1. Xio Havoc

    Closed And The World Turned Sweet

    Xio was a big fan of pretty places. She enjoyed feeling aesthetically stimulated, and felt that a beautiful environment could really enhance any experience. Hence why she rooted herself right beside this beautiful rosebush once she first saw it outside near the lakefront. The plaque near it had...
  2. Xio Havoc

    Closed Dancing Digits

    Now this was more like it. When her brother had first told her about the Conglomerated Arts Room, Xio was sure he was pulling her leg. But then she had read about it in the ever so renown Hogwarts: A History and knew that it had to be real, and set out to find it herself. Of course, that did not...
  3. Xio Havoc


    Salute plurimam dicit. Si vales, bene est, ego valeo. “Many greetings. If you’re well, then that’s good, and I’m well too.” Hello ^^ My name's Belle but y'all can call me Ellie. I'm new to the site with Xio here and I'm really happy to meet and (hopefully) rp with you all! I'm a Canadian...
  4. Xio Havoc

    Xio Havoc