Sara Moon

Sara Moon

Former 'Claw | Auror | Grieving
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12 and a half inches willow with unicorn hair
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Character's Name:Sara Moon

Character's Birthdate: May 17th 2015

Hometown: Tipperary-Ireland

Current Residence: Outside London, UK

Blood Status: Muggleborn

Wand: 12 1/2 inches willow-unicorn hair.

Hogwarts House:Ravenclaw

Naturally trim, Sara has become much more fit in recent years due to her training. She is short, with long, curly brown hair. Her walk is also quite distinctive; she turns in her right foot when she walks.

Hair:Sara has long, curly brown hair. She now has highlights in her hair, though she will often forget to top them up. When she has time, she straightens her hair, but she hasn't much time for hair maintenance.

Eyes: Sara's eyes are the dominant feature of her face. They are a dark brown, and quite wide-set. At times, they can appear too large for her small face.



Sara has always been interested in fashion, preferring muggle clothes, as she feels they are more practical. As a younger teen, she had a very feminine style, often overly formal, favouring dresses and skirts. During a rebellious phase, her outfits frequently featured very short skirts, very low necklines, and a large amount of makeup. During her training, she had very little time for fashion, typically wearing jeans and boots as they were practical for work. Since qualifying, she has reverted to her former, feminine style.

Personality: Sara was not your typical Ravenclaw. She holds little regard for rules, preferring to follow her own judgement. She is very creative, she loves music and drama, writing and reading. She loves her family and is often quite cheerful and over-excited. She is not naturally trusting, which is useful for her work, but can be problematic in her personal life. She is fiercely loyal, and values honesty above all else.

Sara is very intelligent, while in muggle school, she was often bored by the subject matter. After starting in Hogwarts, she found that she genuinely enjoyed studying magic, and became engrossed in revision and note-taking.

Since graduating, Sara has grown in confidence, and is very secure in her own personality and who she is. She does, however, still struggle with trusting others.

History: Sara grew up in Ireland, with two sisters and a brother. Her twin sister's name was Kate, though Sara was the elder child. The two girls were very close, even as children, and Sara got along well with her brother-Ryan, and her sister-Star, who were also twins. Their parents names were Sophie and Thomas Moon. Both Sara's parents were muggles, and they were Irish and Music teachers in muggle schools.

Sara attended the local primary school, and was always teased for being strange and different. She knew ever since she was young that she could do things that other kids couldn't, but she thought it was because she was a weirdo-a freak. She didn't tell anyone about her abilities, even her twin-Kate. In school, Sara was bullied by other kids, and cried herself to sleep at night, no-one ever stood up for her-even Kate.

When Sara received her letter-she was overjoyed. She now knew the reason why she was different, except that now she wasn't different-there were thousands of people out there, just like her, people who could do amazing things and they wouldn't think she was a weirdo.

So, Sara and Kate set off for Hogwarts, Sara had loved shopping in the wizarding world, and she made many friends, in her first year, Sara became very popular, and had a large group of Comrades. Her closest friends were Kayden Night, Willow Autumn, Vayne Rozeleouxe, and Amanda Pike.

Sara joined many school groups and was taught a lot by older students. However, some older students were not as helpful, after three months-Sara encountered two girls-Koboshi Aiko and Hayley Huberta, who tormented Sara, bringing her back to the days when she was bullied back in Ireland.

Soon after, Sara met one of her close friends-Stefan Archer, whom her sister Kate later has a crush on, and Kate and Stefan kiss at the end of first year.

At the end of First year, Sara received a letter from her father, telling her that their Great-Aunt had died, leaving all her considerable fortune to their Father. They were now rich.

In Second year Stefan began to push his friends away, and Kate stopped eating. Sara tried to help her, but Kate wouldn't take any help. Sara became worried, but eventually she tried to forget Kate, who wouldn't take any help. She was more concerned with their friend, Willow, who had discovered she had a dangerous disease.

Later in Second year, Sara became secluded and retired to her books, and tried to hide from the world. She didn't speak to any of her friends and things between her and Kate began to frost over, it would all come to a head, however, that Summer.

Sara and Kate went on holiday with their family to Ireland, where they met up with some of their muggle friends. The twins met up with a mutual muggle friend, who had always been jealous of Kate and Sara's closeness. She started feeding both twins lies about the other, telling them the other had said things they hadn't.

Eventually it all came out in the open, and both twins realised they'd been stupid and the other hadn't said anything at all, however this didn't heal the rift between them, and they have grown apart. They won't ever be as close again.

In Third Year Sara began to spend time with her friends once more, Stefan, Tara and Willow couldn't understand why her and Kate had grown apart, but neither twin really wanted to talk about it.

Sara took over the Glee Club, and joined Heta Omega. She also meet Daniel Cedric young, who became a friend of hers. she also met Jake Simpson again, whom she had first met at her birthday in first year. Her and Jake got along well and Sara couldn't stop thinking about him throughout the next Summer.

Sara started off Fourth Year, by helping a First Year get used to the common room. her name was Isabella Fedele. She then meet up with her friend, Tara Sitara, in the kitchen's, where Sara was baking. It was here that Sara found out about Tara's arranged marriage. In Defense Against the Dark Arts, she volunteered to be put under the Imperius curse. It was an illuminating experience, and made her even more determined to become an auror. She also caught up with her crush, Jake Simpson, in the Library. She also organised the first Glee Club meeting, where she advertised for a new Vice President-Riley Sparkles got the position.

She made a new friend in Dante Vrael, when they met on the Sixth floor Corridor, where he was sitting outside on a windowsill. she convinced him to join the Glee Club. She invited Dante to the Halloween Gathering she'd organised, with Tara for all their friends. Sara was dressed as a Biker. She later met a centaur called Aitan, in the Forbidden Forest. There she bumped into Madlyn Margera, and decided to leave with her. In Glee Club Meeting two, Sara organised the Christmas Performance. The Soloist was Sara's twin-Kate Moon and the duet was two first years-Hariah Meadow and Damien Blade. She also ran into her old friend-Daniel-Cedric Young.

The Christmas Performance went well, and Sara attended the Yule Ball with Jake Simpson. She played as seeker for most of the Quidditch match, between Gryffinpuff and Slytherclaw. She was subbed halfway through, but Slytherclawe won the game, and Sara was delighted. Sara was shocked by the Rumour Magazine that circulated, and spoke to Jake about him being mentioned. at the same meeting, she finally confessed that she liked him.

Father:Thomas Moon
Mother:Sophie Moon
Twin Sister:Kate Moon
Younger Siblings:Ryan Moon | Star Moon

Best Subjects: Defence against the Dark Arts|Transfiguration|
Worst Subjects: Sara is good at all subjects, but her leats favourites are Potions|History of Magic.
Extracurricular activities: Glee club, Club Academia, Heta Omega, Ravenclaw seeker.

Staff That Scare you: Professor Styx
Favourite place at Hogwarts: Ravenclaw common room & the Lakeside.
Least Favourite Place at Hogwarts: The dungeons.

Interests: Quidditch|Reading|Drama|Music|Writing|
What you might do after Hogwarts: Quidditch player|Professor|Auror|Journalist for the Daily Prophet|
Someone you look up to: Her parents and her Family.

(P.S. I have used inspiration from alot of bio's on Hogwarts New Zealand, for this Biography.)

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Sara Moon

Former 'Claw | Auror | Grieving
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Relationship Status
Sexual Orientation
12 and a half inches willow with unicorn hair
Trophy Showcase:
School Years:

Sara started Hogwarts New Zealand, and was sorted into Ravenclaw, home of the brainiacs. At first she resented the fact that she was sorted into Ravenclaw, but she has become proud of it and has come to love her house.
Her twin sister Kate was sorted into Hufflepuff. Sara also bought her first wand
-Willow 12 1/2 inches, unicorn hair.
She met a group of friends, while exploring the castle and later had a picnic and a birthday party with them. These group includes: Shiloh Denton, Willow Autumn, Vayne Rozeleouxe, Roze Castro, Kayden Knight, Kate Moon, Ciel Michaelis , Amanda Pike and herself.
She met some of the group before the group activities. She met Kayden while sitting near the lake, Shiloh while exploring the dungeons and Amanda in the common room.
Also near the start of the year she made friends with Gilbert Williams. She met him while exploring the forbidden forest. They bonded over soccer and quidditch.
Soon she met her room-mates Cierra Vehlendorf and Jade Rousseau. Later she had a large talk with a group of girls in the common room. This included her two room-mates, Hiria Hallbutcher, Margot Morkov,Michiko Yamashita and Alexandra Hohenstein.

She also got some pointers on surviving hogwarts from a boy called Logan Blackwood. Later she bumped into Scarlett Thompson, who was in her Astronomy class. At this point she also joined the conglomerated arts club, the glee club and the acting club for the first time.
In the third month of her first year Sara encountered her first enemy, Koboshi Aiko, who began tormenting her when Sara was sitting by the lake. She later tried to hide it from her friend and mentor Gabrielle Carmichael. Although she did tell Michael Glass, whom she had known since childhood, but she swore him to secrecy.
She later met Stefan Archer, while dodging a prefect in the abandoned classroom.
Later in the first term Sara recieved a letter from her Father, which would change her life forever......


Sneaky exploration-Gilbert Williams

Group topic number one

group topic number two

Group topic number three

The year of the twins-Kayden Knight

Exploring-Michael Glass

The clash of the Titans-Koboshi Aiko

Writing to the folks- Kate Moon

In Second year, Sara returned to Hogwarts, happy and ready for the new year. She and her sister Kate were still close, but this wouldn't last long.

Kate and Stefan Archer. were very close, but in the second year, Stefan began to push his friends away. Sara confronts him about it, in front of her sister and a friend in First Day Remember?. This separation from Stefan caused Kate to become depressed and she stopped eating.

Sara feels for Kate, but feels her sister isn't making an attempt to get better. she tries to help, but Kate pushes her away. At the time Sara feels useless, but later resents Kate for pushing her away.

Willow, a friend of Sara's got news that she had an incurable disease that she would have to live with. Sara recieves a note from her, and she rushes to her aid, joined by her friends in Under The Willow Tree

Willow and Sara discuss the possibility of starting a band in Don't Stop Me Now and also discuss the problems with their friends in What We Need Is A Miracle.

Later Sara meets with Stefan and they discuss current events in Chocolate Is Food For The Soul.

Sara also makes the Ravenclaw quidditch team for the first time.

In Picnic Sara meets her brother Ryan's girlfriend Danielle for the first time.

Also, she meets with Stefan, Willow and Kate at the Halloween feast, in You Kicked Me When I Was Down.

Sara became secluded in the second term, because of her embarrassment, however, she did meet with Vayne in Long Time No See.

She also attended the yule ball with Willow, Kate and Jake.

When Sara returned to Hogwarts this year she immediately jumped into many activities. She joined Heta Omega, and became chaser in the Ravenclaw team, which was a first for her. She also became Captain of the Glee Club.

She meets up with Stefan in The Limitations Previously Set, and apologises for her behaviour the year before, once more they are friends.

She also met Daniel Cedric Young in Of Quaffles and Bludgers.

She also starts the Glee Club. And finds there is quite a good response.

She later meets up with Willow and discusses everything that has happened inMeeting an Old Friend

She met Jake Simpson in I Skipped A Heartbeat where they both remember each other from First Year.

She met up with both Willow and Stefan in We're Kind of like the Three Musketeers. and she realised how much she'd missed them both.

She also attended Tara's Birthday Party.

She was still glad to be going home to see her family in The End of Year Feast.

Sara meets with Isabella Fidele and helps her settle in:Is The Password Really Necessary?
Sara meets with Tara Sitara and discusses her situation:Baking.
Sara meets with Jake Simpson and catches up after Summer:Why hello there!
First Glee Club Meeting:Meeting.
Sara meets Dante Vrael for the First time:How do I not know you?
Tara and Sara's Halloween Gathering:A Little Gathering.
Sara meets Aitan and Madyln Margera in the Forbidden Forest: Be Careful It's a Dangerous Forest.
Glee club Meeting Two:Meeting.
Glee club's Christmas Performance:Performance.
Sara goes to the Yule Ball with Jake: All I Want For Christmas Is You.
Sara meets up with Daniel Cedric Young:Ahh, So We Meet Again.
Sara takes part in the Quidditch game as Seeker:SlytherClaw .V. GryffinPuff
Sara Reads Rumour Magazine: Rumour Has It.
Sara meets Jake and confesses that she likes him:I've Been So Longing To See You.

Sara and a recovering Kate meet with Stefan Glass: Home Sweet Home
Later, Stefan would inform them of Michael Glass' death: The Loss of a Loved One
A newly appointed prefect, Sara attends her first meeting:Prefects Meeting Y15
Meeting Jake when school recommenced would cheer her somewhat: Early Springtime
Sara features in RHI: Rumour Has It V.2
After reading RHI, an upset Sara finds comfort from Madlyn Margera: It's all becoming too much
Sara plays seeker for Ravenclaw: Slytherin vs. Ravenclaw
Sara starts up the Glee Club for another year: Glee Club Meeting 1 Y15
Sara is given rare insight into the mind of Stefan Archer: Decision Of A Lifetime
Daisy chains and Cloud Watching with Samual Kaster: At The End Of The Day
A surprise party for Madlyn Margera: A Giant Surprise Party
Patrolling with Georgiana Night: Patrolling
Sara confronts Ryan about his recent behaviour: What Happened To You?
Sara meets Spencer Todd while swimming by the lake:The Seaweed Is Always Greener
Jeremy Thorne asks Sara to take over as Quidditch Captain: Decisions, Decisions Part 1Decisions, Decisions Part 2
Sara bumps into a few old friends during her holidays: Reunion

Sara held her first Quidditch Tryouts as Captain: Ravenclaw Tryouts Y16
A thankfully less dramatic prefects meeting than the year before: Y16 Prefects Meeting
Sara meets Tybalt Archer, startled by his resemblance to Stefan: A Ghost of the Not-So-Distant Past
She Captained her first Quidditch match: Gryffindor v Ravenclaw
A cordial meeting between the Moon Twins: My Escape From Reality
The Moon sisters face each other in Sara's second match of the year: Ravenclaw v Hufflepuff

An angry Sara learns of her A in Herbology and finds comfort from an unexpected source: Anger is Pain
Sara meets her friends, glad Stefan is back in Hogwarts: The Audacity of Hope
Kate tries to confront Sara: Do You Have A Problem?
Sara's relationship with Jake comes to an end: Time Can Change Me
Sara holds quidditch tryouts with her co-captain, Yerik: Y17 Ravenclaw Tryouts
She attends her final prefects meeting: Y17 Prefects Meeting
Her last Yule Ball: One More For The Road
A chat with her Co-Captain:All Work, No Play, No Fun
One last Game of Quidditch: SlytherDor v HuffleClaw
Graduation:Graduation 2033
The Gang says goodbye to Hogwarts: One Final Get Together


Sara Moon

Former 'Claw | Auror | Grieving
OOC First Name
Blood Status
Relationship Status
Sexual Orientation
12 and a half inches willow with unicorn hair
Trophy Showcase:
Life After Hogwarts:
A drunken Sara meets a helpful stranger in Kiefer Harris: Fast In My Car
This will later lead to a friendly exchange of letters: The Art of Letter-Writing
She also befriends an old schoolmate: Begin Again
This was clearly the beginning of a party-girl-gang: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Sara inexplicably bumps into Justin Kuya in Obsidian Harbour: Represent Me Sometime?
Sara meets Stefan to tell him the surprising news that she's been accepted as an auror-in-training, provided she studies Herbology: True Blue
The Moons and Friends celebrate Ryan and Star's graduation: A Small Celebration
The elder Moon twins finally meet up: Long Overdue
Sara meets her new partner: A Squad of Diversity
Sara trains with Andronikos: Room 09
Kate and Sara's 21st: Officially Adults
The trials and tribulations of life as a trainee: A Sea of Paper
Sara gives a tour of the auror department: An Interested Party
Kate and Stefan's wedding: Tá Mo Chroí Istigh Ionat
Sara meets an auror's widow and tries to comfort her: Singed
A night out: You Do You
Sara goes to the Aurors Meeting introducing the New Head Auror: Aurors Meeting
Sara feels a bit of a fool in a task-force meeting: Time is of the essence
Sara has a much-needed catch-up with Faxen: Girls' Night
Sara meets Mason Talarico, laden with papers: Border-crossing
Sara goes on a dangerous mission: The Time Has Come
An injured Sara is de-briefed by Mason: A Red Badge
Sara is visited by Kate in St. Mungo's: We're Twins, I Should Have Known
Sara, released from hospital, admits to Mason she's still plagued by dreams, and admits to herself that she has feelings for Mason: Quitting Time
Sara attends the ministry Christmas Party: Deck the Halls
Sara meets her new nephew: Welcoming a New Archer into The World
Sara inadvertently reveals her feelings to Mason: Endings and Beginnings
The Aurors come together to plan: Up the Ante
Sara cooks Mason dinner, and they spend New Years together: Not Quite Christmas Yet


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