Sara Moon

Sara Moon

Former 'Claw | Auror | Grieving
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12 and a half inches willow with unicorn hair
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The Basics:

Full Name:

-Sara Aisling Moon

-Sara means "Princess" in ancient Hebrew. Princess, coincidentially is my fathers nickname for me.
-Aisling means "Dream" or "Vision." It is from Irish (language) origin.
-Moon, the Moon, as a symbol stands for romance and love.

Current Age:

-Twenty Six years old.

Basic Appearance:

- Sara is quite short; 5'2" to be exact. It has never particularly bothered her, but at time she does wonder if being taller might be an advantage at work. She is very fit, a result of her training. Naturally trim, she has become more muscular since joining the aurors. She has curly brown hair, with highlights. It took her a long time to learn how best to control her hair, but now simply allows it to grow as she is too busy to maintain it constantly. She has tanned skin and dark brown eyes. She hates her nose, she thinks it is the wrong shape, it's too much of a button-nose, and as a teen she secretly wished she had a classic roman nose.


Sara had many insecurities when she was younger, especially when she attended muggle school, where she was bullied. Coming to Hogwarts did her the world of good, her naturally extroverted personality came to the fore. She is a very social person, and a fiercely loyal friend. Naturally witty, Sara's sense of humour is a bit of an acquired taste. She is also somewhat of a perfectionist, and a total bookworm. Sara's largest fault, is the fact that she is not a very trusting person. She is not quick to speak out about her problems or admit to her own feelings.


-One brother and two sisters.
A twin-Kate
brother and sister- Star and Ryan(twins)


-An owl called Shade.

Area of Residence:

-she used to live in Ireland, but her family moved to a manor outside London in her First Year. Since graduating from Hogwarts, she has been living in a House in Obsidian Harbour.

Blood Status:

-Muggle born, though it is possible that her paternal grandfather's side of the family were wizards. Thomas Moon's father cut himself off from his family in England, who had ties to New Zealand. The fact that all four Moons were enrolled in Hogwarts New Zealand has led to speculation among the family that their grandfather may have been a squib in a wizarding family.


Sara is Irish, though her paternal grandfather was English, with both her paternal great-grandparents having spent years in New Zealand.

Special Abilities:

-Sara scored well in stealth, magical combat and tracking during her final exams to qualify as an auror
-She was a talented seeker at school, but felt she hadn't the ability to pursue quidditch at a professional level.
-Sara is a talented singer.

Interests or Hobbies:

Sara is an enthusiastic reader, and a lover of music. She can play piano and guitar, though has had less occasion to do so in recent years. She also loves to cook.


-Sara is very intelligent, this was a huge strength in school, and during her auror training. She is an accomplished multi-tasker, managing to fulfill her duties as prefect, quidditch Captain and Glee President all while studying for her NEWTs. During auror training, she also took supplementary classes to bring her Herbology grade up to scratch


Sara takes things very much to heart. When she was not allowed to continue with Herbology in her seventh year due to her grade of an A in sixth year, she went entirely off the rails. Her form of rebellion manifested itself in the wearing of very little clothes, a large amount of makeup, and copious partying and drinking. In school, her weakest subject was Herbology; she didn't place much importance on the subject. She is not a particularly trusting person, which is a weakness in her personal life, but a strength in her professional one. Her single-mindedness can be a weakness, as she sometimes lets other things fall to the wayside if she doesn't rate their importance. She is also plagues by dreams, since being injured while on the job. The dreams consist of a stifling darkness, wherein she becomes aware of the fact that she is not conscious and cannot wake herself.

Describe your character in three words:

-Loyal, Sarcastic and Dramatic.

Favourite place to be:

-Her homeplace in Tipperary, Ireland.

School Stuff:

Hogwarts House:


Hogwarts Hopes and Ambitions:

-She wanted to graduate well and be able to do any job she wanted. She also wanted to get on the quidditch team and maybe become a prefect. (She accomplished these goals.)

Best school subjects:

-She was quite good at Potions and Defense Against the Dark Arts, achieving Os at NEWT level in both subjects.

Worst school subjects:


Extracurricular Activities:

-She was Ravenclaw Seeker and Quidditch Captain.Glee Club Captain. She also wrotes for Hogwarts Monthly. She was a Ravenclaw Prefect.



Current Job:


Plans for your future:

-Sara would hope to continue with her work as an auror, perhaps moving into the training of aurors when she marries and has children. Marriage and children would definitely be something she wants in her future.

Your Patronus:

-The wolf- a symbol of wisdom, loyalty and independence. The Wolf reflects the strange mix of loyalty and independence that makes Sara Moon. She can function well on her own, but thrives when surrounded by loved ones.

Your Patronus memory:

- A birthday party she and Kate had in Hogwarts, it was "Irish-themed" and their entire group of friends attended. It reminds her of a time when they were all, very simply, happy. There were no complications and no drama.

Your Boggart:

-Sara's boggart is darkness. She is not afraid of the dark, but is afraid of missing time. When she was injured, she was unconscious for three days and had no concept of time. Her biggest fear is that she could miss out on time while caught in a dream.

Your Animagus:

-An owl: An animal that reflects her values; intelligence and agility.

Mirror of Erised:

-Sara, surrounded by friends and family; older than she is now, but content. She has no desire for fame, only to do something to improve the world.

A page from your diary:

Dear Diary,

I'm so worried about Stefan, he isn't acting normal. the bruises are worse. they always are at the start of term.
On the upside, I've been hanging out with Jake. He's so sweet and kind.
Willow is seeming better also, and I'm glad. She's a wonderful friend.
Dear Diary,

Sleep is a distant memory. Not true really, I've just been staying up to keep on top of paperwork. As you know, I'm not too keen on sleep. Busy at the moment since I'm going home for Christmas and want to not fall behind while I'm away. I'm spending New Years with Mason though!

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Hey there, hope you don't mind me asking a few questions regarding your character.

1. Does the meaning of her full name associate to Sara Moon's character, like her attitude and such?
2. Does Sara like being short?
3. Does she have any sort of distinguished looks on her body, like freckles or scars?
4. Is there a reason why she is sometimes insecure, like was she teased when she was younger?
5. How is her relationship with her twin? Are her and Star and Ryan close as well?
6. How close is she to her parents?
7. What kind of owl is Shade?
8. Since she is a muggle-born, how does she feel about the magical world?
9. Does she miss her computer while at Hogwarts?
10. Does being a Ravenclaw suit her character?
11. Is there a reason she is not good at Herbology?
12. Does she have a favorite professor?
13. She is going to be graduating within a few short years, is she nervous about it?
14. She wants to become either an Auror or an Actress, why is this?

Sara Moon

Former 'Claw | Auror | Grieving
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Relationship Status
Sexual Orientation
12 and a half inches willow with unicorn hair
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1: Sara's name is the reson her Father nicknames her "Proncess." she has begun to act more like one in recent years. when she was younger, she was wild, she would run and jump through fields and forests, like a monkey. She has calmed a bit in the past few years, and carries herself with more dignity, she has learned to become more feminine, and finds she is good at it, which surprises her. her middle name suits her also. Her Father chose it, though her Mother chose her first name. Sara has always been imaginative, because when she was younger, she used to live in her own magical world. She used to write poems and stories as a little girl, and was often daydreaming.

2: Sara doesn't mind it. She used to be teased about it a bit, and it annoyed her, but she has learned to accept it. she heartens herself with the fact that it is deemed acceptable for girls to be short.

:cry: Sara has a beauty spot on the side of her nose and a small mark on the centre knuckle of her left hand. It is red and circle shaped, very small. As a young girl she used to colour in that spot with red ink, because she liked the pattern it made on her skin. It has never faded.

4: Sara was teased in muggle school. Other kids used to bully her, because she read. she was labelled weird, and the fact that she found she had magical abilities, reinforced this in her own phsyche. She came to believe it herself, and it took her a long time to get past that.

5: Sara used to be very close to her twin, and her brother. she was close with Star also, especially after they were sorted into the same House. however, one Summer, when in Ireland, a mutual muggle friend started feeding Kate and Sara lies about the other, saying they had said things they never had. she was jealous of their closeness, and angry because they'd left for boarding school, and she was alone. Kate spoke to their siblings about it, but Sara didn't and all three began to believe the lies. eventually it all came out in the open, and they all realised how wrong it had been. however, Kate couldn't forgive Sara for believing the lies, and Sara could no more forgive Kate, Star or Ryan, for believing she would do such hateful things. It caused a rift in the family, and Sara tried to avoid her siblings for some time. They were civil with each other, but they were no longer close.For a time, she felt she didn't really need them, or particularly like them. This has changed in recent years as all four Moons matured, and they have drawn closer again. For Sara, this is largely to do with Kate's son; Sara loves children, and wishes to always be there for her nephew.

6: Sara is extremely close to her parents. She doesn't argue with them often, and she is very open with them. she can talk to her parents about things and she likes that they talk to her as an equal, and don't try to shelter her too much. They trust her, and she trusts them. Her parents are troubled by her choice of occupation, and worry about their daughter fighting the forces of evil.

7: Shade is a spotted owl, though he is very dark and the spots are barely visible.

8: When Sara found out about magic, she felt as though her dreams had come true. She had always imagined a wonderful, magical world and then it was real. She easily adapted to the magical world, and feels far more at home there, than in the muggle world.

9: Yes, because she can't listen to music on it anymore. She can't use any of her electrical items, and she wishes she could contact her parents and friends more easily, but the computer wouldn't work in Hogwarts.

10: Yes, Sara is very imaginative and creative. she has a natural intelligence which suits a Ravenclaw. However, she was shocked at the choice, because she has never had any motivation to study, or to stick very strictly to the rules. However, after some research, she realised that that was nothing to do with being a Ravenclaw, it was just a stupid stereotype. This stopped any misgivings she had about her house. She is very proud to be a Ravenclaw. After starting school in Hogwarts, though, her dislike for studying gave way to a genuine interest in all things magical.

11: Sara doesn't particularly like Herbology. She worked harder in Herbology to get good marks, but she doesn't feel that the subject suits her. It's too much like gardening for her taste. It was Herbology that she had to keep up after the NEWTs to raise her grade to be an auror.

12: Sara is very fond of Professor Sparkles, and an old family friend became a Professor-Michael Glass. Sadly, Michael has since passed. She thinks Professor Styx is a great teacher, but was always slightly afraid of him.

1:cry: Yes, she doesn't want to leave Hogwarts, she loves it there. On the other hand, she is looking forward to going out into the World and trying to make it on her own.

14: Sara has always loved acting, her Father was involved in acting also. She feels alive when she is on stage, and feels elated. She will probably become an auror, because she loves Defense Against The Dark Arts, and she wants to help make the world a better place. She hates Death Eaters with a vengeance, and wants to work against them.

Out of Character:
Thanks for the questions!! :D :D

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