Bi-Weekly Update

Welcome back to another bwu!
S1 is over and done!
If you've been paying attention, which I reckon all of you have, you obviously already know that the first half of Y46 is done! This also means that holiday areas are open for all students to give you that opportunity to roleplay them outside of school as well. Make sure to use this time wisely because the break is often over before you know it (although S2 of Y46 already looks like it's bound to be a fun one).

Hogwarts Monthly
With S1 coming to an end it means it's time to read all of the fun stuff the Hogwarts Monthly team has been working on. The S2 edition has been posted right here so make sure to go and have a look!

Rose giving
It's everyone's favourite time of the year! Or well, it isn't quite yet since Valentine's is still a little while away, but when it does come t's bound to be a good one. Why? Because it's another year of rose giving! Make sure to head over to this post right here to sign yourr characters up as volunteers for rose deliveries or read more about how you can send roses yourself. Big shout out for Camilla and Kris for taking this on.

HNZ turns 19!
Yes, you've read that right. On April 29th (or 30th depending on where you live) Hogwarts New Zealand turned 19 years old. And a birthday asks for a celebration! As is tradition our celebration doesn't just last a day but will be spread out over the entire month. There's already several fun events to participate in if you'd like but make sure to keep an eye on the birthday celebrations area throughout the month to see what new things will open up! 👀

Temp position available
Happen to have a character that just loves divination? Or one that just really, really wants to teach? Then perhaps this application is the one for you! We're currently looking for someone to take on 3rd & 4th year Divination as a temporary professor for one IC year (Y46 S2 + Y47 S1). The app will close midweek so make sure to get your application in soon if you're interested.

Just your friendly reminder to post your Accio! pics if you were planning to but haven't done so yet.

  • Can't wait..
  • see all of your plot highlights..
  • ..during S2!

  • More birthday celebrations!
  • Quidditch
  • Definitely rose giving

That's it folks. Have a nice week :wub:
(On behalf of the HNZ Site Staff)
Thanks for the update :D
Thanks for the update!
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