Stella Marie Wright

Stella Wright

🌟 Space girl | SCIENCE! | question everything 🌟
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Half Blood
Relationship Status
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Straight 12 Inch Unyielding Beech Wand with Meteorite Dust Core
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Stella Marie Wright

The Basics

What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
Character's Name: Stella Marie Wright
Stella: 'Star' in Latin.
Marie: French form of Maria, originally a Hebrew name of unknown meaning. Stella likes to think that she was named this after Marie Curie, but it is actually a family name.
Wright: From Old English meaning 'maker'.

That is my home of love: if I have ranged,
Like him that travels I return again
Character's Birthdate: 14 September 2033
Hometown: Dunedin, New Zealand

We are such stuff
As dreams are made on, and our little life
Is rounded with a sleep.
Blood Status: Halfblood
Wand: Straight 12 Inch Unyielding Beech Wand with Meteorite Dust Core
Length: A fairly average length for a wand, not at all uncommon or very special.
Flexibility: A wand which takes a special skill and determination to master; but once mastered its spells leave an unforgettable impression.
Wood: Beech wands work well for those wise and full of understanding: the simple and narrow-minded may covet such a wand but often find its power to be lacking outside of its proper match.
Core: This wand core works well for people who adapt easily to their surroundings while still maintaining their own personalities. Meteorite dust seems to produce wands that are useful in Divination work.
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw


Look like the innocent flower,
But be the serpent under it.
Hair: Straight and brown, worn long and usually loose
Eyes: Green
Height: Around average for her age, a little on the short side
Build: Slender
Style: Usually trending towards bright colours and simple patterns, though if Stella can find anything with a galaxy print she will definitely wear it. She likes skirts and dresses

A Little Deeper

I say there is no darkness but ignorance.
Personality: Stella is a quiet yet enthusiastic girl. She is endlessly curious, driven to investigate things and find out how they work. She is a dreamer at heart, idealistic and optimistic about the way the world works. As such, she is generally friendly to everyone, although she can seem distant when she's thinking about something unrelated to what she's currently doing. Stella is very interested in everything, which means that she's easily distracted by possibilities at a tangent to what she's supposed to be doing. This means that despite her obvious intelligence, she's somewhat scatterbrained about getting her assignments in on time.
Interests: Stella is passionate about science, particularly astronomy. She loves poetry, and often writes her own, though she is usually dissatisfied with it. Stella's favourite writer is Shakespeare, and she habitually reads his work with a dictionary on hand to look up what his more obscure words mean. She occassionally has to ask one of her parents to clarify things, but she hates simplified versions of any piece of classic literature.

What is past is prologue.
History: Stella inherited her love of science from her mother Isabelle, a Muggle chemist who works at Otago University. Her father, Alec, is a wizard, so Stella grew up with one foot in both worlds. She had a happy childhood, always feeling supported by both her parents in whatever she tried to do. Stella's little sister Nell was born when she was two years old. The girls grew up very close, although Nell does not share Stella's obsession with astronomy. Stella went to a Muggle primary school, where she had a small group of close friends.

Her parents argued about whether to send her to Hogwarts to learn to control her magic, or to Muggle intermediate and high school to further her interest in science. Part of this debate was naturally that Stella had never been so far from home before and sending her to a boarding school was a daunting prospect. When Stella was nine, she caused an accident when visiting her mum's lab, wherein she inadvertently caused several beakers to explode by magic. No one was seriously injured, but the arguments stopped after that. Stella eventually declared that regardless of the incident, she wanted to go to Hogwarts. Despite Alec's assurances to the contrary, she was quietly confident that Hogwarts New Zealand must teach Muggle subjects like science, English, and maths alongside the magical ones. It made no sense to only teach magic. After all, he had been to Hogwarts Scotland, and some time ago. Things must have changed since then.

Love sought is good, but given unsought, is better.

Name: Dr Isabelle Leclair
Blood status:Muggle
History:Isabelle grew up in Auckland. She went to Britain for her PhD, and lived there for a time after finishing. There she met Alec, and they eventually moved back to New Zealand together, settling in Dunedin.

Name: Alec Wright
Blood status:Mixed blood
History:Alec was born in England, and went to Hogwarts Scotland, where he was a Gryffindor. He trained and works as an architect, specialising in fantastical magical dwellings.

Name: Nell Wright
Relationship: Sister
Occupation: Hogwarts New Zealand Student
Age: 12 (born 2035)
Blood status: Half blood
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Stella Wright

🌟 Space girl | SCIENCE! | question everything 🌟
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Half Blood
Relationship Status
Sexual Orientation
Straight 12 Inch Unyielding Beech Wand with Meteorite Dust Core
Trophy Showcase:
Important Roleplays

First Year
In her first year at Hogwarts, Stella was pleased to find friends who shared her passion for science in Phoebe Holland, Veronica Willows, and Nixon Mercury. She was less impressed to discover that the school taught very little science, and that even in Astronomy, which should have been her favourite subject, the factual content was dubious at best and horribly dismissive of muggle science at worst. Her discontentment about this earned her an enemy in Lucinda Sylvester. She also made a rather odd friend, Zoe Tsuji, and even odder enemies, the Westwick twins.

Stella stood in the Great Hall in the huddle of other first years, staring up at the ceiling. She had read that it displayed the actual night sky; how awesome was that? How marvellous to be able to stargaze from inside, whenever you wanted! Stella was very glad that there were no clouds tonight, that she got to see the stars for this special day. Also, they were a wonderful distraction from this long, boring ceremony. Stella picked out constellations and wondered about Hogwarts. She was excited to attend, of course, to learn all that she could. but there was a niggling doubt in the back of her mind. Her father had said that Hogwarts only taught magic, and nothing else. No English, no maths . . . no science. She hated the thought of not being able to take science classes. But surely he must be wrong. he'd been to Hogwarts Scotland, not Hogwarts New Zealand, and years ago. Even if it had been like that, surely things must have changed. It made no sense not to teach basic life skills alongside magic. That would be ridiculous.

Stella actually jumped when her name was called, and sheepishly stopped staring at the ceiling. Now, all of a sudden, she was intensely nervous. She walked with as much confidence as she could muster to sit on the stool and have the hat placed on her head. A hat that could read minds - and from the song it had delivered, seemed to be sentient - how extraordinary. She wondered how the enchantment worked. That was probably terribly rude; Stella mentally apologised to the hat. Gosh, her thoughts must be a mess, all spinning round in anxious excitement.
A New Homewith Zoe Tsuji, Katherine Porter, and Audrey Luna Birch
Seekers of Sciencewith Phoebe Holland
If We Believed In That Sort of Thingwith Veronica Willows
Astronomy: First Years, Lesson Fourwith various
Toil and Troublewith Lucinda Sylvester
Dusty Walls to Hide Behindwith Theodore Westwick and Edmund Westwick
The World Spins Ever Onwith Zoe Tsuji
The Comprehension of Staircaseswith Nixon Mercury

Second Year
Late Nights, Stars Brightwith Norton Gillespie
Life in Spacewith Zoe Tsuji
Defying Gravitywith Veronica Willows
Rose for a Ravenclawwith Flavio Morales
Third Year

The Accumulation of Knowledgewith Nell Wright and Lily Cliffeton
Astrology for the Astronomerwith Zoe Tsuji
Under the Same Starswith Nell Wright
Your First Lesson in Showmanshipwith Zoe Tsuji and Professor Jon Phillips
Planets in Orbitwith Ivory Phillips
Bloomwith Nixon Mercury
Burning Energywith Fleur van Houten
Moon and Stars, continued herewith Zoe Tsuji
Teenage Satelliteswith Nixon Mercury
One for Stellawith Thaddeus Miller and Zoe Tsuji
Hummin' A Lunar Tune/Cosmic Kidwith Rory Night and Zoe Tsuji
Stars In My Skywith Zoe Tsuji
Charms: Third Years, Lesson Fourwith various
The Science of Scalewith Phoebe Holland
Astronomy: Third Years, Lesson Fourwith various
Lights in the Skywith Professor Sarah Harrington
Illogical Informationwith Tristan Collins
Watch Me Like a Dark Cloudwith Zoe Tsuji and Theodore Westwick

Fourth Year
How Does It Work?with Nell Wright and Rory Fergusson
Questions With No Answerswith Nell Wright
Sisterly Setupwith Fleur van Houten, Lars van Houten, and Nell Wright
Insatiable Curiosity
Moonlit Nightwith Zoe Tsuji
Red Rose Deliverywith Avaria Lockwood
Supernovawith Zoe Tsuji
LGBTQ+ Pride 2048with various

Fifth Year
Y33 Prefects Meetingwith various
Stars Fallenwith Norton Gillespie
New Places to Studywith Simon Vanity
Cookies for Your Thoughtswith Chante Ateara
Let the Flames Beginwith various
In Need of a Namewith Fleur van Houten
Common Room Chatterwith Phoebe Holland
Y33 Dueling Match #2with Nell Wright and Aonghas Fergusson
A Rose Bridges the Gapwith Alice Holland
Yellow Rose Stars Shinewith Cyzarine Haden
Reconciliationwith Zoe Tsuji

Sixth Year
Y34 Prefects Meetingwith various
Astronomy: Sixth Years, Lesson Fourwith various
To Look at the Sunwith Phoebe Holland
Yellow Rose for Stellawith Thomas Jusantrea
Rose for a Fellow Housematewith Chloe Chan
Hello, Yellowwith Solomon Tofilau
A Final Partywith Fleur van Houten and others
LGBTQ+ Pride 2050with Nell Wright, Fleur van Houten, and others
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