Breaking In

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Landon Dalton

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Landon watched as the shadow of a person moved around to where they had been just seconds before.
He darted to the door with Lucy. It was still open so they had no trouble getting out but the slight creak meant the person with them knew they were leaving.
Landon glanced back to see the shadow quickly move towards them.
"Hurry." Landon hissed as they raced for the Library door.
This door had been closed but not locked. Landon yanked it open and sped out into the corridor, making sure Lucy was with him.
The worst of it was now over but the game had not ended. They still needed to get to their common rooms at least.
"I'll come with you," Landon said, in reference to walking back to the common room.
It was something a 'gentleman' would do and Landon liked to think of himself as a gentleman.

Lucinda Dalton

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Adrenaline rushing, her heart beating faster than Lucy thought humanly possible, Lucy sped out of the library and in to the corridor, rushing to the stairs. Now she had to get all the way to Ravenclaw Tower. Times like these, she wished she was a Hufflepuff. She knew their common room was around here somewhere. Why couldn't the Ravenclaws be near the library, at least?
Had Lucy been in a better state, she would have insisted that Landon just went straight to his common room. But Lucy had some sense. "Okay," she whispered, offering her hand to him as she began to trudge up the stairs to the Ravenclaw common room.

Nicolas King

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