Y46 Duelling Match #15

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@Morrie Ayre v @Aroha Blenheim

With the first round behind them it was time to move to the next and James stood in front two of the lucky winners who now got to take on each other. “You know the drill, take your positions and we’ll have a nice clean duel from both of you,” He waited for them to get back into position before he moved to his. “Begin,”

The duel begins now. You have 24 hours to post, or face disqualification. Ensure that you use the spell list for guidance on age-appropriate spells, and read over the dueling rules and points system. If you are knocked out or otherwise disarmed/incapacitated, or if you run out of points, you will lose and the duel will end. Have fun! Be creative!

Spectators are allowed to post in this topic once per competitors post, but are forbidden from directly interfering with the duels. Duellers cannot cast spells at the spectators or face disqualification.
Current Points: 150

Morrie had been grappling with herself lately, wondering if there was something inherently wrong with her. Despite her recent achievements, like the snitch catch and winning her last duel, she felt persistently unhappy. Winning the tournament had become her latest goal, wondering if this victory might finally bring her happiness and fulfillment, but reasonably doubting that it would make the slightest bit of difference. Once they started, she bowed and gave her opponent a cold stare before she sent "Stupefy." to begin.
Action(s) Taken: cast spell
Point Changes: -5
Points Remaining: 145
Current Points: 150

Aroha had been looking forward to this ever since she found out about the dueling tournament. She didn't have quidditch, so winning this would have to do. She gave a bow and stared down her opponent, not in the least affected by the cold stare Morrie was giving her. Aroha anticipated a spell being thrown her way and she quickly said, "Protego!" She'd gotten good at the shield charm, and moved to do a different spell than the usual stupefy, protego she'd gotten used to, just to try show off. "Rictusempra!"

Action(s) Taken: cast spell x2
Point Changes: -10
Points Remaining: 140
Current Points: 145

Morrie frowned, her face intense with concentration as she blocked the incoming spell. Without hesitation, she sent back a spell of her own, "Petrificus Totalus" She paused briefly, sizing up her opponent with a stare."You got a free pass to the final, that's convenient for you. Isn't it?" she remarked, implying that her opponent was less deserving than she was to be here.
Action(s) Taken: cast spell x2
Point Changes: -10
Points Remaining: 135
Current Points: 140

Aroha could feel the adrenaline surge, an odd calmness coming over her. She blocked the spell, then smirked. Did this girl really think she could get under her skin that easily? "They just knew I was the real challenge," Aroha boldly stated, then quickly threw out a jelly-legs jinx, trying to catch Morrie off guard.

Action(s) Taken: cast spell x2
Point Changes: -10
Points Remaining: 130
Current Points: 135

Morrie felt a surge of anger as she saw Aroha block the spell and smirk back at her. This duel was heating up. Morrie quickly raised her wand to block the incoming jelly legs jinx, following with a harsh laugh. "The real challenge?" she replied, her voice steady. "We'll see about that, Ariya." Morrie said deliberately mispronouncing her name and smirking, she'd try anything to get under her skin. Morrie cast "Tarantallegra" aiming to gain the upper hand.
Action(s) Taken: cast spell x2
Point Changes: -10
Points Remaining: 125
Current Points: 130

Aroha frowned in concentration - and in the mispronunciation of her name. Did the girl not know, or was she doing it on purpose? Aroha didn't have time to think on it. She quickly blocked the incoming spell, now determined to prove to not just Morrie but herself that yes, she did deserve to be here, fighting this duel. "You'll have to try harder than that, Maud," Aroha said, deciding to tease her back with an inaccurate name. "Stupefy!" she then said, knowing in her heart it was her strongest spell despite its ordinariness.

Action(s) Taken: cast spell x2
Point Changes: -10
Points Remaining: 120
Current Points: 125

Morrie's tactics were having the opposite effect and making her mad when turned on her. She blocked then followed with, "My name is Morrie, not Maud!" She said angrily, finding this girl utterly infuriating. She could feel her anger growing within her, it tingled and made her feel out of control, "Expelliarmus!" She cast, releasing some of that frustration in the process, it felt good and she wanted to do it again. "Locomotor Mortis" She cast again, then "Stupefy!" For good measure. She took a deep breath, feeling a little better now it was over.
Action(s) Taken: cast spell X4
Point Changes: -40
Points Remaining: 85
Current Points: 120
Aroha was initially amused by Morrie's outburst - it seemed like she really couldn't take her own medicine - but in seemingly a split second Aroha was suddenly dealing with a series of spells. Her eyes went wide, and she blocked the first before keeping up the shield charm to block the next couple of onslaughts. This was getting intense. "That all you got?" Aroha jeered back, though it was clear the barrage of spells had taken a toll on her. "Rictumsempra!" she cast again, hoping Morrie was feeling the same beginnings of exhaustion that she was - that she wasn't alone in it.
Action(s) Taken: cast spell x3
Point Changes: -15
Points Remaining: 105

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