Evelyn Teresa Manning

Evelyn Manning

👗 Owner of 'EVELYN' Fashionbrand & Model Agency
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Half Blood
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Straight 11 Inch Flexible Ash Wand with Dragon Heartstring Core
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''A girl should be two things Classy and Fabulous.''

Full Name:
Evelyn Teresa Manning
Date of Birth:
June 21th, 2030
Current Age:
Thirteen years old
Place of Birth:
Copenhagen, Denmark
Current Residence:
Hamilton, New Zealand
Basic Appearance:

Evelyn has long blonde curly hair and blue eyes with a little bit green into it.
She is very vain so her looks are everything and must be perfect.
You will never see Evelyn with a not groomed appearance.
It all has to be perfect, so she spends a lot of time at it.
Without the make-up she is a natural beauty
and she had the lucky factor that everything that she puts on really suits her.
She can set every clothes piece to her own style.
She likes expensive stuff and good quality of clothes.
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Evelyn is a very spoiled girl. She is her fathers princess and she gets everything that she wants.
She is also very vain and she will say something honestly about others looks.
She see's it as honesty and so you will almost never catch Evelyn with a lie.
Evelyn is also a blabbermouth, before she even knows it she says something and people could think she is rude.
With all of what she does she is a perfectionist,
about her looks, about her grades and a lot of more stuff.
People will see Evelyn sometimes as a dumb blonde, but she is a ambitious little girl.
She has a lot of dreams and she wants to make them come true.
Evelyn really likes boys and the attention from them.
She is also a strong woman and never insecure about herself.
.At last Evelyn can whines a lot and can be a drama queen about things.

Parents and Siblings:

Jorgen Ansgard Manning & Thyra Agnete Manning Née Thompson: Parents

Espen Mans Manning: Twinbrother - Slytherin

<SIZE size="150"><SIZE size="150">Other Family:

Cathryn Eleonora Holmgaard née Manning & Olaf Ian Holmgaard & Casper Jakob Manning & Agnete Irene Manning néé Nielsen: Aunts and Uncles

Athena Isabella Holmgaard & Christina Sofia Holmgaard & Crystal Genevieve Holmgaard & Emilia Viola Manning: Cousins</COLOR>
Evelyn has an owl named Agnete.
Blood Status:
Half blood
<SIZE size="150">Interests or Hobbies:
Evelyn likes shopping, Make-up, Reading fashion magazines and have fun with her friends.
- Ambitious
- Honest
- Good looking

- Spoiled
- Very vain
- Blabbermouth
- Rude

Favourite place to be:
Her garden in Hamilton and walk in closet. At Hogwarts she likes the Common Room and Rosebushes.


Zara Kahukura Lovette, Aaron Briar Walden, Lucas Woodlock.


Rama Mowry


Amber Chou Wilson


Noah Cameron Kingsley
Hogwarts House:
She is sorted into Gryffindor house
Hogwarts Hopes and Ambitions:
Evelyn wants to make a big impression, so that everyone will know her name.
Best school subjects:
She likes Charms and Muggle Studies
Worst school subjects:
She doesn't like Herbology or Potions
Plans for your future:
Graduating and to become a famous witch in the Fashion world.
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Your Patronus:
If Evelyn would've been able to conjure a Patronus, her Patronus would be a peacock.
Your Patronus memory:
If Evelyn would've been able to conjure a Patronus, her memory would be her first Yule Ball together with Lucas Woodlock.
Your Boggart:
Evelyn her Boggart would be a very big spider.
Mirror of Erised:
Evelyn would see herself as a famous and beloved witch.

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