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Rosie Archer

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12/2043 (17)
Rosie had work to be getting on with, things which she needed to do. it made the events that she'd have to attend with Xinyi easier. She was eager to see him, and knew she would be able to soon enough. But it made this, being here easier. The teen had come to the great hall, in a slightly more elaborate outfit, it shimmers and seemed to almost move. She was the sunrise. A sunrise. The dress was beautiful. Rosie had her camera in hand and was taking pictures of the festivities as she moved around the hall.
Briony was more than thrilled to be at the feast tonight, gasping and ducking between the various costumes and clothes with appreciative awe. She knew it was all fake, or as fake as it could be with magic involved, but Briony still liked to imagine more freely for a night that she lived in a world where things were like this every day and vampires and ghouls and princesses all danced and walked around freely together, it was much easier to hold the illusion on a night like tonight.

She stopped in her tracks when she spotted Rosie Archer though, taken with the beautiful way her costume glowed and changed in the light. She'd spent more time than she would have liked trying not to fidget while Emery and some older Ravenclaws helped enchant her hair to glow but it had nothing like what Rosie looked like and Briony itched to find some sort or story or a pen to start writing. "You look amazing wow, I'd read like, seven books written about the sun queen if you were on the cover," she told Rosie brightly.
Rosie had been enjoying her evening immensely, it helped that she was busy enough to distract herself from the fact that Xinyi wasn't there. she glanced at the young girl approached her and began speaking. "Oh thank you," she said, blushing deeply. Unable to stop the deep blush to her cheeks and the shy expression. "I thought it was a particularly beautiful dress,"
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