send them there? You know youre more likely to catch something in a hospital than out in the world. Probably a good thing You dont Go there.” She said nervously. “I just didn’t want to be around the crowd. What about you? Didn’t you say youre a Styx? Isnt your family super into formal things like this?” She knew the Styx name from her family telling her about other ones. But that didn’t mean she knew exactly a lot.
No doubt about it. This girl, Morrigan, was weird. But she was not annoying him except when she grabbed him to stop him. That was it. "You really are afraid of germs. Jeez, so weird." Cass shook his head. Being afraid was not in his definition. "Yeah, but I don't go to things like that. Do you know how many people with inferior blood in there? Touching me by bumping or something? Ew, no thanks."
And You’re not? What if you catch something magic cant fix?” Morrigan asked. “Inferior blood? Like mixed bloods?” She asked, shifting back slightly.
Cass shook his head. Why would he have to worry about? "The likelihood of that is slim. Why would I go around being afraid of everything? Seems like a pathetic waste of time." Cass had no real reason to be afraid, but then again, his dad could be terrifying. "No, like muggle-borns. Maybe part-goblins. Their pointed ears are ugly."
Morrigan shrugged “I’m not afraid i’m just cautious.” She defended. “Im neither of those. My parents both graduated from here.” She said, though she didn’t know why she should tell him that. Maybe so he didnt send her to the hospital wing. “I should probably let you continue to walk through mud puddles huh?”
Cass clearly did not believe that she was not afraid. If it walked like a duck, quacked like a duck... But he did not want to argue with it. He gave her a slight smile when she revealed that she was neither of those. That was perfect. But she was willing to leave him alone. "You can, or you can walk with me. Just don't expect me to take off my shirt or jacket to cover puddles for you to walk over. We can go around."
Morrigan was surprised when he told her to walk with him. Why would Cass Styx want anything to do with her. This would for sure be a story to tell Snow. He says something about covering the puddles and she shakes her head quickly. “No going around is much smarter. You don’t immediately want to beat me up though?” She asked almost confused.
Cass was glad that she did not expect any sort of emotional, romantic gesture from him because he was not giving it. Her next words made him look at her weirdly. "No? Now if you didn't let go of me before, then maybe. I don't attack unless I am provoked. Like a typical snake." Cass shrugged his shoulders. "Honestly, I think people see me as this big, dumb guy that throws hands if someone looks at me wrong, but I make straight O's and don't hit everyone I meet. I'd be in detention daily. And I've never been in detention."
Morrigan felt uncomfortable with the way he was looking at her. Like she had another head. But she felt less uncomfortable the more he talked. "Straight O's? Are you trying to become the minister?" She asked shocked.
Cass never thought that he would ever be a minister, mainly because it would not pan out for him. Not someone with his last name. Too much bad blood behind that family. "Well, the way I see it, I can't claim to be better than most people if I don't have the work to show for it. Imagine how dumb it would be for someone to be like 'I'm so much better than you!' but make P's in everything."
Morrigan made a thoughtful face. "Why is it so important for you to be better than other people?" She asked curiously.
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Cass could not believe that he was even talking to someone this much. But so far, she seemed okay to be around. Not suspicious or anything. "I'm a Styx. I'm not the oldest in my siblings, or the youngest. One of my older brothers, if not two, are prodigies. I have to make myself stand out somehow." Cass would love to have awards and such in the future, but with his hair-trigger temper, he could probably forget it.
“My dad is successful in what he does. And my mom was already an internationally famous model at my age. It’s hard comparing yourself to them isn't it?” She wondered if he felt the same as she did in that aspect.
Cass listened as she brought up parents. Being in a mother's shadow would be hard. He nodded, agreeing, "I understand that. My mom is a seamstress so she isn't famous. My dad, in my family, is basically a legend. So, I understand where you are coming from, just not like, internationally known by the public sort of pressure."
Morrigan shrugged. “She’s not a model anymore so not as internationally known.” She Pauses for a moment. “Youre not as bad as Snow made you out to be.” She remarked.
Cass wondered who her mom was. Freecss. It wasn't like his family kept up with models. They kept up with pureblood families. "Still, that was there. Think you'll end up as a model down the road too?" Cass asked, seeing as there was no harm in it. So, she knew Snow. "I think she likes to over dramatize things."

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