Y46 Dueling Match #4

Professor James Cade

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@Audrey Beauchamp v @Teddy Pirrip

Another pair of duellists stood before him so James gave them the same speech he had the others and set them off to their corners to begin. "You know the drill, I want a nice clean duel from you both, on my mark you can start," James waited for them to get into position before letting them start. "Begin,"

The duel begins now. You have 24 hours to post, or face disqualification. Ensure that you use the spell list for guidance on age-appropriate spells, and read over the dueling rules and points system. If you are knocked out or otherwise disarmed/incapacitated, or if you run out of points, you will lose and the duel will end. Have fun! Be creative!

Spectators are allowed to post in this topic once per competitors post, but are forbidden from directly interfering with the duels. Duellers cannot cast spells at the spectators or face disqualification.
Current Points: 150

Of course Audrey would be up against Teddy for her first proper duel. She knew he was one of the toughest competitors she could've drawn straight up, but she wasn't going to just let him get the better of her. "Good luuuuuuck," she said in a sing-song voice, bowed, and then immediately shot a slug-vomiting curse at him. It was gross, but it would be hilarious if it worked.
Action(s) Taken: cast spell
Point Changes: -5
Points Remaining: 145
Current Points: 150

Teddy was really looking forward to this duel, there was no one he wanted to be up against more than his best friend and biggest rival. He smirked at Audrey's sing-song wish of luck, bowing respectfully in return. "Good luck to you too," he replied, ready for whatever she had up her sleeve. Seeing the slug-vomiting curse coming his way, he quickly cast "Protego," deflecting the spell. He went straight into launching "Rictusempra!" in her direction, hoping to catch her off guard.

Action(s) Taken: cast spell x2
Point Changes: -10
Points Remaining:140
Current Points: 145

Audrey should have known that she wouldn't have been able to get around Teddy that easily, she would have honestly been quite disappointed if she had. She just had to play this carefully, think fast and look for openings. Just like playing Quidditch, except it wasn't really. "Protego," she quickly defended herself from Teddy's spell, and fired back with the first spell that she could think of. "Tarantallegra!"
Action(s) Taken: cast spell x2
Point Changes: -10
Points Remaining: 135
Current Points: 140

Teddy grinned, impressed by Audrey's quick reflexes, he knew she'd be good. He managed to block the next spell just in time. "Not bad, Audrey. You're making me work for it!" He steadied himself and focused, deciding to mix things up and try something simple and sly, yet maybe just might work. "Oh, look whose just walked into the chamber." Teddy said, nuding his head towards the entrance whilst with a swift flick of his wand, he cast "Expelliarmus."

Action(s) Taken:
cast spell x2
Point Changes: -10
Points Remaining:130
Current Points: 135

It took a lot of willpower for Audrey not to jolt her head back at Teddy's provocation, instead taking a deep breath and casting another protego to block his spell first. "Ugh, you could've at least made up a name to get my attention," she groaned, looking behind Teddy with a thought. "I was too busy looking at how Amodeus spelled your name wrong on his banner," she retaliated, firing off a quick leek jinx for good measure.
Action(s) Taken: cast spell x2
Point Changes: -10
Points Remaining: 125
Current Points: 130
Teddy smirked, deflecting the Leek Jinx with protego. "You're just jealous he made a banner for me and not you," he teased, "Besides, it's not his fault if he doesn't know how to spell ' Soon to be Number One Duelling Champion', it's a lot of letters." Teddy added with a smirk before casting his attack, "Petrificus Totalus."

Action(s) Taken: cast spell x2
Point Changes: -10
Points Remaining:120
Current Points: 125

Teddy had a way of getting under Audrey's skin. She adored him and his quick wit, but right now that same wit was in her way and was more annoying than loveable. She scowled, only just managing to block the spell with a protego in time. "I could go ask some kindergartners to make a banner for me for the same effect," she grumbled, firing off a jelly fingers jinx. "Now, be a gentleman and drop your wand."
Action(s) Taken: cast spell x2
Point Changes: -10
Points Remaining: 115
Current Points: 120
Teddy grinned, deflecting Audrey's jelly jinx. "What? But we're having so much fun. Don't you want to admire my spellwork a bit longer?" He smirked, lowering his wand enough that it was pointing at Audrey's shoes "Engorgio." He hoped the spell would enlarge her shoes and cause her to loose her balance and win Teddy the duel.
Action(s) Taken: cast spell x2
Point Changes: -10
Points Remaining:110
Current Points: 115

Audrey was clever, but her reflexes weren't as fast as Teddy's. It showed when they played Quidditch - she was built more for endurance and strength. So, when she failed to block Teddy's spell in time, she at least had enough grit to stay standing, although it stopped her from being able to move. She quickly looked down, pointing her wand at her shoes. "Reducio," she cast, annoyed she had to waste time on countering the spell. "Wow, Teddy, I gotta admit, you are on fire today. Incendio!" She aimed her wand at the hem of his robes.
Action(s) Taken: hit by spell, cast spell x2
Point Changes: +15, -10
Points Remaining: 120
Current Points: 110

Teddy grinned, greatly enjoying Audrey struggle with his spell. Her shoes growing several sizes before she shrunk them back down, Teddy thought they still looked a little big on her even then. Teddy thought for a moment that Audrey was complimenting him, until she cast Incendio at the hem of his robes. Teddy panicked a bit, quickly pulling the robes off him and stomping on them to put out the fire. "You owe me for new robes." Teddy said, then cast a powerful Slug Vomiting Curse because she deserved it and Teddy was in a mood about the condition of his robes.
Action(s) Taken: caster hit, hit by spell, cast spell
Point Changes: -20 +15 - 5
Points Remaining:100
Current Points: 120

Audrey had thought she was clawing her way back, but she made the mistake of stopping to revel in her work rather than pressing her advantage. Also, she did feel a little worried she might genuinely hurt Teddy. Just a bit. It was mostly getting carried away, though. "I'll ask my parents for money when I win," she crowed, but she should have been paying more attention. She couldn't react fast enough to block the spell, and her eyes widened, a sick feeling in her stomach.

Oh no.

Audrey retched, her throat feeling absolutely disgusting. She clung to her wand desperately, refusing to give up even though she felt like she might struggle to manage an incantation. She'd never be able to look at herself in the mirror if she gave up now. She groaned out a couple of discontented noises, breathing through her nose to try and get enough energy to cast a spell. She wished she knew how to do non-verbal magic. "Stupefy!" she practically screamed, utterly furious - spitting a slug towards Teddy for good measure. It landed, rather pathetically, at her feet. This was miserable.
Action(s) Taken: hit by spell, cast spell
Point Changes: +15, -5
Points Remaining: 130
Current Points: 100

Teddy kept his wand at the ready as Audrey struggled with the effects of the slug vomiting curse, Teddy winced his nose as she started to vomit up slugs, blocking her stunning spell in the process. "Oh. Gross. Careful, Audrey," he teased, sidestepping the projectile she spat out. "Wouldn't want to mess up your nice robes too." He did care about how she was, but only after the duel would he show it.

He took a moment to relish his advantage, but his expression softened slightly when he saw how hard she was fighting to keep going. Then, without missing a beat, he raised his wand and sent another spell her way. "Expelliarmus!" he called out, aiming to disarm her. Despite his taunts and competitive edge, there was respect for Audrey, knowing shd wouldn't give up easily.

Action(s) Taken: successful offensive hit, cast spell x2
Point Changes: -20 -10
Points Remaining:70
Current Points: 130

Audrey was sweating, fighting with all the energy she had not to give up. She couldn't lose to Teddy. If she lost here, she'd no doubt lose in the house points too. And then it was all she'd ever be, a loser, someone nobody would ever remember or care about. It was unbearable. She shivered, coughing up a slug, gripping onto her wand so she wouldn't lose it as the disarming spell hit her. But with how gross she felt, and with how much her palms were sweating, her wand was pulled out of her grip and all she could do was mutter a quiet, helpless "...no...!" The wand clattered onto the ground, the sound echoing in Audrey's head.

Her shoulders slumped as she retched again, slowly dropping to her knees, fists clenched in frustration. If someone said anything, she barely even registered it. After a moment, she managed to reach for her wand, slowly pulling herself upright, and refusing to look at Teddy. She hiccoughed, spat out another slug with a low, miserable groan, and tried to shuffle away, her shoes still feeling wrong on her feet. "You...you jerk, I hate you." She was tired, miserable, and desperately wanted to cry, but she still had some dignity. Not very much, with her stumbling footsteps and slugs escaping from her lips every so often, but even if she'd lost, she was never going to cry.
Action(s) Taken: hit by spell, lost duel
Point Changes: -all
Points Remaining: 0
Teddy’s initial joy at winning faded as he watched the misery on Audrey's face and the slugs she continued to spit out made her look terrible. He took a cautious step towards her, he didn't really know what to say. “I’m sorry.” She refused to look at him, telling him how much she hated him, and the words stung more than he expected. Teddy’s heart sank. He’d won, but at what cost? He couldn’t bear the thought of losing Audrey’s friendship over this. "Here.” He picked up his scorched robes and bundled them up, offering as a makeshift slug sick bucket for her to show he did care. He looked over to Professor Cade to wrap up the duel.
James stood back and watched as the duel went on. It wasn't a pleasant sight to see a student vomiting slugs but thankfully for everyone involved the duel didn't last much longer. Audrey lost her wand as she continued to vomit slugs which left it pretty clear cut. "The duel is over, Teddy Pirrip is declared the winner," He made his way over to Audrey while Teddy seemed to do the same and offered assistance to her. "Mr Pirrip, would you please escort Miss Beauchamp to the hospital wing, no arguments," He said to both of them, but it was primarily aimed at Audrey, after the words exchanged between the two she would no doubt object to being taken anywhere by the Gryffindor.

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