Career Prep Event: Part Two

Professor Cyndi Kingsley

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Professor Kingsley made quick work of redecorating. She was happy that her set- up had offered the privacy she hoped it would. The conversations seemed impactful, and she hoped the students and professors had obtained something from participating in the event. "Thank you so much everyone for joining today. We have some food and drinks if you'd like to stay and continue your conversations. I do have a word from our Minister who was made aware of this event taking place." The professor withdrew the parchment from her pocket and unfurled it to read.

"Deciding on a career can be endlessly difficult, as magic people, we have multiple routes and paths down which we can go. The professors are well-placed to give advice as you navigate that journey. The ministry supports and welcomes students as they consider their future. Should students decide from their conversations that they wish to learn more about a career path or to interact with Ministry officials of that field, then they are encouraged to get in touch.

Remember in your conversations: Be honest, be open-minded and dream big!" The professor smiled as she finished. "Wonderful words from our Minister. I hope you all were able to take something from your conversations" she added. The professor waved her wand to play some quiet music in the background as she began to mingle.

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Professor Misha Haden had enjoyed trying to help the couple of students who had sat with him. It was different than most other things he tended to do, and Misha knew that he didn't have perhaps as open a door as other professors. He was tempted to go stand by Isabella, but he didn't want to do too much in front of the kids, though he was sure most of them knew, keeping secrets in a school like this was hard. he had a cup of coffee in hand and was ready to answer more questions, as the people had them.
Rosie hadn't entirely found the career event entirely helpful, but it also hadn't been unhelpful either. Rosie knew what she liked and though she entertained the idea of animals, of helping look after creatures. She knew what she wanted to do was have a little garden where she grew herbs and plants and just sold them on. She didn't want anything difficult or flashy, just a greenhouse. maybe a couple of magical plants. Rosie wondered if she should drop out, just follow Xinyi and not bother with graduating, but she also knew her sister would be mad if she did that. Rosie was sure her dad wouldn't mind, he'd support her choices, but Aurora, that was a different matter. Rosie listened to her head of house and the message from the minister and just sort of wished her sister was there so she could talk to her.
Leonardo felt no closer to know what he wanted to do. There were too many options and too many of them he knew he couldn't manage. His father had been an auror for a time, and then a hit wizard, neither things he wanted. He knew his grandfather had dealt with curses for a time, and that wasn't something he wanted. A desk job focusing on muggle things or charms was...useful but he couldn't help but not want that either. He stood with his folder of his grades and extras, and wanted to approach on one of the professors again, try and get back into the discussion, but he knew he'd probably linger there for another five or so minutes and then leave.

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