Closed And The World Turned Sweet

Xio Havoc

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11 (Feb. 15th, 2037)
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Xio was a big fan of pretty places. She enjoyed feeling aesthetically stimulated, and felt that a beautiful environment could really enhance any experience. Hence why she rooted herself right beside this beautiful rosebush once she first saw it outside near the lakefront. The plaque near it had made her feel doleful as she read it, mourning at the thought of a young soul dearly departed before their time. She knew that the spirit of the girl lived on through the beauty of the roses, and the thought only served to attract her more to the location. So there Xio sat, the sun bright but not quite blinding as she flipped through the pages of her novel. Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 told the tale of a muggle reality that Xio was glad didn't currently exist. The world in this book held no beauty, and so Xio felt it only right to balance out its bleakness by surrounding herself with roses. Indeed, it was a great day to read and surround yourself with flowers; but then again, when would it not be? So engrossed in her book, Xio was not particularly aware of her surroundings.

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