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Hey everyone,

We will be using this thread to highlight when areas open/close, events as they are happening, etc. outside of BWU time.

So here's the first announcement:

Semester two begins tomorrow! First and second years should automatically be enrolled in their courses. Third years and above, don't forget to sign up for your lessons!! Also, make any purchases you need to as the holiday forums will be closing soon-ish.
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Valentines day will close tomorrow!
Brightstone Village weekend is now open!
Folks, Graduation will close on Tuesday midday (GMT), and all graduates will be moved to the magical group then too.
Brightstone weekend is now open!
Halloween will close tomorrow!
Brightstone Weekend will close tomorrow. Finish those threads!
Holiday areas are all open!
The Yuleball will close tomorrow morning (GMT)
You can now sign up to Semester two classes with all those third year and above!
The Valentines dance is now open!
Valentines Dance will close tomorrow midday (GMT)
Brightstone Weekend is now open!
Graduation is now open!
Graduation will close on Wednesday! At this point all the graduates will move to their new group and the area will be closed. Finish those last treads before its too late.
Folks! We have now shifted the calendar into semester 1 which means you are now able to sign up to all of your classes for those with students in 3rd year and above. (1st and 2nd years are automatically added to their classes).
Holiday areas will close tomorrow. Make sure you wrap up any threads while you still can!
All apps have now re-opened!
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