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    Word Association Game

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    Testing The Waters With Ethan Alexander Held Back Buying Wand with Elliot Briar Yearbook Conglomerated Arts Club Halloween As Shoes
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    Name: Blanche Dorothea Broomhead Meaning: Blanche - Pure, Dorothea – Gift of God Birthdate: 1/9/2044 Zodiac: Leo Strengths: Analytical – Observant – Helpful – Reliable - Precise Weaknesses: Skeptical – Fussy – Inflexible – Cold - Interfering Being a Virgo born on August 24th, you are known for...
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    Y41 Costume Contest

    Blanche Broomhead as Shoes
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    Conglomerated Arts Club

    Blanche Broomhead Slytherin First Year
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    First Years

    Blanche Broomhead Slytherin
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    Open Y41 Club Fair

    Blanche felt her face scrunch in discomfort as the older boy explained the reason. For a club supposedly all about being creative and unique, everyone having to wear nametags felt far too authoritative. "Well, I don't want one." She said simply, setting her pen back down once she had finished...
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    Open Y41 Club Fair

    Blanche nodded at the boy's response, though his comment about name tags gave her pause. "Why do we need name t-" She was cut off mid-sentence by the arrival of one of her classmates, a girl who never seemed to stop talking, and Blanche watched almost in awe as the girl rambled on. She barely...
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    Open Y41 Club Fair

    Blanche knew exactly what she wanted to do at Hogwarts, and she was relieved to find there was actually a club suited to her interests. She made her way down to the fair, wrinkling her nose slightly at the crowding of people, and made her way quickly over to the table that had interested her...
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    Y41 Sorting Reactions

    Slytherin! I think this is the least idea I've ever had going into sorting of where a character was going to wind up, and while Slytherin didn't seem most likely to me I can definitely see it looking back. I'm excited to see how being in Slytherin will inform Blanche's development going...
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    Closed Testing the Waters

    Blanche raised an eyebrow when the boy commented that he didn't think it was funny, giving him a look. "Pukeage. Like, puke-age. Like, it's a house for people who just throw up all the time?" She explained, unable to keep the exasperation from her voice. She shrugged slightly when the boy...
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    Closed Testing the Waters

    Blanche couldn't help a small snort of laughter as the boy explained the American magic school. "Pukeage? There's a house named Pukeage?!" Blanche cackled with laughter, eyes widening. "Oh my god, and people think Hufflepuff is bad! Imagine that, you've gotta spend the rest of your life...
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    Closed Testing the Waters

    Blanche sighed slightly when the boy mentioned using Silas's notes, nodding. "Yeah, I could, but it won't be the same." She grumbled, trying hard not to think about how much more Silas was going to know so quickly. He'd already be lightyears ahead of her by Christmas, and what was she supposed...
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    Closed Testing the Waters

    Blanche's face scrunched up as the boy agreed with how unfair her situation was. "Apparently not." She said bitterly. "I've just got to wait a whole year, while Silas is off at school. He's gonna be a year ahead of me the whole time." It was bitterly, deeply unfair. "Terrible way to run...
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    You better teach me all the spells you learned!

    You better teach me all the spells you learned!