Freya Song

Freya Song

"storyteller" 🌻 contrary fairy
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Too Young to Care
Curly 9 1/2 Inch Swishy Willow Wand with Unicorn Hair Core
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Freya Wisteria Song

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Freya Wisteria Song

Name Meaning

Freya is a girl's name of Norse origin meaning "a noble woman".

Wisteria is a symbol of devotion in flower language.

Song is a Korean surname translating to "pine tree".

Nicknames: Freya has never been close enough to anybody to receive a nickname.

Birthdate: June 20th 2038

Star Sign: Gemini

Hometown: North New Zealand

Blood Status: Muggleborn

Sexuality: Too Young To Care

Occupation: Student


Faceclaim: Kim Taeyeon

Eyes: Warm brown.

Hair: Naturally pale blonde and frequently tangled because she forgets to brush it.

Height: Small for her age.

Style: Most of Freya's clothing is thrifted or hand-me-down, and she has a preference for blue denim and oversized sweaters in warm tones. When in her school uniform, Freya lengthens her skirt to her mid-calf or wears boys pants.

Distinguishing features: Her hair was black as a small child, and Freya suspects she may have accidentally charmed it to grow blonde without realizing.


Freya puts on an upbeat and friendly persona when meeting new people. She is more confident around other confident people, as well as those who are rude to her, but quiet or shy people make her nervous. She doesn't like to be the center of attention and is quite shy herself - any form of attention makes her feel like a butterfly on a cork board and Freya will attempt to divert attention with jokes or outrageous lies.


- Kind. Freya is ultimately a caring person and tries her best to reach out to others. She's not always good at saying she cares, but speaks through her actions.

- Loyal. When she is able to get over her initial discomfort of people, Freya is intensely loyal to the few friends she trusts.

- Adaptable. Freya's willing to try anything once and is happy to go along with whatever adventure is happening at the time.


- Bad at emotions, good at compartmentalization. She ignores all her emotional problems and uses jokes as a placeholder, and saves feelings for future Freya to worry about.

- Compulsive liar. Freya's inability to let people in manifested in a need to manipulate the truth whenever she is in social situations. Her lying is rarely malicious or intended to be believed, and is merely a tactic to distance others from getting to know her "real" self.

- Evasive. Freya has trouble sticking around when her heart latches onto something she wants. If she believes she's falling into the trap of caring too much, Freya will bolt.


- Art. Growing up with little money, and even less stability, Freya took to customizing her possessions when she couldn't afford new ones and to ground herself with material objects. She enjoys sewing and painting, though wouldn't consider herself to be talented in either.

- Gardening. Freya particularly likes flowers, but hopes that one day she will have her own garden to grow food and be self-reliant.

- Old media. Books, movies, and poetry that her grandparents would have considered ancient are Freya's favourite. She likes to use obscure references that nobody will understand, or use other peoples' words to express her own feelings better that she can.


Curly 9 1/2 Inch Swishy Willow Wand with Unicorn Hair Core

On the shorter side of things, this wand offers excellent control and aim - easily an extension of one's own arm.

Style: Great care was taken in crafting this wand's wood to spiral to its point, giving it a beautiful aesthetic quality.

Wood: An excellent wandwood for healing and non-verbal magic, the wielder of a Willow wand more often than not has an something about themselves which makes them insecure unnecessarily.

Core: The animal is known for its healing qualities and unbridled beauty, so it is no surprise that wands with unicorn hair are particularly successful at performing healing spells. Wands with this core bond with their first caster, making wands with this core not good as hand-me-downs. These wands are useful with charms and transfigurations.

Flexibility: Swishy: A wand which can quickly cast spells but may need to cast more than one to accomplish the job.


Freya grew up with no knowledge of her magical abilities, and was raised in muggle society. Her parents gave her up for adoption as a toddler, along with her older brother, and Freya has spent most of her childhood in foster care. Early signs of magic manifested during times of stress for Freya, which caused accidental destruction to property and led to Freya's carers believing she was acting out on purpose. She was transferred to multiple foster families throughout her childhood.

When she was eight, Freya's grandfather was located and she was sent to live with him. Freya and her brother lived with him for six months in a small coastal town in the north island until he fell ill. Freya was in the hospital room and witnessed her grandfather's death, cementing her idea that everyone she cared about would eventually leave her. She returned to foster care and began distancing herself from her brother.

Education: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

House: Hufflepuff

Freya would have liked to be able to sneak in and scope out the school she was supposed to spend the next seven years of her life, but she hadn't found the chance to escape the crowd before she was herded into the hall with the rest of the first years. The real witches and wizards, she thought. Ever since she had received her letter, she had flipped between believing magic school was either an elaborate hoax or some big misunderstanding and this new world was going to fall apart any second.

Whichever it was, Freya definitely didn't feel any strong feelings about her new situation. Being afraid of an unfamiliar place full of strangers was for small children, and Freya was decidedly medium-sized and therefore not even the slightest bit scared. Packing her bags and being shipped on to the next house was always going to happen eventually, so Freya needed to make the best of the situation - even if her foot had begun tapping nervously of its own accord. She could deal with this whole wizard thing.

"Song, Freya,"

Or, maybe, she could run very fast in the other direction and nobody would notice her leave. One quick glance at the distance between her and the door told Freya that her chance to flee had passed. Freya pulled at a loose thread on her robe and stepped forward. The podium would probably have the best view of the enchanted ceiling, so that would be the cooler option anyway.

Magic didn't seem entirely terrible, and some of the students didn't look like horribly unfriendly people. Freya wasn't even going to try talk herself out of getting to try on a proper cool wizard hat, either. Taking a deep breath, Freya took her place on the stool and waited be sorted.

"Being just and belonging are two of your traits that shine through. Helga Hufflepuff herself would be happy to call you one of her own: Hufflepuff!"

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