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    A Confession To Make

    OoC: Personal Development, This thread is not open. Following: After her talk with Liusaidh, Saira writes her letter to her parents in England and sends it through Henri, her owl. Letter Contents:
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    Hi 👋

    Welcome to HNZ!!! :D
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    *funny plot related title*

    Aerin & Lucie: That could definitely work. I could start the thread a little later in the semester for this one, would that be ok? Val & Louis: Most definitely, Val would totally peer pressure Louis. That would be awesome if you could, Thanks! Ok, that sounds good! I'll see how it goes! I...
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    *funny plot related title*

    I think we could do the Alexis & Saira one first then? Could you start the thread? We could do the Zachariah & Dmitri one a bit later on. edit: Actually an Idea for Zachariah & Dmitri just popped into my head so we could do it at the same time or one of them later on, depends which one you'd...
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    *funny plot related title*

    Hi Emzies! Dmitri & Eugene: Exchanging information sounds good. I could see them interacting together in the future. Dmitri would also definitely know all about magic and wizard stuff and try his best to help out Eugene. Val & Branson: That would help, I think Val would know that Branson is...
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    *funny plot related title*

    I apologise for the possible typos and lack of formatting! I’m typing all of this with my phone at the moment so it’s a bit hard to check and all of that stuff! If there’s something that was kind of hard to understand feel free to let me know! Hi Maria! Val & Valencia: I actually had a an idea...
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    Plotty plots!

    OK! I'm going to put down the dance idea and I'll get someone (probably one of my own characters), to play music for us, maybe later in the semester or the 2nd? for the dance thing. I kind of want to space out my thread ideas. I could start a thread when the semester starts for Lillith to ask...
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    *funny plot related title*

    Aaaaah! Hello everyone! I’ve been trying to get myself to write a PD for a few days now but I could never get to it (so here I am during class trying to finish it). I’ve got tests coming up again which are always a pain but I’m getting through it, and I’ve been trying to reply to everything, so...
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    Plotty plots!

    Hi Marijke! Okay so I remember saying the last IC year that Lilith and Ana should interact more but they never really got to it. So I have a few Ideas that i’m going to be gently laying down right here. 1. They should definitely do something related to dancing. I feel like (from what i’ve seen)...
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    Open Y37 End of Year Feast

    It was the last day of the semester before Saira would go home and have to deal with her brother. She was anxious, it had been on the back of her mind for the whole semester ever since she received news of her brother coming back from university. She wished she could just stay in Hogwarts. As...
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    Y38 Sorting Reactions!

    I'm sorting two again this year! Mirim & Dmitri are both VERY excited (and nervous) to go to Hogwarts. Mirim, I think will probably go into Gryffindor (like her sister) but I can kind of see her go into Ravenclaw or Slytherin. Her mood's gonna change a lot depending on where she goes into, so...
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    Electives Fair Y37

    "Oh, that's an odd match." Saira didn't think math and future telling was a pair that often went together, though she supposed she didn't know much about future telling, nor was she too interested. Then again if she knew well enough about the future she would need not worry about her brother's...
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    Open Traffic Jam

    (wrong acc :r )
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    Electives Fair Y37

    Saira hadn't been planning to take muggle studies at all, she thought the most it would was an easy grade. “I don’t see the point in having a class on muggles, especially when a lot of the school is muggleborn.” She said, glancing at the muggle studies booth and then at the arithmancy one...