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Hey everyone,

We will be using this thread to highlight when areas open/close, events as they are happening, etc. outside of BWU time.

So here's the first announcement:

Semester two begins tomorrow! First and second years should automatically be enrolled in their courses. Third years and above, don't forget to sign up for your lessons!! Also, make any purchases you need to as the holiday forums will be closing soon-ish.
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Ever thought of being an HoH? Here's your chance! Read more and...Apply now!
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Want your character's picture in the yearbook? This wednesday, the profile topics of Accio will close, that's the topics for the year groups (i.e first year, second year etc.). So get posting before it's too late! You can find all of those HERE

The other topics will remain open for a little while longer!
This is a last call for all the remaining pages of Accio! Get your pictures in now before the rest of the topics are closed this Wednesday/Thursday. The Valentines Day ball page will remain open a little longer, but the rest of them topics will be closing very very soon. Get to it before it's too late.​
You can find all of those HERE!​
Brightstone Village and Makutu Mall are now open for students to wander, roam, and shop! As a reminder, first and second years don't yet have permission from the school to ferry over to the mall.

Happy travels!
Thank you to everyone who applied for Ravenclaw HoH. The app is now closed, and we'll be reaching out to all applicants towards the end of this semester.
The 2048 LGBTQ+ Pride event has officially begun!! Head over here to have your character join in the fun. (hurhur I made a rhyme)
Quidditch & Club leaders have PMs waiting for them with deadlines. Please get to them when you have a moment. If I don't hear from you by deadline, I'll assume you aren't interested in continuing on.

7th years - grad PMs were sent out a while ago. Please log in and answer your HoH!
Graduation is now open! Invited guests should have appropriate access to post. As always, any access issues should be PMed to Emzies and I for resolution. Have fun!! ^_^
Site reminder: Most apps are currently closed for sorting. If you send an app in during this time that does not appear on this list, it will be automatically denied. We will make an announcement when all applications are being opened again. Thank you all for your cooperation on this.
Hungry?? The start of year feast has begun! :party:

Oh, and if you're interested in joining a school club, you should also head over to the Y33 Club Fair to check out your options and sign up! There's something for everyone!
The Halloween Feast is now closed.
I'm not entirely sure what happened, but if you've been waiting to submit an app, it should be visible now. Prof and shopkeeper apps are closed.
Signups for the Y33 Wheelbarrow Race have opened here! Don't miss this opportunity to compete against the professors and staff! :party:
Semester Two begins tomorrow! Get your students registered for their classes via the gradebook and check out the notifications topic to keep on track of all lessons that'll get posted during the semester!
It's GMAD! Come join us in taking a moment to appreciate our friendly neighborhood global mods! :party:
The Brightstone weekend is now open! Thank you all for your patience. As a reminder, please remember that first and second years don't yet have school permission to visit Makutu Mall. ;)

Happy shopping!
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