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Apolline Fontaine

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Curved 14 Inch Rigid Aspen Wand with Hippogriff Feather Core
09/2049 (12)
Apolline had done well with this costume - in her opinion. It was by no means perfect, but it was exactly what she wanted. She had put on various clothes and had fake teeth, fake sharp fangs. She liked the costume, making herself a little paler and pretending to be a vampire. it was all fun. Apolline headed into the great hall and was trying to decide what to do first, if she should dance, or visit one of the other fun things which the halloween feast offered. Apolline was trying to think of what she had and hadn't done in the previous year, to try to get to other things that she hadn't done.
Elise loved Halloween. She loved the costumes and how things were generally a bit scarier. She hadn't gone for a scary costume this year and instead wore one of her mother's old uniforms from when she was her age. There was a sadness to wearing something of her mother's that only she knew, which was a kind of scary in it's own way. Elise walked through the great hall with no real plan in mind when she saw one of the girls from her class with a sharp set of fangs. Surely those weren't her normal teeth. Elise was fairly sure she would have noticed that. "Wow." she said slowly. "Your teeth are amazing." she said appreciatively while maybe getting a little too close to get a better look.
Apolline hadn't really thought about how she'd have any snacks with her teeth the way that they were. She gave a wide smile to the compliment, inadvertently showing the teeth off more. "Thanks," she said with just a little lisp. "They're not real," she added, though was pretty sure this girl would've figured that out on her own.
"Wow." Elise repeated and finally took a step back as the girl explained that they weren't real. "Well they look quite convincing. Not that I've met any vampires." she added honestly and wondered how hard it might be to magically change your teeth to be pointy all the time. But then she remembered all the times she accidentally bit her tongue or cheek and decided it was an idea best not to explore. It was while she was lost in thought she realized she had met this girl before but it was before school at the park. "You're Apolline right?" she asked and hoped she hadn't misremembered. Her mind was funny like that sometimes. Forgetting things and remembering, as if she just needed to wait long enough for certain facts to pop up again.
Apolline nodded, excited by the prospect that perhaps just for a moment that this girl had perhaps thought her an actual vampire. It wouldn't matter if she didn't really believe it. It was enough for her to want to just lean into it. Lean into believing. The girl knew her name, but the name escaped Apolline. "Yeah, and you're," she trailed off, trying to remember the girl's name.
Elise grinned. Glad she wasn't always the forgetful one. "Elise." she said simply before glancing at the rest of the feast. "So were you going to try and scare some first years?" she asked with an eyebrow raised. "Or maybe you were going to use those teeth to bob for apples?" she offered next. "I think the teeth would give you an advantage."
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