Bi-Weekly Update

Hi everyone! Here is another Bi-Weekly Update, so hold on tight!

The Big Week 3

We are now in the third week of classes, so professors should make sure they are caught up on lessons. Be sure to double-check that the right lesson is posted for the correct year and week. Professor Hezekiah Mowry surely doesn't know what they're doing. :rProfessors should also make sure they are posting lessons as articles, so please contact someone on Site Staff if you need help. Remember, mistakes are fixable! Reach out if anything happens and we'll work together to get it right.

Gryffindor vs. Slytherin
The first game of the semester is over, and Slytherin still holds their undefeated streak! Will Slytherin remain undefeated for the rest of the year? Relive the game here and make sure to keep Quidditch Chat in the following topic.

Brighstone Weekend
Brightstone Weekend and Makutu Mall are open. Get some shopping done, chug a butterbeer, or enjoy the springtime air out of the confines of the campus. A reminder that Makutu Mall is open to third years and above.

Sorting is no more...:cry: (for now) :devious:
Sorting closed earlier last week, but the Sorting Hat will be back this summer. Here are the numbers from this year's sorting:


Are you ready for your closeup?
Accio! topics are up, so head over and pose for the camera! Be sure to read Accio! guidelines concerning what is acceptable for pictures.

Applications: OPEN
Applications are open again, so get your applications in.

We have new shopkeepers! Please welcome:

Ernie Wilder (Eyelop's Owl Emporium)
Leya Blakely (Dervish and Banges)
Saul Bollywood (Madam Puddifoot's)

Shopkeepers and assistants should go through their store RPs and hit that "Complete Sale" button to officially close the transaction.

PMs to Staff
When reaching out to staff members about an issue, please create a subject title that will make it clear what you're messaging about. If you notice a broken link, your subject title should read something like, "Trophy Room, Broken Link." This is more helpful than "hi..." This will also make getting back to the correct PM easier. This would also be helpful when messaging professors about classes.

There are a few things we wanted to go over.

Plots affect other characters too. Sudden changes in plots or ones that don't turn out as planned without talking to the other person should be avoided. Via PM, reach out to the person(s) you are planning with before making changes or topics that could influence another character's plotline. This and giving a heads-up is a common courtesy. If a thread is open and it gets derailed from an original plan there is little you can do, open threads are by their nature open to everyone and open to anyone's ideas. You need to remember this when you start an open thread that it may not go your way.
--It can be frustrating when things derail, but be respectful when reaching out to people, especially in an out-of-character manner. Before you send that snappy response, count to 10 (slowly) or put off responding so you are able to process the situation and convey your point clearly and calmly--

Here is the post on Netiquette that goes into more detail about expectations.

Backseat Moderation
This is discouraged. It is OKAY to use the "Report" button. It sends a notification to forum moderators and admin to look at, and the appropriate staff member will handle it from there. If you feel using the report button is not the proper route for your concern, send a message to a member of Site Staff, one member. Please go over this post for more detail on this.

Send in your Plot Highlights! There was only one this time! :mad:

Two Sparks Make an Explosion
  • The two angstiest Gryffindor boys argue over a piece of parchment. (with Flynn North, Eric Holland)

- Halloween (ghost)
- Club Fun
- Yule Ball!

There are rules in place so that the site runs well and everyone feels welcome. We all love Harry Potter. We all love roleplaying, and it's why everyone is here. Let's have fun and enjoy everyone in our community!

~Lovi :lovi:
(On behalf of the HNZ Site Staff)

Daisy Parker

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Thank you so much for posting Lovi!

Kiara Wood

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Thank you for the update Lovi!:wub:

Professor Cyndi Kingsley

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Thanks for posting Lovi! Can't wait to see all of the open Halloween RPs!

Zachariah Ezekiel King

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I feel like I've missed out on something... LOL Thanks for the update

Samuel Phillips

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Thanks for the update :D

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