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  1. Ivy Cullen

    Open a magical night

    Ivy had grown up on toys of the magic of the yule ball. Of her siblings dressing up, going on dates, falling in love, or in some cases out of it. something between those stories like cinderella and other fairy tails of balls merged together into some wonderful dream lands. She was looking...
  2. Professor Elvera Le Fey

    Open A last night of revellry

    Elvera's office was packed. It was weird looking at her life of the last decade all bundled up into a series of cases and boxes it had been a tough decision but she had decided that she needed to take a break. She had been teaching in the single classroom for almost all of her adult life, and...
  3. Ethan Alexander

    Open Can't Beat a Classic

    Ethan knew it was probably lame to keep wearing the same costume over and over again but he didn't really care. He thought it was cool and that was all that mattered. He also liked how the mask made him feel like he could walk through the crowd of students completely unnoticed. Not that many...
  4. June Davenport

    Open Snow White or The Evil Queen?

    June had dressed up for halloween, but looking like something she prefered, not an ungly dumb costume. Wearing a pretty long pink dress and an apple in her hand, she could actually put poison in it and give it to Landon, but that was just an thought. June would never do such an dumb thing. She...
  5. Ethan Alexander

    Open Keeping Connected

    There was a time when Ethan wrote a lot of letters. But they had been to his mom and he had never been sure if she had gotten them. She rarely answered and when she did she never really responded to the things he had told her. It hurt if he thought about her too much but he was usually too busy...
  6. Ethan Alexander

    Open Things Change

    Ethan yawned. Ever since Harlow had arrived she had been keeping the entire house hold on their toes with her crying and unpredictable hours. He hadn't been asked to take care of her but he still found himself offering his services in the morning when Ernie and Olivia looked worse for wear. He...
  7. Sadie Gates

    Open Going All Out

    Sadie was excited to go to the dances. First of all, it was exciting, she could see Soren with Aurora, enjoy the snacks and drinks and just dance all out. Maybe even hang out with someone. So she dressed up cutely, made her hair, did her makeup and then went to the Great Hall. Sadie squeezed...
  8. Teddy Pirrip

    Open Where's my money?

    Initially agreeing to the idea of writing to his parents on a weekly basis, Teddy shifted to a monthly occurrence very early on in his Hogwarts life. And now, his correspondence had become more sporadic, triggered by specific events or needs that prompted him to communicate with them. On this...
  9. Mercury Hela

    Open You decide what's good

    Mercury had found that she liked sitting at the edge of the Forbidden Forest. Part of it was because other students tended not to bother her there, but also because part of her was intrigued by the forest. Maybe it was because her dreams tended to be so frightening that the woods didn't seem so...
  10. Santiago Torres

    Open Nothing New

    Santiago knew it was a lost cause to bother with the Valentine's day dance but being cooped up in his room while everyone had fun without him seemed worse. At least if he sulked at one of the tables he could at least pretend like he was particiapted and not a total loser. He tore up a napkin...
  11. Lorenzo Vero

    Open Less Than Focused

    Lorenzo tried not to yawn too big as he entered the Great Hall. His readjusted his jacket, hoping Gabrielle didn't notice how well it was not fitting him. He had grown out of his formal clothes since last year, and his mother was usually the one who made sure it had gotten hemmed and fit, but...
  12. Hugo Stark-West

    Open the cheer before halloween

    Hugo had not really thought about Halloween. and was not creative enough to think of what to make. he admired the people who had the inspiration and the skills to make something. last year he had last minute thrown together a character from a book but no one recognised it. he guessed it was a...
  13. Louis Alcott

    Open Not Quite The Right Words

    Louis had given up any pretense of doing his homework. Ever since his conversation with René last year, he hadn't been able to stop thinking about Caleb. Did he... like him? It seemed likely, though Louis had never really focused his attention on one person like thatat before. Caleb wasn't just...
  14. Elara Chatelain

    Open Just Gonna Sit Here and Wallow

    Post Gryff/Huff S2 Game Elara hadn’t really been that hurt by the bludgers. Her knee was sore, but not enough that it was impacting her ability to walk. But either way, Elara took the opportunity to go to the Hospital Wing, hoping one of the staff would be sympathetic enough to let her stay the...
  15. Aika Chen

    Old School Week Mad Hatter

    Aika enjoyed the time outside of the dorm at this time of the year. She just wished that she could be home with her dad, brother and uncle Chal during summer instead of being at school, but still, here she was. Excited for the holidays but while waiting, she decided to put some blanket on the...
  16. Parker Reed

    Old School Week Going Out of the Comfort Zone

    Parker usually preferred not to attend this event but somehow, it was the second year in a row that he actually attented. Alone but he was still there. Yet, he still as awkward as always, so he just decided to sit in the back and enjoy some warm drink.
  17. Timothy Black

    Old School Week Snowy Night

    Tim always enjoyed this type of events, so it wasn't a surprise that he was here. He loved how the hall was decorated, so he just grabbed a pair of skates and immediately went onto the ice rink, he just wanted to have fun.
  18. Kaia Stark

    Old School Week Last One

    Kaia was looking forward to her very last Yule Ball, she was a little bored of the school, so the ball seemed like a good idea to have fun. She was there alone and at first she decided to go and grab something to eat.
  19. Evianna Angel

    Old School Week No partner two!

    Evianna walked the ball. She was happy that she get good grades..But she was a little sad and hoped her dad won't be mad about her grades at charms and History got E. But at least another grades was good. She was enyoi her lonely time to food table where was drinks.
  20. Ethan Alexander

    Open Looking in the Wrong Places

    Ethan didn't really get what was the big deal about Valentine's day. He had skipped out on the Yule Ball last semester but he figured he should at least try and be social this time. Even if all the pink and flowers made him a little uncomfortable. He didn't have much of a plan as he entered the...