Apparition 1

This was an important milestone in the life of a wizard, and Irene Finch knew that many of the students looked at their license as a taste of the freedom they'd earn on their way to becoming fully trained wizards. With the registration list tucked in a folder that was under her arm, the woman stepped into the room, her heels announcing her presence. She called attendance, making sure that no one had snuck into the room without paying their galleons.

Tucking the folder away, Irene began. "Good afternoon, sixth years. My name is Irene Finch and I'm Head of the Department of Magical Transportation. I'm here on behalf of the Ministry of Magic to prepare you for your apparition exam." She said all of this briskly. Irene was not a lady who liked her time wasted. In truth, she enjoyed teaching apparition to much of the dull paperwork she was often stuck doing as the head of a department.

Walking around as she spoke, Irene's icy blue eyes looked at all of them and none of them at once. "The headmistress has been kind enough to lift the enchantment placed on this room so that you will be able to practice apparating within these walls for the duration of our lessons. But do not attempt to do so in your free time. It would be...unwise to attempt practicing here or elsewhere outside of these lessons" she stated in a very firm tone. With so few students and the furniture against the walls as she'd requested, her voice carried easily around the large room.

The woman focused on a student who'd been fidgeting, her blue eyes piercing into the student. "I will warn you from the start that your ability to apparate will have little to do with what house you are in or your blood status. Your ability to apparate will, solely, depend on your ability to focus on the three Ds: Destination. Determination. Deliberation." She enunciated each word. "There are no shortcuts. If you fail to grasp these concepts, you will fail your exam. First, you must choose your destination." She'd made a quick scan and found the perfect landing point. " Next, you will focus your determination and once you feel you are ready..." With a small step, Irene apparated next to one of the sixth years who had been whispering while she was lecturing and continued, "you must move with deliberation like so." She gave the student a sharp look.

Moving towards the front of the room, Irene continued lecturing the students on the concept of apparating. She knew that some were probably expecting to apparate today but she also knew that the foundation for apparating started with this very important information. Soon enough their time was up, and they had done nothing but listen. "Don't forget the 3 Ds. I will see you all next time. A word to the wise: Don't bring anything with you to the next lesson. The less you carry, the easier it will be." With that, she dismissed the students though she waited a few moments longer in the event that any of the students had questions.
Please make sure to register for the course! Remember that these lessons are so that your student can earn a license. Without it, they can't apparate!This is just the first of only three lessons before the exam takes place.
Todd had been waiting to learn how to apparate with mounting excitement. He arrived early, practically bouncing with anticipation as he paid his galleons and took his place among the other students in the Great Hall ready for the first lesson.

The blue eyed ministry official began to talk and Todd listened to her. He wondered how he could be completely focused on his destination, fully determined to reach it, and deliberate in his actions. Could he even do that? He wondered what would happen if he made a mistake and apparated into furniture or something. Although at the same time, he felt he was in the best place to safely learn how to avoid mistakes and looked forward to learning more in the next lesson.
Emmanuel was pretty sure what he needed to do this semester, above everything else was speak to and figure out what was going on with Kyon, it was frustrating to no end. He needed to know, needed his friend back and to deal somewhat with his own emotions towards him. The jealousy he was feeling was helping nothing and he didn’t know why that was what his mind had latched on to, because he wasn’t sure what he was jealous of. Emmanuel was getting his books and notes together, making sure he had the things that he needed for the semester ahead of him. He headed out of the dorm and to the first class.

Emmanuel knew that this was an important thing, but he would’ve liked to just get straight to the test, sure that he would manage it with ease. The teen was in the great hall with the rest of the students he was ready to learn this and then just do the exam. It would be done quickly, hopefully, surely. He nodded along as the woman introduced herself and then just began telling them about it. He nodded along eagerly. Knowing that he had to pay close attention to it. Even if he was sure he could do it easily, he didn’t want to get it wrong or not understand it. He would remember the three Ds and then the lecture was wrapped up and he was able to leave, a little disappointed that they wouldn’t get to do it just yet.

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