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Teila Owens-Lee

foodie | child care social worker | mother of one
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Teila admittedly was a lot happier since quitting her job at the Makutu Dinette and working at the children’s orphanage in America. She had been wanting a child of her own for a very long time, and with her clock ticking, and her relationships never turning out the way she wanted them to, she knew it was the best decision to adopt the little boy that she had soon fallen in love with at the orphanage. He was only seven, but had been looking at a home for a while, and even knew a lot more about the orphanage than she did. She had only been working there for 12 months, but he had taught her many things and the pair of them had bonded a lot. Today she was taking him to meet the rest of their family and she couldn’t be more proud, nervous and excited at the same time.

Teila held Dominic’s hand as they walked up the driveway of the Owens-Lee residence. She had forgotten how big it was and she swore the big tree was hanging even lower in front of the porch. The woman kept a hold of her new son’s hand as she knocked on the wooden door with the other. Despite knowing everything would turn out perfectly, the woman still couldn’t help but be anxious about what was going to happen.

Dominic Owens-Lee

adopted | american | life's cool
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Dominic loved living in the orphanage. The boy knew no better than its walls. The only time he was ever allowed out was during field trips, where they only ventured to places around America, and no way had Dominic seen anything like New Zealand before. His new mother was taking him there, and he couldn’t be happier that it was Teila. Teila had been the nicest to him. She gave him homemade doughnuts and scones as a treat, even if he didn’t eat his greens during dinner time, and she was always so understanding of him.

Dominic held onto Teila’s hand tightly as they approached the giant house. He didn’t know much of who he was meeting today, but hoped that they would all be at least around his age as it would give him some new people to play with. He wasn’t nervous at all and was just excited to be entering a new home and meeting those that he could finally call family.

Gwen Owens-Lee

former gryffindor | conquering the world
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Gwen couldn’t be more excited about the visitor that was coming today. In fact, it wasn’t a visitor at all and was actually her very first nephew. She was delighted meeting baby Aiya for the first time. A niece seemed like a great idea, but she was barely any fun yet as she was still a baby and vomited on Gwen whenever she tried throwing her up into the air to make her laugh. A six year old sounded really cool and Gwen definitely could not wait to meet him.

As Gwen heard the familiar knock on the door, she was the first to jump up from the lounge and greet them, pushing mother Betrys out of the way as she raced for it. She opened the door, a beaming smile on her face as she looked down at the small boy. She imagined him to be taller, but he was very small, and she hoped that she would still be able to have some fun with him nonetheless. “Hey! I’m Gwen!” she exclaimed as her mothers popped up behind her, also greeting them. The former Gryffindor smiled at her sister before stepping aside to let them in. “Come in and tell me everything!”

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