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June Davenport

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June had dressed up for halloween, but looking like something she prefered, not an ungly dumb costume. Wearing a pretty long pink dress and an apple in her hand, she could actually put poison in it and give it to Landon, but that was just an thought. June would never do such an dumb thing. She felt more for the Evil Queen than Snow White, but she supposed to be Snow White, all innocent obviously. She actually could give an apple to many people, she still didn't liked half of the school. But she decided to make some time for the Halloween Feast after all. Since it was always an chance to observe and perhaps meet interesting people, if they were still at this school. So as she walked in, she made her way in and noticed an piñata looking like a grindylow, which was disgusting. But it would be nice to hit something and pretend someones face at it.
Fraser's costume felt a little silly, but he had left it to last minute. The little wings were not something he had thought would be much of a costume, but he was trying. It helped that he was working anyway, and thus perhaps didn't need to be spending too much time focused on a costume. He was moving around the hall and spotted June, she was dressed nicely, it was a nice outfit. He headed over. "June!" he greeted warmly. "Love the costume," he complimented with ease.
As June stood close to the piñata, she waited for her turn and looked around an bit. When suddenly she heard her name getting called and turned around, noticing Fraser with his big smile. He complimented her and June than remembered he was still around too. He had been helpfull always to her, and just like Santiago an typical Gryffindor in what kind of stuff he liked. It was funny was she now hanging out with Gryffindors lately? Although Fraser was more easy to read than Santiago was. She wondered if he finally made the quidditch team, for someone who liked quidditch so much. But figured to not ask away too quickly. She smiled and made an turn with the dress making it move and stood still again. '' Hey Fraser. Thanks! Do you need a pic?'' June asked knowing he was usually making pictures at this events. Looking at his black wings. '' Your an dark angel?'' June asked him curiously.
Fraser gave a nod. "I'd love a picture," he didn't want to use the word need, since it was up to June whether or not she got the picture taken, that was something that Rosie had been pretty firm about. People had to opt into the pictures. "Yeah, more or less," he said. "I'm working so less need for a costume," he added, trying to explain it without showing that he didn't feel that confident about his costume, though he was failing at it.
June smiled bright as he commented, ofcourse he would. June at least offered it. Her mother always told her she looked good on photo's. One thing she did learned about Fraser was that he took his work seriously and that the blonde couldn't hate on. But that was why his costume looked like it was just pulled of the street. She smiled back. '' I thought you were choosing for white than, but perhaps you are more drawn to the dark?'' June asked with an smile, teasing an bit. But she was sure he didn't even cared about the colour. Or how he looked at all. She than took an pose and hold the apple, so it was good in the shot.
'' Go ahead.''
She told him, ready to take an picture.
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