elizabella drake

  1. Louis Alcott

    Closed Gift for a Friend

    Louis wasn't always the best at keeping up with his friends, but he tried. Elizabella had asked him for a souvenir from France, and Louis had actually remembered this time. He grinned as he spotted her at the Hufflepuff table and dropped into the seat next to her He placed a pretty gift box on...
  2. Parker Reed

    Open Tabletop Games

    Parker was tired of the whole school chaos, he wanted to go home and just rest, he had enough of Hogwarts. He couldn't wait to get back home, to play his music instruments. He was also planning on taking new piano lessons, his parents had found a new teacher for him and Parker was excited to...
  3. Stefan Kozlov

    🌹 Rose Giving Second Puff on my List

    Stefan made his way to Elizabella after his delivery to Manaia. He knew the girl because of the little commotion at the club fair. "Elizabella. I have a rose delivery for you.", he said politely to the girl. It also came with a note. Yellow for @Elizabella Drake
  4. Nathaniel Traynor

    Open Meeting New People

    Nate was feeling dumb and useless after the breakup. He was sure that Jordie would come over, that he would choose him over his friends but that didn't happen. Nate honestly didn't even think that it was his fault, he thought that his arguments made sense, they were just in the place. Why would...
  5. Louis Alcott

    Closed Parler Français

    Louis had talked to Bella a lot about teaching her a few French words, and today he had asked her to join him at the student lounge to do just that. He had a lot of homework to do, but this was more fun and a good distraction from said homework. He had sent Bella a note, and he doodled a few...