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01/2046 (15)
Gregory hadn't been having a great semester, and he knew that he was just going to feel worse and worse. There was nothing at Hogwarts he liked anymore, but he was more than willing to just try a little more. Do a little more. Try, just a little. So without a costume, just wearing his usual clothes, he had come to the great hall. He went to the snacks table and tried to pick out things he liked, knowing that he wasn't going to dance, he wasn't going to do anything of the sort, so he could just try to enjoy the snacks and try to not get annoyed with those around him.
Leah hadn't put much thought into her costume this year, her mind had been elsewhere for most of the semester so she had to make something work last minute. But her flowy shirt did make her feel like some kind of romantic poet. She had just finished a bit of dancing before needing a break and something to eat when she saw Gregory there too. "Hey Gregory!" she said smiling before noticing his lack of costume. "Let me guess are you supposed to be someone with an invisible costume?" she joked.
Gregory knew in part that being alone at Hogwarts was hard, especially at an event, perhaps it was why he was pretty surprised at time with how much and how often he drove people away. The amount of friends he didn't have. He glanced at the girl, Leah or something and just nodded. "I'm just me," he replied. Not elaborating on it, not giving any details just saying that he was himself. "What are you dressed as?" he asked, keen to not linger on himself.
Leah's smile faltered slightly when Gregory didn't seem to appreciated her joke. But she shrugged it off. She didn't see anything wrong with coming to the feast without a costume and hoped she hadn't made him feel too awkward about it. She felt herself blush a little when he asked about her costume, and she thought maybe coming as herself might have been a better option. "I'm a poet." she said and made an effort to show off her puffy sleeves, but dropped the show quickly. "I know it's not great. Probably would be better if I thought to bring a quill and some parchment with me." she said with a weak laugh. "I could offer to write you something but I'm sure it'd be terrible."
Gregory wasn't sure why but there was a moment when he was sure that he had failed some test or something in this interaction. But he pushed it aside as she said that she was a poet. That felt like a little easy to do as a costume without having to really make an effort. He nodded but didn't really react to it with much. Not even a forced smile. "I'm sure it wouldn't be," he said, unsure why he was trying to assure her of it but just trying anyway.
Leah grinned when Gregory said she wouldn't be bad at writing a poem. "Alright well let me prove you wrong." she said with a laugh. "Now just give me a minute." she said and tapped a finger against her chin as she tried to think of words that rhymed with Gregory which was harder than she expected. When she was ready she cleared her throat. "Gregory, oh Gregory. What a fine night we're having, quite exemplary! This poem is very rudimentary, lets go get some celery...." Leah made a face when she was done. "Told you. That was pretty awful." she laughed.
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