Open With a Pop

Jasper Night

Class Clown | Oblivious | Impulsive | Chaotic
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Blood Status
Mixed Blood
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Too Young to Care
12/2035 (12)
Jasper had been bored until he had found some gum deep in his trunk. It wasn't any of the magic stuff, but instead muggle bubblegum his dad had once gotten him. Jasper had thought it had been sweet in a strange way, like almost too sweet. But he had definitely been into it. The best part of it was blowing the biggest bubble you could until it popped, something Drooble's didn't do, as those just stayed around for ages. That was fun too, but there was something more fun about the unexpected pop of the bubblegum, especially when he had managed to blow a big bubble. The boy was wandering the corridors, looking for something fun to do, while blowing his bubbles. He was chewing loudly and occasionally stopped walking when he wanted to try blowing the biggest bubble ever. It was pretty funny, but would be more fun with a friend. He still had more gum in his pocket, and might even be in the mood to share it with someone. As long as they were cool, at least.

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