Wondering in the corridors

'yeah. I take it you didn't either though becasue why would you be studying.' Ginny replied.
"ya"he said."did you participate in the wheelbarow race?"he asked
'Oh course. it was great. Did you?' asked ginny.

(Would we be talking about that now? It could just be me but i thought this happened before them)
(okay forget it)"R u going back for christmas?"he asked
(Okay. i won't bother editing though) 'No, i'm not.You?' asked ginny remembering her letter.
"I am not,"he said"katie and kasey are going to"
'so i suppose you will be hanging around with Grande then since both of your girls are gone.' replied ginny.
"Why dont you and grande become a pair for the race(as you did)as i dont want to participate.How did your exams go?"he asked
'I don't know. maybe, if he doesn't have a partner by then. (I know)' replied Ginny.' my exams. well they went ok i guess. What does a T stand for?' she asked.
"Tolerable or something,i dont know"he said.(u pretend to be bad at studies and turn out good.It isnt fair!)
(I never said i was bad at studies. i just said i wasn't good at studying which is true.) 'Oh ok. How did you do?' ginny asked glad she hadn't failed.
"I dont know, guessed."he said(i see being bad at studying and good at studies is two different things.)
'How was your mark for Flying?' Ginny asked. she was naturally nosy but she loved sports and just hoped she wasn't doing too bad.
"I got an aceptable with 66%"he said miserably"You must have got good marks,you are a beater after all."he said
'well not really. I forgot most of the theory stuff so i got an acceptable % as well.'said ginny. She was glad she wasn't the only one. 'What about astronomy?'
"Astronmy i got E with 74,in history again E with 70%,in charms 71 with E and in herbeology 90% with O"he said "what about you?"
'Wow, those are good marks.' said Ginny congratulatting him. 'I got 106% in herbology, 93% with O in Charms, O91% in history and a T in Astronomy. Will your parents be happy with those marks?' she asked.
"I am not sure but i guess yes.Well the thing is i pleagurised so badly this term not paying attention but it wont be same next time.Do you want to go and have some iccream"he asked.He thought he had to go out and couldnt just stay in school all day
'if you want but i'll pay if we're doing that.' said ginny. She was quite glad that they were going somewhre else finally. she wanted to go outside the most but if Daniel wanted icecream then she'd go there.
"Okay "said Daniel"But we do our share you cant pay for me"he said with a serious face."if thats okay we go"he said witha smile
'Ok, but i still insist I pay.' said ginny looking seriously back at Daniel. she couldn't hold it for long so she burst out laughing instead.
"We'll see"said dan walking in direction of the satircase,so he could get into some fresh air
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'Hmph,' said ginny as she skipped with daniel to the staircases.

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