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Emmanuel had a notebook out in front of him and was walking down the corridors. He knew that there ghosts at Hogwarts, had read about some of them from the other school and had to imagine there were a couple here too. There had to be. He had questions to ask if he spotted them, mostly about the nature of what was happening here, where they had come from, how they had died and so on. Emmanuel wanted to know about all the different parts of the school. He was curious as to if anyone that had died at the school was now a ghost of the school, he'd be able to find out about many years of the school. but he had had no luck, the paintings talked more than any ghosts, and perhaps that was a good thing. The school was not that old so it was perhaps just that there weren't that many ghosts yet. He knew it wasn't a school without some tragedy but he was yet too find too much of it.
The castle was a font of inspiration and Marnie was buzzing. She knew she should probably be heading downstairs for... something, but she'd gotten distracted by the way the light had fallen in one of the hallways and now her train of thought was completely derailed. It didn't help that the castle occupants were infinitely more interesting too, some of the older students could do amazing things to their hair and clothes with a bit of magic and Marnie had nearly fallen down the stairs staring as she passed people in the halls. And that was just the human occupants! The portraits and even a ghost or two were especially interesting.

Marnie had been enchanted following the ghost of what she thought was a woman, her dress flowing elegantly as she turned a corner and Marnie lost sight of her, hurrying to catch up and ask her about what time period she was from, when she nearly collided directly into a dead end in front of her. "Ouch! Where'd you go?" She asked with a frown, patting the wall a few times. Maybe she'd walked through cause there was a secret passage or something? Marnie patted the wall a few times for good measure, frowning harder. "Miss ghost? Excuse me I had some questions about your dress? Or maybe it was a skirt? It was very flowy and lovely I bet it looked even more amazing in colour when you were alive please come back! Hello?" It seemed to be no use though, Marnie was literally talking to a brick wall.
Emmanuel heard a voice before he say one, so quickened his pace down the corridor in the hopes this might be a ghost. It was unfortunately not, there was a girl, from his sorting who was tapping at the wall and speaking to it. His curiousity was kept as she seemingly had been briefly been around or spoken to a ghost. Given that was exactly what he was looking for, and this girl had it. He waited until she stopped speaking which took a little moment. "Excuse me, did you just see a ghost?" he asked them with a warm tone, "I am looking for some," he added so that he was explaining why he was asking. He knew ghosts didn't have to talk to people but he was curious as to if one had been here, since he could come back later when there wasn't anyone else around or at a different point to then see the ghost.
Marnie spun around, mouth already open when she thought maybe the ghost she'd been tailing had returned, only to realize it was one of her classmates instead. "Oh, well I thought I saw one I mean I guess I can assume it was one they looked kind of floaty but then I think they must have walked through a wall and now they're gone which is a shame cause I really wanted to ask them about the dress they were wearing I swear period clothes are so pretty but they're so hard to make I thought maybe she'd have some tips but like I said, wall," Marnie explained, patting a hand morosely on the wall behind her. "Though it might have not been a ghost I've heard some of the older kids mention secret passages so maybe this isn't even a wall do you think there's a lot of passages around? Ohh or maybe we could follow her if it is a passage do you see any secret levers or buttons or anything around here? Or maybe there's a password but I didn't hear her say anything but then again maybe she was a ghost so she wouldn't need one-" Marnie kept talking, moving to vaguely poke at the wall before squinting at a nearby suit of armor curiously. "Why are you looking for ghosts by the way?" She asked, pausing her pursuit of the secret passage to look back at the boy.
Emmanuel looked at the girl with a friendly smile as turned to face him, immediately launching into whatever it was she had been doing, it was a lot of information thrown at him, but he was trying to be sure he didn't unintentionally miss any of it, or end up not catching it. It was important at this point in time to be good and friendly with the people he was around. He wasn't sure if she'd spotted a ghost or if it had been a student, but glanced around her at the wall. "Perhaps we need to follow the wall, so if there's a door to another room which will explain if its a secret passage way or just a ghost," he suggested, if it was a secret passage way it wouldn't just lead into the ajoining room. "Ghosts can have good stories, I like talking with them and hearing about their life," Emmanuel told the girl. He held out his hand to her, "I'm Emmanuel," he introduced with a wide smile.

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