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Stella Wright

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Stella had never broken a rule before in her life. And yet the fact that she'd never been into the forest rankled. Phoebe and Zoe had both been in, and they both said that it was fascinating and beautiful. And Nell had, of course, been asking questions about it, as she asked questions about everything. But these were questions she was unable to answer. She didn't want to let her sister down, and besides, she was terribly curious.

So it was that on a sunny Saturday afternoon, Stella ventured into the trees. She was alone; she'd been embarrassed to ask Zoe to come with her, and Phoebe was busy. She hesitated at the edge of the forest; it was much darker in there, the sunlight falling dappled and green through the leaves. She was stepping into the unknown. But wasn't that the point of science? Stella took a deep breath and strode inside. Zoe had been right: it was beautiful. It began to seem that her fears had been for nothing. She would have a pleasant walk, take a look around. She would be able to answer Nell's questions, and satisfy her own curiosity.

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