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Vader Hume

poorly named; stressed insecure; accio! editor
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Curved 14" Flexible Spruce Wand with Vampire Blood Core
10/2034 (15)
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Vader had rushed out of the common room the first occasion he could, only taking the time to grab the important camera as he had rushed out. The stuff he’d been working on replaceable, the camera not. He’d stopped in the empty bathroom of the fifth floor. Where he’d remained until his breathing had evened out, until the crying had stopped and until he felt like he could emerge without looking a wreck. The same could note be said for his face. His right eye was a little swollen, bruising on the right side of his forehead, temple and cheek was a rather terrible colour and seemingly only worsening. He peered at it in a mirror. It was bad, it would incur a lot of questions, Ava wasn’t going to be happy not after she had so recently defended him against one bully. But, maybe it was time to at least get Vegeta to stop, he knew, he hoped Goku would still help him. He couldn’t continue on with the constant threat of Vegeta. They shared a dorm together, Vader had so much to worry about and his actions were only getting worse. So, Vader pulled his jumper’s hood over his curls, moving the blond hair until it covered as much of it as possible and headed to the slytherin area, after some quiet rushed questions, Vader had been told that Goku was in the abandoned classroom. Vader headed there and stepped inside the room, spotting the boy immediately and getting an odd sense of relief, ”Goku, I changed my mind, teach me how to fight,” He barely made an attempt to fix the hair again to cover the worsening bruise.

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