Adventure: Risking Peril of Body, For thrill Of Mind

Sara Moon

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Sara was excited. Her holidays, her freedom. She'd been so boring recently, so strait-laced. She'd studied around the clock, working day and night to keep up with the work that needed doing, but because of that work, because of that dedication-she was free! She'd snuck away earlier, getting dressed early in the morning, and she'd set off. She could use magic, but she had no problem getting where she wanted to go. She had a pretty big allowance now, and though she'd never really spent it on much, she was glad of it now.

Bleak Street. As a younger witch, the very name itself used to scare her. She'd heard too many stories, from students of wizarding background, who obviously knew more than she did, but she wasn't frightened now. She was escited. It was one of the first times that she was actually going to do what she wanted, paying no regard to her parents or her siblings. She was safe, she was surrounded by wizards and witches. That was her safety net-with the magical community, she felt at home in ways she never had with muggles.

She knew she was dressed a little...differently to some of the other people who were milling around her. The majority were wearing dark colours, and hiding their faces-which in itself was odd. She frowned as she watched the crowd thin, less people were down here. It was dark nd shadowy, and she felt a thrill rip through her. Suddenly, she was grabbed from behind, a drunk, a slob was puling at her shoulder. Ever-helpful Sara asked; "Yes Sir?" Maybe he was lost, or needed help. "Sir? I'm no Sir." he breathed, leaning in toward her, stroking her hair. Sara was shocked, and angry. "Get off me you creep!" she demanded, pushing him away from her. All her training for quidditch had built her strength, though she would never be muscley, she could at least look after herself. She daren't draw her wand-this hudlum wasn't worth her losing her place in Hogwarts. She swiftly delivered a kick to his shin, which left him grasping his leg, and howling in pain. Sara was glad she'd worn heels. She rounded a corner, it was still dark, but there were less people there. Now
that had been exhilerating. She grinned to herself, proud that she'd been able to get rid of him.

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