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Vader Timothy Hume

Vader - was the main villain in the muggle franchise Star Wars
Timothy - English form of the Greek name Τιμοθεος (Timotheos) meaning "honouring God", derived from τιμαω (timao) "to honour" and θεος (theos) "god"
Hume - In Scottish the meaning of the name Hume is: From the cave.

Vaders parents are huge fans of the Star Wars franchise, and therefore when Vader was born they wanted to give him a name from that. It was a from a list of many names that his parents had picked out, the rest had all been rather mundane names, much like Vaders middle name. They had not picked the name when Vader was born, it was only after his birth that they settled upon that name, it just seemed to fit in a way that none of the other names did. They realised that he was probably going to get a little grief about growing up, but they liked the name, and thought it suited him and would therefore be worth it. Vader for obvious reasons dislikes his name, and it has made him the centre of ridicule for the first 11 years of his life. He wishes he could be called Timothy, or really anything else. His middle is Timothy which was his grandfathers name, and one of the names that had been shortlisted before his parents had decided upon Vader. He would have much rather go by Timothy and does intend to try out the name with some people, or had intended to when he moved to High school, however given that he is now attending magical school and he assumes that most will not know what his name or who it is named after he thinks he wont have to pretend its something else. Vader much prefers his middle name over his first name, the middle name would've never been a source of ridicule like his first is. The surname which he has is a very common surname which comes from his family's origin from outside New Zealand. He doesn't care much for the surname, its just a name, he had no choice in his name at all, but to him the surname isn't nearly as bad as the rest of the name, so he doesn't mind it so much, he isn't a huge fan of it, but he finds it better than the rest of his name. Altogether he doesn't really enjoy his name much at all. He thinks its a silly name, he thinks his parents could've picked any other name from the star wars franchise as his name, but they had to pick the most ridiculous one. Vader once intended to at one point change his name, but he has since coming to Hogwarts and the friends he has made, he's come to not entirely like the name but not mind it as much.

Vader doesn't have any nicknames, he tried to get people to call him Vader, to try and get away from the Vader name, but it didn't really work and people never took to it. His parents enjoy the name a lot so they don't call him anything but that. His attempts to make a different version of his name have varied through the years, but when people find out his name is Vader, they get pretty excited and enjoy making jokes about it. So, they tend to call him that. So, despite wanting to and in many occasions attempting to start a nickname for himself its never actually worked. However, given that he is entering a new world he assumes that he might be able to make something stick a little more than he had before, the other magical people wont be interested in his name.

Currently Vader is sixteen years old.

October 30th 2034

Given Vaders age, he is a mere student, he loves not having to work because he knows how hard it is on his parents and he would rather never actually have to work, but for now he is a student, and a pleased student at that.


Name: Sabrina Hume
DOB: December 2010
Relationship: Mother.
Occupation: Zoo Keeper
Blood status: Muggle

Name: Charles Hume
DOB: August 2013
Relationship: Father
Occupation: Accountant
Blood status: Muggle

Name: Padme Hume
DOB: May 2037
Relationship: Sister.
Occupation: too young
Blood status: Muggleborn

Name: Leia Hume
DOB: July 2039
Relationship: Sister
Occupation: too young
Blood status: Muggleborn

Charles Harold Hume - Muggle, he studied at Wellington University and is an accountant in a large firm in downtown Wellington.
Charles was born and raised in a muggle family, he went to school and then university and always considered himself a huge nerd for things that were a little before his birth. Born in the wrong generation he always claimed. he lived a rather average life, he got married and had three children. He enjoys his job and it keeps him and his family sufficient. He has always had a passion for sci-fi and has written three novels of the genre, though they've never been published. He always encouraged his children to find their passions and to still keep those up when they work themselves. He was a little blind to his eldest son's troubles in school, with little time to really spare for his children and home life he always assumed because the teachers said good things that he was managing just fine and there was little to worry about. He was very surprised therefore to find out during Vader's final year in muggle school that he was skipping the occasional class and had nearly stopped interacting with other students. He had pushed for Vader to join the photography class offered and thought that would be enough to encourage him back. But within weeks of that happening, he found out that his son was actually a wizard and would be attending a magic school come the following year. He is proud of Vader but does very much feel like he's lost his son.

Sabrina Ferrie Hume - Muggle, she studied at Wellington University and works in the local zoo, looking after the giraffes.
Sabrina's love of animals has always driven her passion throughout her life and working at a zoo is as rewarding as it was difficult. She worked exceedingly hard to get to that position. She worked hard in school and in university. She had discovered during that time a real passion for films and photography and met her future husband at a convention in Auckland about star wars. The two were exceedingly close right off the bat. Sabrina loves being part of a family and definitely views raising children much like a zoo. She was the one who bought Vader his first camera when he was four years old, an old old camera that would still work if he dropped it and has steadily given him more and more as the years went on. She was very happy when he seemed to also pick up the passion for it. Sabrina was far less blind to Vader's school problems than her husband, but she wasn't sure what to do about it. She had always been quite popular in school, had never known what to do about bullies, so she'd just assumed that eventually Vader would find some friends. The issue did stop of course when he left the school and went to magical school. Sabrina was exceedingly surprised about it, but she could admit that she had noted that odd things did occasionally happen around him that couldn't be necessarily explained. She hopes that he's happier at school

2 sisters, both younger, Padmé Hume and Leia Hume. Padme was born May 2038 and Leia September 2039. Both of them struggle less with friends. Padme was very close to Vader before he left for school, and always tried to spend time with him in school when he was alone. Padme suffers a little of the same bullying, but she's got friends that make it easier. She is also beginning to show some signs of magic. Leia being much younger just misses her big brother. Despite how Vader was with school, he has always been very protective of his younger siblings. He would always want to protect them from everything in the world, he would fight back for them, and he would pretty much want to murder anyone who tried to hurt either of them.

Both of his parents have siblings, his mothers parents had three children, two girls and one boy. His mother is the middle sibling and older girl. His uncle, the oldest of that family, currently lives in the same town as them in New Zealand, he works in a computing firm, fixing computer problems for people, his wife is a computer security expert, working in the same company but providing tech security to companies who ask for it. They have three children, all boys, all of whom are non magical, one born in 2027, the second in 2030 and the last in 2032. The aunt, and youngest of the family, married her lifelong partner, a woman from the school they both attended. They are both yoga instructors, and have one child that the aunt carried, a little girl, born in 2037 and currently shows no sign of magic. On the fathers side the parents had two boys, their father being the older of the two, the youngest of the two has been married four times, and has a total of six children, three from the first wife, and one from each of the others.

The family used to own a dog, a golden retriever which they got when Vader was three, it was already quite an old dog when the family got it, and it was put own when Vader was about ten years old, since then they hadn't gotten a new pet, although Vader is quite interested in getting a magical pet, well an Owl. In his first visit to the magical village in New Zealand, he noted the fact that he could get an owl, and Vader has since then wanted an owl, but given he is new to the world and his parents don't entirely understand it, he knows that he'll need to win them over about it, which for an owl Vader intends to do.

Being born of non-magical parents makes Vader a muggleborn

Vader learned about magic when he got his letter to hogwarts, he learned about the magical world when he went to get supplies for starting school and interacted with magical people then. He decided when he got to school he would just shake off who he was. So, he likes being magical, it's giving him the chance to be more himself, to grow as a person and learn more about himself outside of his name and muggle life. He doesn't particularly like being muggleborn because he's found it's put him at quite a disadvantage in the beginning of his school career because he just doesn't know as much as everyone else. He hasn't really actively told anyone that he is from muggle parents and just decided that he didn't have to. he doesn't need to admit to anything he doesn't want to admit to. Vader is proud of being magical, and a little ashamed of his muggleborn status, but he would rather be muggleborn than muggle. He is also rather hopeful that his siblings will eventually join him in being magical. he doesn't when he'll know.

Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington, New Zealand

Despite really loving where he currently lives, there is nothing that Vader would love more than to see the world, there are so many places that he has only seen in pictures, has only seen in the movies he watches, and he wants to visit them all. He loves the way the world is, and he wants to have an adventure in every single country in the world. He wouldn't like to be living anywhere, as long as his parents don't mind putting him up every so often, he would just like to travel all the time, be a resident of the world and not of any one place. Becoming magical has certainly helped his detachment to any one location, he is no longer part of his old life and community that he hadn't fitted that well into. With little attachments he would be free to travel and see places which is exactly what he intends to do. He has a long bucket-list of places he'd like to visit in his lifetime, which he intends to complete.

FIRST HOME: Vader has only ever lived in the same house, so his first home is his only home. The house is a rather fair sized place, with three bedrooms, a living room, two bathrooms, a kitchen and garden. It's all on one floor with his bedroom in the furthest part of the house. Currently he shares this room with his little sister Padme, largely because the youngest sister currently needs a little more space. Despite that, the room is exceedingly spacious, and since Vader gets along very well with this sister he has no problem with sharing with her. The house itself is a good house, Vader loves his home, it has everything he could need and he's able to play outside at any given moment. Its a short distance from his school and from a local park he can go to with either his sisters or his friends, to him its the perfect house.

Vader is gay.
Vader has always been quite nervous about his sexual orientation. In primary school, kids in his class who bullied him would use homophobic language towards him. He always hated it. However, at the time, he only had a small inclination that they could possibly be right, but he was completely unwilling to ever admit to it. As he went to Hogwarts and left that life behind, he decided that he would be straight, because if he wasn't people were bound to pick on him again and he knew he wouldn't handle it well. As he's grown older, he's in pretty strong denial about it not being true. He's tried actively to ignore it and suppress it. He doesn't want to be gay, he has so many negative attachments because of what others said and did to him that he doesn't think he'd be able to deal with it. However as he's begun dating girls, he thinks he can just make it work, that he can learn to like them, because the alternative is not something he wants. In March of 2051, he kissed Jigoku Arai, and then latterly came out to his best friend Avaria Lockwood. he had always had a bit of clue that he was gay, but he has a lot of internalised homophobia that have made this journey difficult for him. He is slowly accepting who he is and trying his best to be okay and comfortable with it. The first step was telling Ava and from there he knows things can only get better and easier.

Vader is currently not seeing anyone.

Jigoku Arai

He has kissed Isabelle Walden.

His first french kiss was with Pho

Isabelle Walden September 2049 - December 2049
Asphodel King: January 2050 - December 2050

Too young

Too young

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Vader has dark, dirty blond hair. It can be rather curly in humid weather, but most of the time it just grows out wavy without too much concern of staying neat and tidy. He has a full mop of hair as his parents say, his mother calls it fluffy. The blonde hair is a trait he gets from his mother, and he is the only one of the children to have this hair colour. He likes the blonde colour, its not the best colour in his mind but he likes it. He likes the way it sits when he doesn't do anything to try to fix it. It sits haphazardly, but he likes the almost control chaos of it. He would rather his hair than any of the other hair that he's seen other people with.

Vader has never dyed his hair, he's always not liked it upon others and has never been able to come up with what colour his hair could be if he was to do anything to it. And that is one of the bigger reasons why he has never actually dyed his hair. Aside from not liking it upon other people he wonders what colour would even suit him, and this leads him to just decide it isn't for him. That that kind of hair isn't for someone like him.

He has rather wide dark green eyes, Vader has always been called observant, hell watch things with interest and hell have a keen sense about him. He can be rather expressive with his eyes, and he likes his eyes quite a lot, though he doesn't think he has a good, or best feature, if he was pushed into the decision he'd say his eyes, but thats also because thats what Vader looks for in a person too. Hell always look to their eyes. He likes his eye colour and it resembles that of his fathers a lot. He likes that about them, even though he curses his parents for the name they gave him, hes rather happy with some of the things they've passed on to him.

He does have quite a number of birthmarks, most prominently is that on face, just above his lips. Its a rather noticeable fact, and though he doesn't really notice it much anymore others do, and it was one of the reasons that people used to bully him in school. Every slight imperfection, the freckles and birthmarks that he had were a source of laughter for the bullies, and a reason to shove him to the floor. With the bullying he endured he has a few minor scars, one just on his hairline, covered by his fringe which was caused when one of the kids shoved him off a roundabout and he smacked his head. He has other smaller scars littered about, the one at his hairline though still small is the biggest of them.

Vader has a rather small stature, no one in his family is particularly tall, but currently he hasn't experienced any major growth spurts and so is a little smaller than most of the people in his class. This is a point of ridicule for people with Vader. He doesn't like being so small, but his general stature is this small too. He is a thin and small boy. He doesn't like it, but he doesn't have much motivation to do anything at least about his weight and general shape. The boy wishes hell get taller as the years go on, but hell likely still arrive at Hogwarts as one of the smallest people at the school.

AB (+ve)
When his family found out that Vader had magic and would be attending a magical school in the winter, instead of the high school that he was supposed to attend, they decided to get a series of check-ups done. Get a new set of shots to ensure his immune system would be just fine, and also got him various pieces of information for him to hold on to about blood type, finding out what it was just on the off case that he ends up needing that piece of information. He wont need it, given magic, but his family being new to the magical world are overly concerned about Vader and his safety in this new and magical world. They want to give him the best protection that they can especially if he wont be there with them to take care of him.

Right Handed
Like the rest of the family, he is right handed, he has always been right handed, and never bothered to try with any other hand because it always seemed so pointless to him to do that. He just didn't need to ever bother and Vader really isn't the type to go out of his way to try something new, not something that is so unnecessary to him. So, he is right handed and thats the only had he uses when he writes.

Having been born and raised in New Zealand, Vader has a very distinct New Zealand accent. It is a given, since both his parents are born and raised in New Zealand and he lives in an area with New Zealand people. It isn't incredibly thick, people can still understand it with ease, but it is pronounced. It is likely the first thing that people will notice about him within a group of people not from New Zealand. He likes the way his voice sounds, and hasn't ever experience much issue with it. Its perhaps one of the few things that people haven't made fun of him for, and he hopes that this will continue at magical school, he isn't sure how foreign it is but hes hopeful that none will mind his accent.

Vader attended a muggle primary school in New Zealand, and through that can speak a little German, but that is all that he can speak aside from english.. He can not speak any other language, and he was never particularly good at German so he would opt to not ever have to learn another language ever again. He just doesn't like it. He likes speaking english and he likes being able to speak the one language that so many other people also speak, it suits him so much better.

Vader suffers from a very minor allergy to oranges, its never more than an irritating rash on his arms, but he tends to avoid most orange products because of it. He doesn't like oranges which he claims has nothing to do with the fact that he's allergic to it, and to do with the taste, but it is likely one affecting the other, he doesn't like oranges because he is allergic and because he is allergic he doesn't like oranges.
He also has a slight gluten allergy, which is a little more severe than his allergy to oranges, but its still rather mild.

Vader has a number of bad habits, most of them currently aren't anything too bad, mostly minor things that Vader does, he bites his nails pretty badly when hes stressed out or nervous about something, and hell chew the skin on his lips when he is nervous too. He bites his nails a little more than he bites his lips but both of them he does. He can also get pretty fidgety when he ends up doing something that he dislikes. He'll grow nervous and bounce on the balls of his feet. he also has a bad habit of letting his stress and nervousness make it incredible difficult to sleep.

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Vader has suffered from insomnia for a good many years. He first experienced bouts of insomnia prior to Hogwarts, but they weren't particularly bad. It was when he got to school and after his first year when it began to get worse. His insomnia began flaring up prior to events for Accio and then with exams. It has gotten increasingly worse over the years that followed, where anything that stressed him out would result him getting little to no sleep. Vader tried multiple methods to get himself to sleep but none worked for particularly long. He'd go weeks with little to no sleep, which would usually only stress him out more. He went to see a nurse in the mid of his fifth year after the fight with Ava led to him barely getting any sleep at all for all too long. He was made rather nervous by. the interaction and though they were able to give him something temporarily it didn't help him in the long run, and he has not yet been back. In his fifth year was the worst it has ever been.

His style could be described as quite nerdy, he opts to wear band t-shirts or t0shirts to do with what he likes to play, watch and listen to. His parents try to put him in more polite outfits, things that are more shirt and trousers to give off a semi casual look. He's not one for fashion styles or wearing things because they match, he's the sort of person wholly wear what he wants, he doesn't have many clothes, with little patience for shopping he has a limited set of outfits he goes between, and hell wear these clothes until they are tearing at the seams. He doesn't mind dressing like this, but he knows it bothers his parents that he doesn't just get new clothes but it had also been a point where bullies could make fun of him, and in one occasion they ripped one of his favourite shirts.

Tarjei Sandvik Moe

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Vader loves manga, he loves comics and cartoons. He reads everything he can get his hands on. Specifically he loves Dragon Ball, he loves everything about it. He loves his sister, they are his favourite people in the world. He enjoys having fun, and doing silly thing, even if he doesn't have many opportunities in school to do that sort of thing. He likes going on adventures, and he likes playing in the park. he enjoys being sarcastic with others. He likes having friends, he likes when people actually want to speak with him. He really enjoys certain sports, specifically rugby and football. Vader loves movies a lot. He loves them a whole lot, he likes quoting movies and writing about it. Above all else, Vader has a deep love for photography, he was given his first camera when he was four years old and it's always been an interest of his since then. he likes the process of setting up the shot and looking at it. He likes the barrier of the camera between him and others and it does end up giving him a lot of confidence to talk to people. He's always behind the camera so things stay pretty easy for him. He did it in primary school as a class, a fun subject they offered to kids who needed a little extra encouragement to remain in school. He would've been looking to attend a specific secondary school that had only classes about photography.

Most of all, Vader hates being bullied, he hates when people bully him, he just doesn't like it very much at all, he hates the violence of it or the mean words. Despite that he does occasionally enjoy being able to make fun of others. He doesn't like his parents very much, he loves them for what they are, but he doesn't love them, to him they are just the people who raised him. He doesn't particularly like school, or didn't particularly like muggle school though he is fairly good at it. Above all else he hates his own name, it can be quite harsh to hate his own name, but he just hated all of the difficulties that it brought with it for him. he hasn't ever seen any of the star wars films and he knows he never will because of what people used to say about him and his name. He thinks that names are a dumb idea, and that he should've been allowed to change his name when he had spent enough time being bullied because of it. He doesn't enjoy in magical school being so behind on subjects he's just coming into. From what he's learned about the magical world they don't have an earlier school that hogwarts but they don't start at the beginning, he hates that professors ask for his name, and that they don't seem to understand that the given things they assume about the magical world that everyone else knows that someone like him might not know about them. He finds it difficult to catch up and the subjects don't always make sense to him.

Though his passion in life is very much becoming photography, Vader has always had a deep desire to help people, so his goals in life would very revolve around those two things. he would want to go around taking pictures of things, enjoy being a photographer, visit places and capture them in a single moment, he would want to spend time in events and taking pictures of that. Vader would also want to do that with the goal of helping making the world a better place, whether it be to help raise money or raise awareness, or even if his photography was a hobby and all he did with his time outside of work and his work was where he could help people. He would want to help children who weren't having the best life, because if they were all happy that would spread to others. He's always thought that combining the two would be better for him. He could help make the world a bright and better place and take the pictures of the event while he was at it. The addition of magic he is sure would be something that could help him. He knows that he couldn't leave the magic world, even if he's just joined it. It can open other doors, so now he has to account for that in his future too.

It would be anyone making fun of him, he just hated that more than anything, he isn't necessarily terrified of it, but it terrifies him of what could happen next to him, he always knows that when another kid makes fun of him, it is usually followed by someone punching him in the face or the chest. He is terrified of being bullied again, of having to face more bullies, he hates it. it's also something that he has a lot of experience with, and it adds to his fear of it. he would just curl away from it because it's not abstract, he'd felt it all, he knows what it's like, and knows what it feels like when something does happen next after just the name calling or the making fun off. It is why he will shut someone out if they make fun of him in a way that's not joking, if there's even a hunt of them maybe not kidding, he'll shut that person out of his life entirely. He's also grown increasingly terrified of just being cast out of social circles, of family circles. Being picked on has made it difficult for him to detach from friends and he finds he always puts too much stock in how people treat him.

Japanese dwarf flying squirrel.
It's always been a creature that he loved. It such a sweet little thing, and he would love one.

Though he was very young when his first sister was born, the joy at sharing in this life with his sister is one of his strongest memories. He was happy to spend time with his little sister and though he couldn't do much in those early days, he just enjoyed it a lot. Vader has always been very close to his sisters and keen to protect them from the same things he suffered, and seeing her for the first time, he felt this strong bond of love to her and such a strong desire to protect her. It was the happiest and most fiercely protective that he's ever been. Whenever he thinks of that, despite how young he was at the time he is reminded of the pure and strong emotions that erupted from him when he first met her. He had a very similar experience with his second sister, but it wasn't as particularly poignant in the same way it was with his first sister. He is still very protective over her, and perhaps even a little more so because she's his baby sister, but it wasn't so apparent in how he felt when he first saw her.

The day he got the scar on his head, was perhaps one of the worst days, he had chosen to go to school, and it had been a day where to begin with the science teacher had made fun of him for his half done homework. He then ended up having to go to the local park with his gym class, since it was next to the school. There Vader was talking to a boy from the year below him, and it was then that he was shoved off the roundabout by one of the kids and hit his head off the edge as he fell down. While the teacher wasn't watching and continued to beat him up until the teacher stopped them. Vader went to the nurse and got healed a little by that, and had to remain in class until the end of the day. Vader spent most of the rest of the day in tears, but sitting still so close to those who'd shoved him. He hated that day. Vader was a little under ten when this happened, and it was just when he stopped giving much of an effort in school and began pulling further away within classes.
A later memory which to his is equally as bad, is the fight he had with Ava in his fifth year of Hogwarts. They had fought over something stupid and with too much else in his head he barely managed to keep his own head above water. It hurt him to see her, it hurt to not be in her life and he was just so happy when he got her back. Easily one of the worst periods in his life - unhelped by his lack of sleep.

If he was truly honest, he would wish to have been born into a different family, one that wouldn\t have called him Vader, a family that would've given him any other name. He wishes he didnt belong to the family that he belongs to. It would be easier, he might not have been magic, but he would've been able to get through school with a little less bullying. The feelings of isolation that were caused by the years in primary school that could've been prevented by the changing of his name would've been avoided and though he would miss his sister he knew it would work out just fine for them, they'd be fine. They would be the only ones who'd he'd admit missing in this scenario where he wishes to born to other people.

Vader would see himself, he'd have his trusty camera and he'd have Ava by his side. He could see a partner supporting him in the background and a gallery of his pictures filling the room. He knows that Ava would likely be prominent in the mirror, since he knows that he'd always want her by his side. But of course he would be able to see that she too was happy, that they were all happy. Perhaps if he. looked more closely at it, he'd not that some the pictures were her paintings. He'd see his sisters in the background too, offering their support, but the feeling of the mirror would be that of achievement and pride. Before Hogwarts he. would've seen a lot of these things but they would've been faceless people, they wouldn't have been people he actually knew and above everything the partner in the mirror would not have been a man.

He loves the smell of a freshly printed picture, of a new camera out of a box. He loves the smell of the local playground, and of sand, of the humid air. He loves the smell of lemons and limes, and he likes the smell the rain. He loves the smell of roses and the smell of a fresh book, of a fresh comic and felt tip pens. He loves the smell of snow, of the fresh cold day. Certainly since coming to school and learning the process of developing pictures by hand in a specific room for it, he has come to really enjoy the smell of the place. It feels like a familiar home, a place that would never change and where he could enjoy all the work that he had put in to the pictures he had taken. It's very similar to recently printed pictures or getting a new camera.

Most of all, he looks up to the man who taught him photography, he loved it so much, and the man who taught him it, was just the greatest person that Vader had ever met, he loved the class, and the teacher helped him so much. He talked to him about life and how to get the perfect picture about getting married, about having children of his own. The man was still quite young, but he had an energy to him that Vader just loved, he was the first man to really allow him to excel, to push him in the right direction, to be kind and patient with him where others would've just gone crazy. He liked that the man never made fun of him, and on more than one occasion helped him clean up after kids had shoved him to the ground. He was kind, and Vader hopes that if he can grow up to be even a little like him, then thats a good thing. Despite the fact it was his mother that introduced him to photography he had been largely going about things on his own and discovering things on his own, it had been this professor who had helped him learn more about how to use his muggle camera and how to know when to take certain pictures. He never once even blinked at Vader's name. He was just a great all round professor. He wouldn't even ask why he'd be in that classroom working on pictures during the lunch or break.

Vaders family are non-religious. His parents were both Christians, but they stopped practicing when they both grew into adulthood, because of his grandparents however, Vader has been to church on christmas and on easter, they go infrequently and Vader gets bored every time that they go. He doesn't like it much at all, and he doesn't believe any of it, though now with magic and the fact he knows that ghosts exist he's rethinking at least some of it.


Virgos are often put down badly by many astrologers and written up as being fussy and narrow-minded. But when a Virgo shines, there is practically no sign to match their inner light. An in-tune Virgo is a treat to meet. They are efficient, have strong ethics and need to see the practical worth of any undertaking. When a Virgo is confident within themselves they are the most successful, structured and creative of all the signs. They set very high standards in anything they consider important and can be critical of others whose standards don't reach their own. Many Virgos can be found working in the "service to others" industries, ranging from welfare work, doctors, school-teachers through to practising natural forms of healing like massage, herbal remedies etc. There is ingenuity around this sign, a kind-heartedness, which unfortunately is sometimes played upon by others for their advantage. Virgos can often become victims of relationship power-games, where they are mistreated. Creative and sensitive, Virgos are delicate people who, like rare and special orchids, require individual treatment to fully blossom into their true unique beauty. Shy, they are happy to allow others to take centre-stage and often generate their time and energy into making those they love happy or successful. Virgos are givers and when the chips are down and you need a friend, the one available during those testing times when you need advice or companionship the most, is likely to be a Virgo. Virgos understand human frailties better than most, because they are so deep and reflective themselves.

Vader has a varying personality, he is still very much developing into his own person, finally able to grow outwith his old school demeanour. He's an active child, he likes talking to people and spending time with them. He likes being behind the camera and he is more confident with that. he's engaging with school and the classes he's been doing. He's been more active in his classes than he had been. He likes classes, he doesn't put in a lot of effort, but does all the work necessary, will always get the work done. He has to interact with students because of his position in accio which has given him more confidence. He is still a very shy person, he will embarrass easily and will try to leave situations he doesn't like. He will speak nervously and shy physically away from certain people, he'll rarely really ever give out his name. But he is also very keen to make friends and with people his own age he's finding it easier to talk with them, and will actively try to form friendships with them, especially as he's spent some time just coming to grips with the school itself. He can occasionally do things without thinking, which will increasingly become an issue as his confidence and nervousness dies down. He'll always try to help people when he sees if they're in trouble. He's a rather kind person, but he'll shut people out if they make fun of him. He will make fun of others at times, even though he hates bullies and bullying, he can't help himself, especially in the magical world where he is actively trying to erase many aspects of who he was before that place. He'll never physically fight, and he's not the type to get angry. He is loyal to his family, and he can be relatively stubborn about things.



Vader Hume

sixth year; stressed out insecure; accio! editor
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King Edward Primary School - It was a rather large school in the suburb of Wellington that he lived in. It catered to a large area, and was probably surprising big for where it was. For a primary school it had a lot of options for kids too, and a connected secondary school across the road, which most of the kids would eventually go into. Vader had he not been accepted to Hogwarts would've likely tried to attend any school but the secondary school of his primary.

Vader attended from the first year he was able to, until his transfer to magical school. He hated every moment that he was in the school. He grew to hate it more and more with each passing year he had to go to the school. he tried to convince his parents to send him elsewhere but the school was in a good area for what they needed with their jobs. He didn't like the school at all, and when he finally did leave he was happy to see the back of it.

None, there were houses in the upper school but none in the lower school. they were named after maori animals, and he was actually quite keen for that aspect of the upper school, though he got the better deal with going to magical school and having houses there too.

When Vader arrived, late on the first day and was introduced to the class as Vader, the class erupted into laughter, either because one child or a few knew the name and what it meant he was named after. Vader was a shy and nervous young child, he loved adventures and enjoyed playing, so he played by himself and thus many of the bigger kids began to make fun of him, and he cried hard until the teachers sent him home for the day. He has never liked the school, he liked the classes, but the people he really disliked.

There were few grades that he could achieve while in the school, he got an award for photography upon leaving, and received praise for his writing, his poetry and arts. He was the top of the class for literature. He passed all of his classes, some better than others and left school with a glowing review that if he actually applied himself he would do just fine. As he got older he would skip classes, just spend the time wandering around the school ground or going to the bathroom for long periods of time, coming up with fake excuses to not go, or just not turn up in the morning. His parents grew increasingly concerned that he wouldn't do well at all, but he always passed and would do well when he put a little bit of effort.

Photography was always his favourite thing in school, he only got to do it in the final year of his education, but since it was a small class with people in it actually interested in being his friend, he had the easiest time, he felt encouraged and keen to attend, he would skip other classes and just go to that. He liked taking the pictures and editing them, he liked being able to edit them, and just enjoy them. He loved the class, it is the only thing he will miss about muggle school. It was only for a year that he attended at school, in his final year of the school too but it was the only class he ever grew to actually like in the school. The rest were all garbage to him.

He didnt really like any other classes, he hated the sciences most of all, because he wasnt good at them, and they usually got a different teacher in for that, and he picked up on how bad Vader was at them, and tended to pick him to speak, just to pick on him. He made fun of him, and would mock his homework. He didnt like the class and he didnt like the professor much at all either.

Vader skipped a lot of class, he didnt like school much at all, the place was filled with people who disliked him and would rather he wasnt there, he wouldnt turn up for at least a day a week, and in his final two years would leave and then return for the classes he like. The school constantly raised it with him, but accidental magic would make it appear on the system that he had been there. Vader enjoyed the freedom, and studied on his own. He never bothered in most of the classes other than photography so even if he was at them, he would be doing anything other than the work he was supposed to be doing.

Given that he didnt like school, Vader didnt join any school clubs. He didn't even wanted to attend the classes much less the extra stuff. There was a photography club, but despite his love of photography you could not have paid Vader to attend the school.

He didnt achieve any positions due to terrible attendance. He doesn't regret this either, the school was not a good place for him.
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Curved 14 Inch Flexible Spruce Wand with Vampire Blood Core

Length: A little on the longer side of things, wands of this length are slightly more uncommon and not easily forgotten by others.
Style: Bending to its side, this wand is more difficult to aim than its straighter counterparts but provides character that some simply cannot pass by.
Wood: Spruce is a difficult wand to wield, as it often wants to attempt its own magic, but with a determined and skilled owner it is a reliable and excellent helper.
Core: Wands with this core appear to be useful with healing spells. Spells from a wand with vampire blood may be stronger than the caster intends, however, so they are advised to take note of this.
Flexibility: Flexible: Not easily broken, this wand performs under strenuous circumstances with little effort - though how well it performs is ultimately up to its weilder.

Given that his getting his wand, was one of Vader's first interactions with magic, it was a rather odd experience. He wasn't sure how the wand would be decided. He didn't quite understand what they meant when they said it choses them. But he let the process happen. Vader got his wand, and he was surprised that it supposedly had vampire blood in it's core, he thought that was just something they were told and in fact it couldn't but, he was assured it did. The wand itself was odd to him, it felt perfect, it felt like a part of him he hadn't even realised was missing was finally in his hand. It looked amazing, but it looked just so much like what every depiction of what a magical wand would be. he hadn't expected it to be pink or glittery like the magical wands of fairies, not that he would've entirely minded that. Vader loved how it looked, and he did find himself often just staring at the box it came in for hours on end before he had finally be able to use it. It was everything he had thought it would be and more.

Hogwarts New Zealand

Vader's experiences of school had always been quite negative and though he was planning to make hogwarts different, he expected the school itself to be quite traditional, like any of the schools that he had seen in his life. But it was nothing like that, it was huge, it wasn't a school, it was a castle. The place itself was just a castle. He hadn't even known there were castles in new zealand. It wasn't what he'd had in his head when he'd found out about hogwarts but when he saw it, it was of course what the school would be. The inside of it was amazing, the people all seemed as eager as him, and everything about the school was out of this world amazing. he could get used to it, and he did very quickly adjust to hogwarts, and the way it was, but there was a moment when he first arrived that he just clung to. The perfection of such a school that was a castle he got to learn magic in. a true dream, and Vader knew he would always try to not take the place for granted.


It was another aspect of the magical world that Vader wasn't too sure about. He knew it had to be something simple, since so many of them would have to do it, but he was sure that they would just get told where they were to sit, that it wouldn't be too much of a spectacle, but he was definitely wrong about that. It was a whole event in the school. He knew from the first moment that it started that his name would be read out to the whole school. He just hoped that people wouldn't remember it, or that because it was the magical world that people would simply not know what it was. Know that Vader was not a normal name. he was increasingly nervous about right up until he actually got sorted. he didn't hear if anyone laughed at him for his name, it seemed that just watching people be sorting was more interesting than what they were called. He had no preference over where he was to end up, he hadn't spent all that much time reading about the different houses, but he was pretty pleased with where he ended up, he thought Gryffindor sounded like it could be a lot of fun.

Vader had in the back of his mind thought this was some elaborate prank played on him by his school. He honestly had. It had almost been confirmed when that girl from the year above him had run into him in the park when he'd been first exploring the new world. But, being on the train, seeing others on the train preform magic he had to admit it was very real. Either that or Vader was going to wake up in 6 months from a coma and be told it was all a dream, which now that he was in the world wasn't something he wanted in the slightest. The young boy was of course nervous, from the book he had read about this place, it was an easy ceremony, but he was new to this entire place and that was for a lack of a better phrase, being baptised into the new world. Vader hoped that due to the magic world seemingly so separate from the muggle that none of them would know the reference his name was and rather would just accept his name as a slightly peculiar name. It would be the moment of truth, after all, his hogwarts mission is to entirely reinvent himself, these people in his class, in this school would never experience what Vader had been like before. Now he would be confident, he would talk to others, he would get involved. He would do these things and people wouldn't know what his name meant so they'd be none the wiser about what he'd been through before. In fact Vader had been planning to not even mention the fact he was from a muggle family, muggleborn or something. It seemed like a small and inconsequential point but Vader just didn't want to think about that part of him ever again. Should his sisters be magical too, he'd be sure they'd also know to never tell. He was deciding all of this as the group of first years was lead to the front of the hall. A fanciful and great hall, he'd been so in his own mind that he hadn't particularly noticed anything about it. Now, he was. There was someone singing, but Vader remained deep within the crowd, unable to see over some of the taller first years.

Vader noticed the flying candles, the hundreds of floating candles above his head, the school banners adorning the hall, bring both warmth and colour to the room, even the silver snake did so. He had to admit of all the animals on the banners he liked the silver snake. The way it was shaped, the strength it seemed to have even when one of the others was a lion. Vader's gaze shifted to the students he could see sat about the hall. They seemed eager for this to be over, but interested, this was clearly a big spectacle. Vader noted the song had ended when the room began applauding, which seemed to be a bit much for one song, but he'd come to learn that was just the way magical were sometimes, so he joined in. Not wanting to look the fool. Names began to be read out, and he couldn't help but smother a snigger at the two named after dragon ball zee characters. Vader wondered if they knew that they were, and he knew that they were very much less fortunate than him. Those names were dumb. At least his was of a decent character and long spanning franchise. He knew it was somewhat hypocritical to be mocking others even quietly about their names, but he couldn't help himself, others had done it to him, why couldn't he do it to them. The list of names were being rattled off, Vader growing both impatient and nervous as it drew closer and closer to his name. The names of the houses always being called out a little after, gryffindor, hufflepuff, ravenclaw, slytherin. He didn't note particularly where other did end up, it wasn't his problem currently, he just had to get sorted and then he could worry about how he'd need to be with them so that they wouldn't bully him. Perhaps he should've made a better effort prior to school to visit magical places and find some friends. But it was too late for that now, since loud and clear.

"Hume, Vader," was called out over the hall. He listened as he pushed forward for any sign of laughing from any one in the hall, but thankfully he didn't hear any. He ruffled his hair and ran his hand on his face in a clearly nervous gesture. This was the moment. He walked up and took a seat on the stool, wondering how a hat had been sorting all those people, but assuming it was just another odd quirk of the magical world. The hall was packed with people, but Vader was ready.


Sixth Year

FIRST YEAR: Vader had a relatively normal first year. He was thurst into the the magical world and had to learn pretty much everything, he struggled to make friends and adjust to a new school, but did make some, becoming friends with Ava, Abian and Alice. Vader was spotted and asked to join the Accio yearbook, which he did. He helped give out roses and attended school events. He did relatively well in his classes, only failing at flying and gaining an O in everything but Potions. He likes the magic that he can learn to do. He didn't have any bad experiences during his first year but there were a few instances with his name that cropped up.
SECOND YEAR: Vader has had a complicated second year, where he has done far better in all of his classes, gaining perfect O grades, there were a few incidents during this year which were less good. He had a run in with an older Ravenclaw girl who had targeted his friend Abian, and a second run in where the head girl had to save him. He had two other incidents, one where during the rose giving a girl who couldn't have known tried to mess around with him, but was in a manner he'd always remembered bullies doing so, and in the way one girl grabbed his arm. He took part in more things, trying out for quidditch, just to see if he could do it. He took part in the duelling too. Neither of these things worked out that well for him. He became the deputy of the accio yearbook and once again went to all of the events. He also picked his classes for the following year and grew much closer with Ava. It is during this year that Vader first started questioning a little about who he was, sexuality wise.
THIRD YEAR: Vader's experiences in this year were tricky, he maintained his classes with O's but he became the leader of Accio. This was a huge honour but a massive task and responsibility. He ran it for the whole year and will do so until he leaves school. It affected his sleep, he worried and fretted between his accio work and his school work, that his sleep seemed to fade in and out of existence, leaving him completely emotionally and physically exhausted by the end of the year. This was also the first year with one of his siblings and he attempted to be enough there for her. Vader and Ava grew closer during this year, and Vader also grew closer to both Isabelle and Pho. He realised in this year that what he'd been denying or ignoring might be true about him, but unwilling to acknowledge it, Vader decided by the end of the year he should start dating girls to really dispell it. He had a few run ins with Vegeta over the year, but nothing more than he was used to.

FOURTH YEAR: Vader began the year by asking Isabelle out on the train, he had still not picked between Isabelle and Pho, and Isabelle was the girl he ran into first. It felt awkward and he didn't like it much at all. it was additionally his second year as Leader of Accio, while had hoped that it would get easier for him, it really didn't. Other than just having a clearer clue of what he was doing, everything was the same and the. yearbook he'd certainly come to find was a pretty difficult piece to do. He maintained his grades as well as he could and dated Isabelle until the Christmas break, where he then broke up with her and began dating Pho. He had realised by. the point of him dating Pho that perhaps it had nothing to do with the girl he was with, but he didn't want to admit and just focused on being a good boyfriend. His sleep during the. year got worse and he found that. he spent more days more stressed than not. The bully from vegeta reached a peak, and he reached out to Jigoku to help teach him self defence - an offer he'd made before. By the end of the school year he'd managed O's but he felt truly exhausted. He applied for an internship with the EVELYN Brand, and had an initial interview for it.
FIFTH YEAR: During the break of before his fifth year, Vader and Ava had a fight, which added stress to Vader. he was awarded the prefect position from the head of house. Vader did not manage very well in the beginning of the year, the gryffindor wasn't sleeping well at all, even worse than he did normally. It made studying very difficult. He was still with Pho during it and was struggling with her, knowing by then that he didn't love her. He didn't like her as more than a friend. Eventually on his birthday, he and Ava fixed their relationship and Vader's sleep got a little better. He told Pho that he loved her and then after a few weeks during the Christmas break he broke up with her. He kissed Goku during the next semester and then he told Ava he was gay. In the end he didn't manage to. help his sleep but he managed to get good friends, good grades.

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Despite only being in his first year, Vader has already joined the accio! yearbook team. Vader had been taking pictures during his first week in the school when the current deputy editor after a brief conversation with him, asked if he wanted to join as her intern. He'd gotten a magical camera the moment he had seen that his own cameras didn't work. Vader agreed and joined the team. In his second year of school, Vader took the position of deputy editor of the accio yearbook. This is a position he knew he would take over, he has found it mixed, he liked being a part of accio, he likes taking pictures and stretching his own abilities but he finds managing it a little more difficult. In his third year of school, Vader assumed the position of Accio! Editor. It is a huge task that was given to him over older members of the club at the time. He loves it, but it is a source of great stress for him. As a fifth year he was made prefect by professor Cyndi Kingsley - it was a huge honour, but it just became something else he had to learn to balance.

Vader is part of a number of clubs, he is a member of the Wild Patch, he is part of the SDA and of course he is part of accio

First Year Grades

Potions: E

History of Magic: O

Defence Against the Dark Arts: O

Charms: O

Transfiguration: O

Astronomy: O

Herbology: O

Flying: P

Second Year Grades

Potions: O

History of Magic: O

Defence Against the Dark Arts: O

Charms: O

Transfiguration: O

Astronomy: O

Herbology: O

Third Year
Potions - OHistory of Magic - ODADA - OCharms - O
Transfiguration - OAstronomy - OHerbology - OArithmancy - O
Ancient Runes - ODivination - OCare of Magical Creatures - O

Fourth Year
Potions - OHistory of Magic - ODADA - OCharms - O
Transfiguration - OAstronomy - OHerbology - OCare of Magical Creatures - O
Ancient Runes - ODivination - O

OWL Grades
Potions - OHistory of Magic - ODADA - OCharms - O
Transfiguration - OAstronomy - OHerbology - OCare of Magical Creatures - O
Ancient Runes - ODivination - O
Since he knows there are classes that he hasn't yet tried, the boy is unsure about which class could be classed as his best class, but he really really loves transfiguration. It's got a lot of what he would expect from the class and from magic in general. He's looking forward to learning about the different branches and learning the different spells they would be able to do in the class. He likes the fact that the professor is taking the time to go over some of the theory in the class rather than just jumping into the spells like other classes. He would also admit that he likes the potions classes, much like transfiguration, it's the fact that he could do very wizard-y things in the class which appeal to him a lot. He likes the professor too. Perhaps more so than the transfiguration professor but he does maybe prefer transfiguration just a little.

Vader would say that currently astronomy is his worst class, largely because he managed to embarrass himself in front of the entire class on the first lesson. Well, the first two, when his fact about space had turned out to be wrong because the magical world believed differently than the muggles. He didn't like that at all. he doesn't mind what they learn and he doesn't find it particularly difficult, but he just finds the class difficult to do when he ended up showing just how clueless he was about the magical world in front of half of his year. Perhaps with time this preference of classes will change. But the annoyance at the class that he has for now will likely carry for a while.

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Vader has always wanted to be a photographer. Prior to ever owning a camera he'd always liked photography, but it was in getting his first and the class that followed that he discovered that he was good at it and that he loved it. He's always been unsure what sort of photography he'd like to do, but he wouldn't ever want to limit himself to one kind. Vader doesn't really mind what he does so long as it's photography, he doesn't mind if he makes no money from it, he'll always be happy if he can take pictures.

Currently Vader is a student and therefore does not have a profession. Though given that he had an internship with EVELYN fashion he could claim. that he's begun to move into the photography profession more formally than ever before.

EVELYN fashion- Photographer Intern
In the break between his fourth and fifth year, Vader was brought on briefly to EVELYN fashion, a taster of the work that would get done. He was formally offered an internship for the break between his fifth and sixth year. He very eager took it, knowing that while running accio would provide him good experience it was limited and he needed to widen it. It seemed like a good place to start, where creativity could be paramount in certain shoots and then just his ability to take profiles would be useful.

Vader didn't think twice about taking the position. He did think a little about it after, he was very nervous to begin with because it was very different to what he was used to and he was very worried about doing it wrong. However, though he thinks that in his own photography he needs to have more freedom and creative control he really enjoyed it. It was more fast paced, he was being challenged to do things he hadn't otherwise done. He really enjoyed working with Evelyn herself, he found her to be both exceedingly nice as a person and just very good at helping him feel more at ease.









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